Beautyscopes: August 2016


August may be hot and muggy, but these Beauty Scopes products will have you looking and feeling cool, calm and collected.

Aries, you’ve been working so hard this summer, you may not have gotten the tan you wanted. Have no fear; Skinny Tan is here. This is more than just a self tanner. It reduces the appearance of cellulite (Amen), and bronzes your skin for up to seven days. What could be more perfect than returning to work from a weekend staycation, looking like you spent your time in the Hamptons. If you can’t go away, hard working Aries can at least look as if she did.


Aries Birthdays: Reese Witherspoon, March 22; Alyson Hannigan, March 24; Katharine McPhee, March 25; Kristen Stewart, April 9; Victoria Beckham, April 17; Jennifer Garner, April 17; Kate Hudson, April 1.

Taurus, we know you think you descend from royalty, so get back to your roots with Le’ Royal 24K Gold Infused Rejuvenating Eye Cream. You will need it because you will be burning the candle at both ends this month, but there is no need to look like you are. This rich, luxurious eye cream has a blend of botanical extracts that will help reduce dark circles, fine lines and brighten your eyes. Taurus, your eye area will look good as gold this summer, just like the rest of you.


Taurus Birthdays: Amber Heard, April 22; Megan Fox, May 16; Jessica Alba, April 28; Ellie Kemper, May 2; Lena Dunham, May 13; Malin Akerman, May 12; Christina Hendricks, May 3; Adele, May 5; Dian Mills, May 10.

Gemini, you like to double up on your beauty routines, in keeping with your dual essence, so the Sleep It Off Mask by Clarity Rx is just your speed. This miraculous invention is a natural retinol alternative Blue Green Algae formula that works as a mask and a moisturizer all in one. Gemini, you will feel this mask warming up and penetrating your skin, to reveal a smoother, glowing complexion. As soon as it starts to cool down it turns into a thinner, clear moisturizer that can be rubbed in. Gemini, you can actually sleep while it works.


Gemini Birthdays: Amy Schumer, June 1; Tina Fey, May 18; Angelina Jolie, June 3; Pam Grier, May 26; Heidi Klum, June 1: Marilyn Monroe, June 1; Natalie Portman, June 9; Venus Williams, June 17; Zoe Saldana, June 19.

Cancer, bring the water to you this month and hydrate with the nutrient packed Aqua Carpatica Still Spring Water and Sparkling Water, from the Carpathian Mountains in Europe. The Still Spring Water is sourced at the surface with environmentally friendly technology that allows the water to be free of impurities, and the Sparkling Water is totally free of of nitrates or other impurities. The taste is amazing, and so healthy for you Cancer. Drink up.


Cancer Birthdays: Ariana Grande, June 26; Meryl Streep, June 22; Frances McDormand, June 23; Deborah Harry, July 1; Wendy Williams, July 18; Kristen Bell, July 18; Selena Gomez, July 22; Frida Kahlo, July 6, Gisele Bundchen, July 20.

Leo, keep your locks on lock down in this summer heat with the Luma Ceramic Straightening Brush. Leo, you have too much to do this month to afford a bad hair day. Your mane is your crowning glory, but keeping it just so is a challenge in the summer. Don’t let anything ruin your best feature, so use this brush as much as you want to smooth and tame flyaway and frizz. It’s safer on your hair than other heat styling tools.


Leo Birthdays: Halle Berry, August 14; Anna Paquin, July 24; Helen Mirren, July 26; J.K. Rowling, July 31; Martha Stewart, August 3; Viola Davis, August 11; Mila Kunis, August 14; Jennifer Lawrence, August 15.

Virgo, squinting in the sun is so bad but since you often forget your sunglasses, keep the skin around your eyes well hydrated with Nerium Age Defying Eye Serum. This lightweight serum is just what Virgo needs to smooth and tighten that delicate eye area. This serum is formulated with SIG-1191, a patent pending, exclusive ingredient that works as an antioxidant and also hydrates the skin. Virgo, you are a perfectionist when it comes to most things, so use only the best products around your delicate eyes.


Virgo Birthdays: Blake Lively, August 25; Salma Hayek, September 2; Beyonce, September 4; Chrissie Hynde, September 7; Pink, September 8; Jimmy Fallon, September 9; Amy Poehler, September 16; Anne Bancroft, September 17.

Libra, keep fit this summer while still being stylish, with Reebok Women’s Pieced Compression Capri Pants. These capris are stylish enough to go from the gym to lunch with friends. They also make your body look toned in all the right places. Work it out this summer Libra, and look like a fashionista too. We know you can’t just go out looking like any old thing.


Libra Birthdays: Serena Williams, September 26; Kate Winslet, October 5; Rachel McAdams, October 7; Frieda Pinto, October 18, Ashlee Simpson, October 3; Gwyneth Paltrow, September 27; Kim Kardashian, October 21; Marion Cotillard, September 30.

Scorpio, this month keep your skin silky smooth with Farmhouse Fresh Citrus Cilantro Body Oil. Your love life is as steamy as the weather this month, so it’s important to look great. Every inch of your skin will be glowing with this lightly scented body oil. Wear it everyday and enjoy looking down at your skin and admiring the smooth shine that just looks like healthy skin. It’s your secret, Scorpio. Don’t tell.


Scorpio Birthdays: Katy Perry, October 25; Emma Stone, November 6; Grace Kelly, November 12; Jodie Foster, November 19; Ming-Na Wen, November 20; Goldie Hawn, November 21; Jamie Lee Curtis, November 22.

Sagittarius, there’s still enough summer left that your rear view will be on display. So why not make sure to show your assets proudly by preparing them with Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, by Sol de Janeiro. In Brazil, bottoms are called bum bums (pronounced boom boom). Brazilians use this cream, rich in Guaraná, a native Amazonian plant whose fruit contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine in the world. Along with Cupuaçu Butter, Açaí and Coconut Oil; Guaraná caffeine helps stimulate circulation, and tone and tighten your assets, so you look good both coming and going. After all, that’s the goal isn’t it?


Sagittarius Birthdays: Nicki Minaj, December 8; Scarlett Johansson, November 22; Christina Applegate, November 25; Miley Cyrus, November 23; Tina Turner, November 26; Kathryn Bigelow, November 27; Bette Midler, December 1; Tyra Banks, December 4; Judi Dench, December 9; Taylor Swift, December 13; Anna Faris, November 29; Britney Spears, December 2, Jane Austen, December 16.

Capricorn, your beauty will radiate from the inside out this month, so keep your glow going with Krill Oil supplements by Niveau, that work miracles on every inch of you. This wonder supplement improves skin, hair and nails, but also supports improved mood. Just one capsule a day and you will begin to see results in no time. No one but you, Capricorn, will know the truth.


Capricorn Birthdays: Helena Christensen, December 25; Jared Leto, Dec 26th; Tracey Ullman, December 30; Katie Couric, January 7; Joan Baez, Elvis Presley January 8th, January 9, Pat Benatar, January 10; Kirstie Alley, January 12; Betty White, January 17; Dolly Parton, January 19.

Aquarius, you are all about the good vibes this month, so keep your positive spirit flowing with Good Karma Four-In-One Face Cream. No need to use more than this one product when you’re pressed for time. Just slather it on and don’t miss a spot, because it’s an eye cream too. This face cream may just be a miracle in a jar, because your skin will be transformed in just one week. Really.


Aquarius Birthdays: Geena Davis, January 21; Ellen DeGeneres, January 26; Oprah Winfrey, January 29; Kerry Washington, January 31; Shakira, February 2; Elizabeth Banks, February 10; Jennifer Aniston, February 11; Christina Ricci, February 12.

Pisces, the summer heat makes your skin break out at times, so treat it gently with Paris Honore Champs de Lavande Face Cleanser and Organic Face Crème. You love to travel, Pisces, and this facial cleanser, infused with green tea and lavender, will have you longing for Provence. At the same time, your skin will be calmed, youthful and moisturized. After cleansing, your skin is the perfect canvas for the Organic Face Crème, formulated with aloe and a blend of rejuvenating oils. With skin like this, even you Pisces, may want to go makeup free.


Pisces Birthdays: Ellen Page, February 21; Drew Barrymore, February 22; Chelsea Handler, February 25; Rashida Jones, February 25; Elizabeth Taylor, February 27; Patricia Mills, March 1; Carrie Underwood, March 10; Eva Longoria, March 15.
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