This month the charm of Aries will be in high gear, which means a lot of attention is headed your way. Although your pheromones may be providing your suitors with plenty of passion---you can always provide just a little more by procuring some professional potions. Narciso Rodriguez's Musk, at the heart of For Her (, leaves skin with a sun-kissed tone sprinkled in a soft and velvety sensuality. The beautiful balm binds honey flower, radiant amber, and tactile woody pulsations.

Romance will be a fabulous adventure this February, dear Taurus. But make sure to watch out for jealous feelings that may come to the forefront. Pursue a peaceful path of passion to take advantage of the sweetness the stars are offering you. A scent that signals serenity is a super way to ensure success. Issey Miyake's L'Eau d'Issey Eau de Parfum ( symbolizes nature's purity and vivacity and inspires a feeling of total beauty. It unites pure floral extracts with the woody undertones of amber-seed musk.

Tell the truth this month, Gemini, not what you think people want to hear. This will save you a lot of grief in the long run and help avoid any miscommunication. Try to strip away all the anxieties you have about relationships and just say how you feel. Go for authenticity! And the fragrance to assist you in this endeavor is Alexander McQueen's Natural Parfum ( This feminine, sensual scent creatively combines elements such as neroli, ginger, rose, jasmine, myrrh, sandalwood, and copahu wood.

Stay positive this Valentine's Day even if you don't get your way, Cancer. What you wish for may be on its way---just slightly delayed is all! Romance will rule, baby. Romance will rule. And to help you stay in the mood, spray a little Vera Wang Parfum ( to preserve the passion. This modern, floral bouquet binds Bulgarian rose, calla lily, and mandarin flower with gardenia, lotus, iris and white stephanotis. Sheer musks, white woods, and precious floral nectar are also added for maximum effect.

Spontaneity will secure some joyful success for Leo this month. Be ready for anything, at any time. You'll be glad to give in to whatever incites you, an experience you won't soon forget…. And a fragrance that's just as unforgettable? Marc Jacobs Perfume ( This classic, lavish, and comfortably feminine scent is sensuous and simple, so it will not overwhelm the woman who wears it. In addition, get a hold of some silky strands by checking out his fantastic scented dry oil for mane maintenance.

Special surprises maybe in store for Virgo this February. The nature of these unknown elements? I can't tell…or theyâ'll be ruined! Suffice to say, they are benevolent to behold and exude a sense of excitement. The successful scent for you, then, would be Anna Sui's Dolly Girl ( This irresistible, fun fragrance is full of fantasy and mischief as it blends savory fruits, a hint of cinnamon, green leaves, fresh sea breeze, soft blossoms, and a sensuous amber musk. It's tantalizing terrific and shockingly sexy.

Deal with any pending partnership problems early in the month, Libra. If you do, the outcome of resolving them will be a positive one. That's refreshing news, right? So you maybe you should try a scent that will complement your new state of being. Ysatis from Givenchy ( is an invigorating, oriental, and woodsy feminine fragrance that unities a variety of aromatic elements such as mandarin, oakmoss, rose, iris, vanilla, clove, and amber.

Spend wisely this Valentine's Day, Scorpio. Be sure what you purchase for you and/or your loved ones is actually worth its weight in gold. It's about quality, not quantity. And speaking of a good investment, why not indulge in a scent that's a timeless treasure in itself? A fabulous fragrance from Hermes perhaps? How about 24 Faubourg ( This sharp, flowery scentsation coolly combines orange blossom, amber, vanilla, and beautiful blooming fresh-cut flowers.

You may meet someone special, Sagittarius, during this season of love. Join a group or spend some time with friends as that may be where your mystery man may lie. And once you find him, you'll have no trouble deciding what to do if you take a tip from Yves Saint Laurent and grab a hold of their Opium Massage Oil ( This luxurious body oil offers the indulgence of a sensual massage and leaves the skin super soft and deliciously perfumed with an Asian-inspired, spicy and sexy fragrance.

This month, providing comfort to those you love will be a key component to your own contentment, Capricorn. A little bit of babying may be in order to keep relationships in balance. To help you get in the mindset to master this task, your fragrance for February is Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent ( This sharp, flowery fragrance offers a bouquet of citrusy grapefruit, floral wild rose & ginger, peach and cedarwood---the perfect olfactory essence to appease everyone.

For any issues that may arise for Aquarius this month, go with your first instinct to initiate solutions. Getting to the heart of the matter will make matters of the heart---among other things---easier to handle. And a fragrance recommended for romantic wear may make your sixth sense become more second nature. GIO from Armani ( can help you here. Its feminine scent brings together a blend of florals and fruity hyacinth, among other arousing aromas.

Trying not to please everyone all of the time is a positive path for Pisces this February. When you attempt to do the reverse, you may provoke a lot of hostile feelings that will make your Valentine's Day lackluster in love. So if you feel the sensation to stir things up surface, slip on a scent that's sure to satiate your sentiments. Agent Provocateur, the signature fragrance from the London-based lingerie company (, combines the world's most exotic elixirs to help envelop your enthusiasm and put you at ease.
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