Beautyscopes: December 2017

‘Tis the season for all things merry and bright! This month we have products that are sure to sparkle and shine you all the way through to the New Year!

Aries, this month you are on a mission. You have had a successful 2017 thus far and have no plans on cutting it short. You have a lot planned for the holidays and will stop at nothing to make sure they are near perfect. Friends and family are very excited to spend time with you this month and will be anxious to hear about all the success that has come your way throughout the year. You will no doubt be shining while reflecting back on 2017 and talking about your favorite parts with family and friends. Hourglass’ limited edition Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette will complement your already glowing personality by giving the highpoints of your face the perfect diamond dusting. Enjoy this final month of 2017 and get ready to go full force into 2018!

Hourglass Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette | $66 | Hourglass, Sephora, Nordstrom

December is going to be a fab month for you, Taurus. Not only will you spend time enjoying and celebrating the holidays with those closest to you but you will also have time to sit back and reflect on what a wonderful year it has been thus far. While the holidays bring about a flurry of parties and events you may start to feel a bit overwhelmed. An easy way to combat the holiday stresses is to listen to your gut and use your intuition as a guide. It’s easy to want to please everyone this time of year but it is just as important for you to take the time to enjoy it as well! Too Faced’s Boss Lady Beauty Agenda is made for someone just like you. Not only does this palette provide you with amazing holiday makeup looks but it also doubles as a complete 2018 daily agenda. There’s no better way to end 2017 than with a spectacular game plan for 2018!

Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda | $58 | Exclusively at Sephora

Gemini, December will be a month of reflecting and planning for you. As you come into the final days of 2017 you will be questioning yourself and your goals. Don’t allow yourself to dwell too much on this. This month has the ability to be full of fun, family, cookies and celebrations. You want to end the year on a positive and happy note. Being that December is typically a pretty social month chances are plans can come up at the last minute. Sometimes last minute get togethers end up being the most memorable. We understand though, that going from the comfort of your couch or maybe straight from the office to a party in a matter of an hour can seem stressful. Flirt Cosmetics has come out with their new Rock-n-Rebel Kajal Eyeliner that gives you the perfect undone smokey eye in a matter of seconds which, will cut down big time on your getting ready for whatever comes your way! Sometimes allowing yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and live in the unplanned moment is exactly what you need. Enjoy these last few weeks of 2017, 2018 isn’t going anywhere so you will have plenty of time to plan for it later.

Flirt Cosmetics Rock-n-Rebel Kajal Eyeliner | $16 | Flirt Cosmetics

Wow! Can you believe it’s already December, Cancer? This year has flown by and you have so many successes to show for it. You deserve a deep breath and some major relaxation as you come into the final weeks of the year. As you sit and reflect on the past year you won’t be able to help yourself from setting your sights on what’s to come. 2018 is bound to be full of wonderful adventures and memorable surprises. Take these last few weeks to really prepare your body and mind for what is sure to be one unforgettable year ahead. An easy way to wind down after such an eventful year is through a nice candlelit bath. Clarins’ bestselling Tonic Body Oil is an essential step in pampering yourself, the aromatic oil helps lock in moisture as it improves elasticity while firming and toning your body. They have just recently released a new candle in that same welcoming, relaxing Tonic scent. Together these two products will give you the ultimate at home spa experience, while simultaneously preparing you for your next big adventure.

Clarins Tonic Body Oil | $64 | Clarins, Macy’s, Sephora Clarins Tonic Candle | $75 | Clarins


Leo, this month is going to be a lot of fun, packed with a lot of events. While you come into the last few weeks of the year you may feel yourself wanting to dwell on the things you haven’t achieved. However, surrounding yourself with family and friends will actually bring to light all that you have accomplished this year. 2017 was by far a successful time for you and you should feel a deep sense of pride. Allow this month to be fun and full of warm holiday memories. Get outside and enjoy the twinkling lights with family, meet up with old friends who happen to be in town for the holidays. Your career is in a stable place, so there is no better time than the present to relax and enjoy yourself. When your schedule may be taking you from work to a holiday party or to dinner with old friends you may not have the time to head home for a touchups. No need to worry because, Benefit Cosmetics’ has the perfect limited edition palette that will become your go-to for quick touchups as you’re on the go. Complexionista gives you everything you need to erase those post work bags under your eyes, add a little color to your face and finish off the look with a touch of glow. This month is all about allowing yourself to let loose a bit, don’t let the look of a long day stop you from having all the fun!

Benefit The Complexionista Face Palette | $32 | Exclusively at Sephora

Virgo, December is finally upon us and you couldn’t be more excited to kick off the holiday season. You love a good holiday get together with old and new friends. You cherish the time with your family and look forward to celebrating the New Year with those closest to you. When December hits you turn on your shopping A game, you love, love, love giving presents and watching the reaction and surprise as your friends and family open up their gift. What you love almost as much though, is scoring a good deal and maximizing your time with family and not standing in line at the mall. It’s important to remember though that as 2017 comes to a close that you realize all you have achieved this year. While you spend your time picking out gifts for others, it’s perfectly okay to want to treat yourself too! Brands tend to always launch an amazing holiday fragrance deal this time of year. Prada not only launched a limited edition set but also expanded their cult favorite Candy line to include Prada Candy Gloss. This new scent is warm and spicy while still being feminine and sweet. It’s okay to want to treat yourself this time of year because you totally deserve it!

Prada Candy Gloss Set | $101 | Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy’s

Libra, this month you're in for some fun surprises. It’s best if you go into the month with an open mind and be ready to take on the unexpected. Your job is going great but you are more than ready to enjoy some much-needed time off with family and friends. As your social calendar begins to fill up with events you may start to wonder how you will be able to get to them all. This is where your open mind will come in handy. Prepare to go with the flow when it comes to these events. While you typically like to have a plan in action, we encourage you to toss it out the window and try to live day-by-day, moment-to-moment. While you are getting into the swing of trying out this new easy, breezy lifestyle you might as well add some new makeup into your life as well. There is no better time to try out a bold makeup look than during the holidays. Karity, a new brand to us, has two SHOWSTOPPING eye shadow palettes that are a must have this season. Just Peachy and Unicorn Dreams have everything within their 15-shades that you need to create a “WOW” look this month. Just Peachy is ideal for the warm toned lover and Unicorn Dreams is a match made in heaven for the cool toned type of gal, but who says you can’t mix the two as well?! While everything else is shining bright for the holidays you might as well just go for it with your makeup look too!

Karity Just Peachy Palette | $25 | Karity Karity Unicorn Dreams Palette | $25 | Karity

Let’s get the party started, Scorpio! December will be one heck of a social month for you. With the holidays just a few days away you are more than ready to let loose and fully take in the most wonderful time of the year. Your mind will be swimming with fun plans and ideas you hope to tackle in the next year but try to stay focused and enjoy the times with friends and family this month! With the time off from work over the holidays try to get out and do something you don’t typically have time to do. Maybe take in a matinee of the Nutcracker or head to a fun, boozy brunch with friends. The theme this month is all about socializing and having a good time, Benefit Cosmetics’ is clearly in tune with said theme and created their limited edition Get The Party Started Bronze, Blush and Highlight Palette to become your new makeup BFF. This palette has everything you need to bop from one event to the next and it comes in a perfect shrunk down size that’ll fit right in your handbag or clutch. This time of year is all about having fun, which coincidentally is something you’re all too good at!

Benefit Get The Party Started Bronze, Blush & Highlight Palette | $20 | Exclusively at Sephora


Sagittarius, after such a successful past 11 months you are itching for a chance to get away for a bit. What better time for an adventure than over the holidays? Especially since work has been crazy you really need to take advantage of the downtime to do what makes your body and soul happy and revitalized. While a trip to a far off location may be goals, sometimes it isn’t doable in the moment. That doesn’t mean that a quick trip in the car to a town nearby won’t give you the relaxation you need. If you can’t escape town at all then work to schedule a day spent at the spa allowing yourself to be fully pampered. A good fragrance can transport you to somewhere new in the matter of a few sprays; Burberry Brit is an iconic scent by the prim and proper British powerhouse. The warm and spicy scent will allow you to escape to a cozy corner in a pub right off a busy London high street. Whether you get to jet off to someplace new and exciting or you’re staying in and enjoying a staycation allow this classic scent to give you a bit of a wintery British escape.

Burberry Brit 3-pc gift set | $100 | Macy’s

Are you ready for a fabulous end to a fabulous year, Capricorn? December will have you feeling all types of polished and cute. You live for the month where sparkles and glitter are welcomed in your everyday wardrobe. Work has been pretty hectic but come this month it will slow down just enough to give you the time to enjoy all that the holidays have to offer. Family and friends are excited to recap on your year and even more excited to hear what you have in store for next year! As you find yourself going from event to event this month you will want to make sure that your look is always on point. GHD, a brand devoted to perfect hair, has launched a limited edition collection featuring some of their best tools in a deep purple shade. Our favorite? The Nocturne Platinum Styler. At first glance this tool may look like a straightener but its curved edges give it so much more potential. The styles are endless with this tool from sleek straight strands to perfectly imperfect beach waves. What’s even better is the platinum plates, which prevent 50% less breakage and than normal hair tools leaving you with shinier and healthier hair. Walk into your holiday events with confidence from head to toe!

GHD Platinum Nocturne Styler | $249 | GHD, Sephora, Ulta

Aquarius, December is scheduled to be a month of family, friends, presents and food. You have been so career focused for a majority of 2017, now is the time for you to take a moment and catch up with loved ones. While some people roll their eyes at the idea of being home for the holidays and having to endure endless amounts of time with family, you look forward to it. You enjoy sitting with loved ones exchanging gifts while telling stories of the past year. Everyone looks forward to your homecoming, as you are an essential part to everyone having a fabulous holiday. While you find yourself shopping for friends and family members you may be tempted to throw a little treat in the cart as well for yourself. It Cosmetics’ has amazing gift sets and palettes that make great gifts for the special women in your life and for you as well. One thing that always catches our attention is the quality of their brushes which is why the All That Glitters 5-pc. Brush Set is the ideal gift for the glitter loving makeup fiend and the perfect new addition to your vanity. The sleek silver brush handles and sparkling brush holder scream holiday cheer. Not only will someone love opening this gift but also we can assure that you’ll love reaching for them day after day!

It Cosmetics All That Shimmers Brush Set | $58 | Exclusively at Ulta

Pisces, December is destined to be your most fun month yet. Your schedule will be jam packed with parties, champagne toasts and cheers as the clock strikes 12. You will finally have the time to catch up with friends and family to talk all about your goals for the New Year. While some are hurrying up to finish their 2017 goals, you are already ahead of the game with your 2018 resolutions mapped out. You like to lead a bold life and look forward to being able to dress up in clothes to match your mentality. Being the time of year that it is, you can pretty much get away with multiple bold touches to one look. Nothing is more confident and full of holiday cheer than a bright red lip. Hourglass just launched a line of refillable lipsticks in a tube so sleek it deserves to be displayed. The shade Secretly is the PERFECT crimson holiday shade to complete any look. If a bold red isn’t your thing don’t worry because you will be sure to find something you love in the 30-shade range. The creamy consistency and semi-matte finish applies flawlessly and stays looking that way for hours to come. End the old year and start the New Year being your true bold and beautiful self!

Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick | $34 | Hourglass, Sephora
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