Beautyscopes: December 2014

Fiery Ram, Aubrey’s Calming Skin Therapy Moisturizer for firming and anti-redness is just the thing to counterbalance daily stressors this season. Containing organic ingredients, this formulation of sea aster, aloe, prickly pear, witch hazel, calendula, grapefruit extract, radish root and more will hydrate when you hibernate. Available at

Earthbound Taureans will revel in luxurious Lurk pure essential perfume oils, which are hand blended in a base of organic jojoba without water or alcohol. Lurk perfumes are local and hail from NYC’s Soho, proudly touting no chemical preservatives, stabilizers or additives. Perfect for you or as sweet smelling gifts that evoke a bespoke era in perfumery. Choose your favorite of five blends at

Communicative Gemini, you’ll be invigorated this season by Amala’s Peppermint Roll On Perfume, which is cultivated in Northern Italy with organic mint. Concentrated and cooling, this will energize you for dominating both the snowboard and the boardroom. Amala also has amazing room and linen mists for holiday guest visits and gifts. In fact, you’ll love everything at

You’re all about protection, lovely Cancer, and the C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve with .9% rose extract is so much like you: honest, genuine and trustworthy. This good old-fashioned all-purpose balm soothes lips and any part of your skin that feels dry or chapped. Some things are classic for good reason and stand the test of time because nothing else compares. Find this at

Regal Leos, you understandably love to show off your enviable mane, so new Balancing Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo & Conditioner from Aubrey with 78% organic ingredients will strengthen and mend hair fiber for optimum holiday dazzle. Chock full of organic aloe, shea butter, milk protein, vitamins, green tea powder, organic jojoba and more, this dynamic duo also smells incredible as a bonus. Available in ylang-ylang as well. Available at

Discriminating Virgo, you’ll appreciate Perfective Ceuticals, which forges new ground in skincare with its Replenish Moisture Serum for Sensitive Skin, Divine Age Guardian Serum, Divine Age Guardian Crème and Anti-Imperfection Eye Therapy. Any one of these products will leave your skin soft, protected and rejuvenated, but all four will equal a skincare powerhouse. Soothe and repair after facial treatments with this line. Read more at and stock up for the holidays!

Go raw. Kat Burki’s Raw Beauty Balancing Holiday Skincare Set is ideal for you Libra (and for your friends and loved ones as gifts) because it offers unparalleled cleansing and moisturizing power with its dual offering. The Ocean Mineral Face Wash balances skin with plant saponins as it removes impurities, and the Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream with a five-herb blend boosts collagen as it hydrates. Great for sensitive skin too. Check out every single wonderful thing at

L’or D’afrique Moroccan Argan Oil offers multiple, deep benefits for hair and skin, savvy Scorpio - and this type of practicality is right up your alley. It’s organic and completely devoid of silicone oil, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, phosphate and ethylene oxide. Purity! Benefits for hair include intense conditioning, which builds strength, fights split ends and even conditions cuticles. Moisturize your face and body during wintry months. Find it at This brand supports women in Morocco and helps them to be financially independent.

Globe-trotting Sag, you’re bound to love Shea Yeleen International products, which are hand-made by women in rural West Africa and include Lavender Honeysuckle Body Butter made with 20% shea butter, Honey Lip Balm, Unscented Black Soap and Body Balm, Lavender Ylang Ylang Shea Butter Soap and much more at Help promote fair trade and sustainable economic development in rural sub-Sahara Africa and savor natural products in the process. Win/win!

Cap, you tend to have dry skin so Josie Maran’s Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream will keep your hands lovely and hydrated for all of your festive holiday soirees. Argan oil is spun into a creamy concoction and lightly scented with luscious vanilla and apricot in this luxe moisturizer. Formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates and other cringers. Find it at

Original Aquarius, you’ll absolutely relish the zany “Purrfumery” of Velvet Sweet Pea’s hand-blended organic perfumes. Tucked into the hills of El Cerrito, CA and overlooking the San Francisco Bay, artisan Laurie Stern presents a unique and high-quality botanical perfume line. After having covered more than 200 fragrances, we can state with authority that you will love this brand! Unisex, devoid of chemicals and animal musks, and quite enchanting: Fir Ever Young was one of Oprah’s faves.

Stocking stuffer alert: Inventive, imaginative and watery Pisceans will love the new vegan, alcohol-free, and dye-free Hello Mouthwash and Hello Breathspray in flavors such as Mojito Mint, Pink Grapefruit and Supermint. No weird chemicals, propellants or mouth burn – just fresh, natural breath for puckering up under the mistletoe. Bonus: the packaging is bathroom-counter friendly. Find them at and your favorite drug store.
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