Beautyscopes-August 2005


In honor of this month’s charity issue, Beautyscopes features some products that donate proceeds to numerous caring causes we think are totally cool. The stars are all aligned here for great goodies and to support goodwill.

Your chic style and positive outlook are on the upswing this August, Aries. You're like a gravitational force that everyone's drawn to. To highlight one of your most fabulous features and "help" out a good cause, pick up some Lola Cosmetics' Lip Creme ( This moisturizing lipstick offers long-lasting coverage and vibrant color as well as 100% of purchase proceeds going to the Hollywood Education and Literary Project (H.E.L.P.). H.E.L.P. is a leading, not-for-profit community-based program that assists in literacy and related skills to those in need.

Try to keep the peace professionally this month, Taurus. Stay neutral in terms of office politics. Don't let anger overtake you if a situation seems unfair. Your day in sun will come soon enough. And speaking of supporting cool heads that prevail, Paula Dorf ( has created a luscious new lipstick that supports V-Day - a global movement to end violence against women. The V-Day Lipstick is a beautiful watermelon pink shade that looks great on every gal. A portion of the purchase proceeds will go to the V-Day campaign ( to help promote awareness events, raise funds, and assist anti-violence organizations.

Use your wonder twin powers for good this August, Gemini. If you have double the amount of enthusiasm, all of the projects you plan will come to fruition, guided by great results. Another empowering endeavor to take note of would be Lippman Nail Collection's Girl Talk ( With every purchase of this pretty sheer pink nail shade, $1 will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The color, by the way, was created to help remind every woman who suffers from breast cancer that they are never alone in their brave fight against this disease.

Open your eyes to the suggestions that other people are offering this month, Cancer. You will benefit greatly from those more experienced than yourself. A blessing in disguise is heading your way, so keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected. But if you are looking for something more literal, then get enchanted by Charmed Life Jewelry ( - a line of sterling silver affirmation necklaces and bracelets. They beautifully support breast cancer awareness with a few powerful yet passionate words of prayer - faith, hope, and courage - exquisitely designed to do well and look glam.

August is the perfect time to spend with family and friends, Leo. Your loving and giving nature will be appreciated by everyone around you. One way to treat yourself - and others - for your good behavior is to purchase Sonya Dakar's Omega-3 Repair Complex ( Not only does a portion of purchase proceeds go to CancerCare, an organization committed to assisting those battling breast cancer and educating others, but if you register a friend's contact info as well - they'll be sent a bottle for free! The limited-edition bottle is dressed in some pretty pink packaging (complete with a breast cancer awareness ribbon!), and the product packs a powerful punch of skin revitalizing elements that numerous celebs swear by.

Using your creative talents this August will prove very lucrative for you, Virgo. The more innovative you are, the more money you stand to make. And in terms of innovators, you're in good company. The Jaqua Girls ( have donated $225,000 worth of products to the 15 affiliates of Girls Inc. That organization is a nationwide nonprofit that's committed to inspiring all young women to be strong, smart, and bold. The Jaqua donation of assorted super cool kits, such as Bath Bliss and Nail Spa, will help teach program participants the value of bonding through beauty.

Compassion can conquer many a cold heart this August, Libra. Remember that in your personal and professional lives, and it will help relationships remain rock solid. If you want your lips to stay smooth and silky - while doing a good deed in the process - check out Jason Natural's Lip Temptations Pink Hope ( Proceeds from the sale of this pretty pout perfecter will be donated in support of the Susan G, Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Formulated with natural pigments and moisturizers like Shea and Cocoa Butters and Sweet Almond Oil, Lip Temptations provide hydration, shine, and shimmer while nourishing and soothing the silhouette of your smile.

Spread the love this month, Scorpio. Let those around you know how much you care because this is one time they may truly need to hear it. You can also extend a helping hand to the Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Kidney Research Foundation when you purchase Stacie's Passion Lip Gloss. This product was created by Stacie Simmons, the creator and president of My Beautiful Place (, and Three Custom Color. It's a pretty pink lip shade with a flicker of gold that looks great with every skin tone.

August is a great month for making purchases, Sagittarius. Anything you buy will be a good investment for your time and resources. That being said, let us offer a suggestion on where to spend your savings: Therapy Systems' Amazingly Gentle Scrub - Level 1 (available at Henri Bendel's or at This gentle and mild exfoliant is great on every skin type and can be used on the face or all over the body. In addition, a portion of the product sale proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Education & Research - so a beautiful face will fund a beautiful cause.

Time to take flight this month, Capricorn - literally! Travel is on your mind, so it's high time you went out and explored the world around you. One place you might want to consider is the Wyndham International's Boulders Resort & Golden Door Spa in Carefree, AZ ( Not only is this an amazing place to get away and get revitalized, but you'll also be doing some good if you purchase the exclusive pink robe from The RobeWorks available exclusively at the resort - because 10% of the robe revenues are collected and donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Finances look fabulous this August, Aquarius. So it might be a good time to indulge in the products you've always wanted to purchase. For example, a lovely linen luxury like the brand new Boscia's Rose Blotting Linens ( This product is perfect for the sweltering heat of summer because with it you can instantly blot away excess oil and perspiration without messing up your makeup. It comes in a slim package for easy storage. And what's even better? This product also helps in the fight to blot out breast cancer through the donation of a portion of proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

This month will be an invigorating one for you, Pisces. You'll be chockfull of energy, so use it wisely and to your best advantage. One company you can take a tip from (and even purchase a product!) is Curlisto ( They donate 20% of the proceeds from their Structural Lotion to WINABC (Women's Information Network Against Breast Cancer) (, an organization that helps increase public awareness and helps individuals from all backgrounds get the care they need. It's a beautiful way of making great haircare to do a tremendous good.
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