Beautyscopes: August 2022

Happy August! The hottest month of the year is here and so are some of the best products that we think are perfect for you!

Things at work will start picking up this month, Aries. Prioritize rest each night so that you can bring your best to work each morning. If you start to feel overwhelmed, know that its okay to pause and ask for help, remember teamwork makes the dream work! Invest in a solid moisturizer that does all the work while you sleep. Olay’s Collagen Peptide 24 MAX boasts 2x that’s found in their classic Collagen formula. Its’ unique texture applies seamlessly allowing your skin to absorb the Collagen Peptide and B3 vitamins for 24 hours of deep hydration. Apply both day and night for a more radiant complexion!

Olay Collagen Peptide 24 MAX | $34.99 | Olay

You’re going to make major career strides this month, Taurus. You have been putting in so much effort into achieving your goals and it shows. Your hard work and dedication are inspiring to coworkers around you. As you close in on achieving your goals, think of all that you have learned along the way and how you’ll utilize it in the future.

Let your makeup go above and beyond for you with Laura Mercier’s new Ultra-Blur Talc-Free Translucent Loose Setting Powder. Dust over your face to set your makeup for all-day budge-free wear. Go from business meetings to celebratory dinners without worrying about touching up!

Laura Mercier Ultra-Blur Talc-Free Translucent Loose Setting Powder | $44 | Sephora

Spend time with family this month. Over the past few weeks there may have been issues that have been weighing on you. Learning to communicate your problems will guide you to a solution. Relying on the ones that love you most will provide you the strength to face your issues straight on.

Pamper your skin this month with a nourishing face mask. Waso’s YUZU-C Beauty Sleeping Mask will give your skin the radiant boost it needs after long days in the office. Wake up with recharged and glowing skin to help you take on whatever this month throws your way.

Waso YUZU-C Beauty Sleeping Mask | $38 | Sephora

Your social calendar is going to be booked over the next few weeks, Cancer. Spending time with friends will do wonders for your mental health and will also encourage you to step a bit outside of your comfort zone. Meeting and mingling, this month, will also grow your inner circle to include some new faces!

Ilia’s Liquid Powder Eye Tints recently came out with matte shades that are perfect for adding some color and dimension to your makeup looks. These rich shades are easy to apply and look beautiful alone or layered over one another. Each of the rich shades are perfect for now and as we head into fall!

Ilia Liquid Powder Eye Tint | $28 | Ilia

Treat yourself this month, Leo. After all the hard work you have put into your career you deserve a break. Spoiling yourself on occasion makes up for all the long hours and late nights. Plus, indulging occasionally, is an easy and quick happiness booster!

Up your bath and shower game with a body wash that exudes luxury. Byredo’s Gypsy Water boasts a woodsy aroma with notes of bergamot, lemon and juniper. Adding a luxurious body wash to your shower is an easy indulgence that goes a long way.

Byredo Gypsy Water | $50 | Nordstrom

Balance your mental and physical health this month. While it’s easier to prioritize one over the other, learning to harmonize both will strengthen your overall being. There is nothing you can’t do when your mind and body are equally strong!

Sleep is vital in building a healthy mind and body. The Body Shops Lavender and Vetiver Sleep Relaxing Hair & Body Wash harnesses the power of aromatherapy to relax the mind. Fall asleep even faster by paring with the full collection from the brand.

Lavender & Vetiver Sleep Relaxing Hair & Body Wash | $15 | Ulta

Friends will look to you for guidance this month, Libra. Allow yourself to be present and lend a helping hand. Make sure to take time for yourself as well, try picking up a new book, taking a new workout class or just prioritizing time to unwind from your hectic schedule.

Scrub away your long days with Soap & Glory’s The Real Zing Body Scrub. This citrusy exfoliant works to wash away dead skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Spending so much time in the sun can leave your seasonal tan flakey and dull, simply buff it back to its radiant glow!

Soap & Glory The Real Zing Body Scrub | $15 | Ulta

Take time for yourself this month, Scorpio. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Sometimes you just need to take a brain break and relax. Everything that is on your “to do” list can wait. Draw a warm bath, pop in a bath bomb, take a deep breath and relaaaaax.

Ashley Tisdale’s new brand Being Frenshe just dropped at Target and let us say it has blown us all away. Each of the scents were created for a specific reason, from unwinding to revitalizing. Our favorite choice for you is the Lavender Cloud Milky Bath Bomb. After a stressful or busy day this heavenly scented bomb will not only relax your mind but your tense muscles as well.

Being Frenshe Milky Bath Bomb – Lavender Cloud | $14.99 | Target

It's summer and if you haven’t taken a vacation yet, then let this be your sign to do so. Taking a break from daily life and exploring somewhere new can spark all sorts of new ideas. A change to your daily routine allows creativity to flourish and resets your mind.

Trust us when we say we found the scent of the summer. Vacation Eau de Toilette epitomizes the salt, sun and sandy smell of the coast. One whiff of this fragrance will transport you right along the water’s edge with a fruity drink in hand. If you can’t physically get away this month you might as well transport your mind!

Vacation by Vacation Eau de Toilette | $60 | Vacation

Take time this month to learn something new. Spending all your time on work not only is exhausting but it takes away from your personal growth. Read a new book, watch a new show or travel to a new city just do something that allows your mind to expand outside of its’ normal routine.

Swap your powder bronzer for Beautyblender’s BOUNCE™ Magic Fit Creamy Bronzer & Highlighter Duo. The cream based formula glides flawlessly over skin providing just the right amount of color and glow. Subtly sculp your face using a dampened sponge and then finish the look by highlighting the high points of your face.

Beautyblender BOUNCE™ Magic Fit Creamy Bronzer & Highlighter Duo | $32 | Sephora

Acknowledge the people in your life who have shown unconditional love and guidance. A lot of outside influences have led you to becoming the person that you are today. Take a little time to let your inner circle know just how special they are to you.

Embrace your natural beauty this month. Family and friends love you for who you are, not for how you look. After a long day, melt away your makeup and reveal your true self with Farmacy’s Peaches‘N Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm. This delicious smelling balm melts away literally everything on your face including SPF while also hydrating your skin for a squeaky clean yet glowing complexion.

Farmacy Peaches ‘N Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm | $36 | Sephora

Now is the time to make a move, Pisces. Don’t wait around for things to happen, act and create your own destiny. People admire a go-getter, inspire others by showing them how it’s done. Plus, you never know who you might meet along the way!

J Lo is LIVING her life this summer, I mean she married Ben Affleck, she’s got killer abs, her voice is like butter AND she released her new JLO Beauty Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm. This ultra-rich cream targets your hips, booty and thighs to visibly firm, smooth and fade stretchmarks or dark spots. Apply daily for added moisture and the J. Lo radiance.

JLO Beauty Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm | $65 | JLO Beauty
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