Beautyscopes: December 2021

The holiday season is upon us and looking a little brighter than last year. Social gatherings will take up most of your weekends this month. Soak up all that 2021 has left to offer and set your sights on a joyful and bright new year!

Add some shimmer to your makeup looks this month with the Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter from Pat McGrath. Infused with pearls, this gel-powder highlighter creates a liquid level shine that is super multidimensional in the most festive and fun way!

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter | $60 | Sephora

This month is sure to shine for you, Taurus. Work will settle down, allowing you to truly enjoy your time spent with family and friends. These last few weeks of the year will transition you happy and well into 2022!

For a festive makeup look, pop on the Twin Flames Liquid Eyeshadow from Danessa Myricks Beauty. This water and crease-proof formula creates a highly pigmented shift between two complementary colors. It can be worn alone or over existing shadows.

Twin Flames Liquid Eyeshadow Danessa Myricks Beauty | $26 | Sephora

2021 allowed you to excel in your career and make up for all the time lost in 2020. Being as caught up as you are, you’ll coast smoothly through these final weeks of the year. Use your free time to relax and reset before you head into a clean slate in 2022.

A great candle can really upgrade your R&R experience. The Nest Wellness Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Candle is an extremely potent scent and radiates throughout a home to create a true spa like sanctuary. When planning to pamper yourself at home, this candle is an absolute must have.

Nest Wild Mint & Eucalyptus | $44-$70 | Nest

With the 2020 holidays being vastly different, being able to connect with friends and family this holiday season will hold greater importance than past years. You have been able to accomplish so much over the last 12 months and will no doubt continue to succeed into the new year.

Treat yourself this month, Cancer, with the Popular Beauty Besties from Ulta. While you’ve been working hard on your career, Ulta has been working hard to curate a box with only the best of the best products. We love that this box will allow you to sample things you might otherwise miss when you are shopping in the store.

Ulta Popular Beauty Besties | $38 | Ulta

The holidays turn on a magical switch and suddenly all the world is aglow. With your radiant personality and heart of gold remember to spend time giving back this month, Leo. The smallest act of kindness can make the greatest difference especially around the holidays.

Give back and get clean with L’Occitane’s Limited Edition Solidarity Soap. 100% of proceeds will go towards preventing childhood blindness through UNICEF’s Vitamin A Supplement Program. The soap formula still boasts L’Occitane’s famous tender shea formula to hydrate and nourish skin, especially during the winter months.

L’Occitane Solidarity Soap | $5.50 | L’Occitane

The biggest gift this month for you, Virgo, is being able to spend time with the ones you love. The memories you make with your family and friends far outweigh any gift wrapped up in a box. End the year surrounded by love.

Homesick candles are one of our favorite go-to gifts for friends, family and even ourselves! Whether you moved away from home or have a city you especially love, there is a unique scent available. Spend time with loved ones this month and when the holidays come and go, simply light up a candle with a scent that will wrap you up in a location specific hug that reminds you of the ones you love.

Homesick Candles | $34 | Homesick

Catching your breath will be easy this month, Libra. You have been non-stop for the past few weeks. You are in a place in your career where you can sit back and relax the magic of the holiday season. Spending time with friends and family will do wonders for your mental health as you head into the new year.

Masking is a great way to force yourself to take a few minutes to yourself. First Aid Beauty’s 5-in-1 Bouncy Mask is a facial in a jar that nourishes, calms, firms, plumps and refines in just 10 minutes. Simply apply to clean skin, after 10 minutes wash away the mask to reveal brighter and clearer complexion!

First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 Bouncy Mask | $38 | First Aid Beauty

After a whirlwind of a Scorpio season, you are more than ready to just coast through the last few weeks of the year. Carve out some much needed ‘me time’ this month, where you set out to do exactly what brings you happiness.

Have fun and get creative with your eye looks this month with Melt Cosmetics Amor y Mariposas Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow Palette. From light and airy to deep and sultry, this palette has all the shimmer and matte shades need to create the looks you want.

Melt Cosmetics Amor y Mariposas Pressed Pigment Eyeshadow Palette | $70 | Sephora

This will be a busy month for your social life, Sagittarius. Being able to spend time together with other people will be a nice change from last year’s holiday. Keep an open mind as you mingle with new people, you just never know who you might meet underneath the mistletoe!

Keep your lips mistletoe ready with Tom Ford’s Lip Blush Lip Balm. This ultra-luxe moisturizing balm is infused with gold flakes and goes on clear before transforming into your perfect pink shade. The no fuss application can easily be touched up on the go without a mirror.

Tom Ford Lip Blush Lip Balm | $58 | Sephora

This month will bring with it an abundance of free time to relax and spend time with your family. Enjoy this slower pace of life because it doesn’t come around too often. Catch up with friends and enjoy some of the things you’ve missed out on when life was busy. It’s never too late to be present in the lives of those you care about.

Brighten you skin this month with the Sunrise Service Mask from Loops. These hydro-gel masks wake up and de-puff dull and tired looking skin in just 10-minutes. The mess-free mask adheres nicely to the face without slipping or moving around until you’re ready to take it off!

Loops Sunrise Service Mask | $7-$35 | Ulta

This year flew by, you adapted flawlessly to a new kind of normal and with that have grown into a stronger person both socially and professionally. As we close out 2021, set aside some goals that you hope to achieve in 2022. Think of where you grew this year and how you can leverage those skills next year.

Pick up a fresh and inviting new scent to carry you through December and into the new year. Ouai is known for their luxury hair products and recently they bottled up their intoxicating Melrose Place scent and have released it as a standalone Eau de Parfum. Notes of bergamot, champagne and rose give this scent its iconic aroma that lasts all day long without being overpowering.

Ouai Melrose Place Eau de Parfum | $20-$56 | Sephora

2021 was an upgrade to last year, but even so, you still experienced your fair share of highs and lows. Going into December, try to tie up any loose ends in order to set yourself for success as you head into the new year!

Achieve your best complexion this month with Glow Recipe’s Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Treatment Serum. The cute pink packaging conceals a powerhouse of a product with 5 forms of Vitamin C that targets dark spots, fine lines and dullness by plumping and brightening with little to no irritation.

Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum | $45 | Sephora
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