Beautyscopes-February 2006


Rise and shine. Now that your New Year’s resolutions are well under way, February is a fabulous time to treat yourself (or that special someone) to something amazing. Whether it be skincare or makeup, Awake products can always do the trick of turning the dark and dreary days of winter into a beauty wonderland to behold. So this month Beautyscopes will focus on some of our favorite Awake products, all available at Bergdorf Goodman, and of course,

Keeping secrets people tell you at work or play is crucial this month, Aries, if you want co-workers and friends to support your endeavors. But one secret we will let you reveal is that of the stunning complexion you can get with Awake's Vital Express. This patented vitamin C treatment unites the best of Japanese skincare technology with all natural ingredients. It comes in a powder-to-emulsion formula that revitalizes stressed skin, enhances elasticity, promotes firmness, and more. Plus, it's great on every skin type.

Go the distance personally and professionally this February, Taurus. The extra effort is going to pay off for you later on, so keep your eyes on the prize. And while you're at it, why not treat them to something terrific with Awake's Stardom Escalate Lash Mascara. This eye-enhancing product gives lashes volume, length, and curls. It comes with a curled brush for easy application, and is made up of ingredients such as almond oil (for shine) and vitamin E and gingko extract (for lash care).

Get involved in some activities with children this month, Gemini. It will be a double benefit for you because you'll be doing good and getting inspired…giving kids some attention can make you feel like a SuperStar. Another way to get that feeling would be to head for a Hollywood hills look with Awake's Stardom Volumizing Lip Glosses. These luxurious glosses “plump your pout” through a combination of a lip-lift polymer and special nourishing oils. Together they give you smoother, fuller lips. Plus, they come in some vibrant hues that work well with every skin tone.

Check over all your investments and finances this February, Cancer, and be sure to remove anything that might be a risk without the possibility of a great reward. This is a good idea as well for your skin because when you use Awake's Blotting Paper, excess oil is quickly absorbed and no white residue remains. It also helps leave skin dry in between makeup retouches and comes in a package holding 60 sheets.

Socialize with friends to revitalize yourself this month, Leo. Seeing loved ones always helps you get back on track when you feel out of sorts. And here's an additional tip to help you put your best face forward: The Awake Pop-out Mask. Soothe your skin with an invigorating facial mask made up of tiny paper tablets (a set of 24) that transform to fit your face when you add one of their two special lotions (sold separately). This five-minute treatment is good for all skin types and can be used twice a week.

This February, Virgos will be a bit on the sensitive side. When people close to you bring up aging, looks, or anything else, try not to take it seriously or personally. We all know you're perfect just the way you are! But if you want reinforce that, we suggest using Awake's Serum Un-Sign. It's a high-tech and intensive-care system that you can use day or night to maintain your youthful glow. It comes in two formulas: regular for normal to dry skin, and oil-free for normal to oily skin. Its ingredients include the latest in Japanese skincare technology, so you're protected against daily environmental stress and premature aging.

Watch what you say this month, Libra. If you're not careful you may get yourself caught in an embarrassing situation. And let's be honest, the only blushing you want to do is with a top-quality product like Awake's Stardom Pure Blush. It's just a light pop of shimmering color brought about from a blendable formula that contains genuine pearl extract. It also helps keep the skin smooth and hydrated with ingredients like squalene and comfrey extract. It comes packaged in a mirrored compact with brush for a fast and fabulous application good for any girl on the go.

Maintain your delightful demeanor no matter what happens this February, Scorpio. We all know you have the ability charm even the most difficult of personalities and that may come in very handy right now. To help keep your eyes on the prize (and everyone else's on you!) rise up and try Awake's Stardom Eye Gloss. With this product you'll produce maximum sparkle and shine on your shades while soothing them in the moisturizing botanicals of this cooling, water-based gel. Hues include pretty pastels that go on subtle and sleek enough to offer a long-lasting and brilliant finish.

You may be experiencing some serious stress this month, Sagittarius, so your skin may experience a bit of a setback. To keep it in tip-top shape, treat it to some of Awake's Direct Nutrition Moisturizer. This skincare savior is enlightened with the latest in Japanese skincare technology to help firm skin and improve texture (with soybean extract), as well as soothe dryness, minimize wrinkles, and boosts collagen production. It also seals in moisture with an intercellular lipid barrier. Plus, it's a mineral oil- and fragrance-free formula that absorbs instantly upon application.

You're in the money this February, Capricorn, so spend it wisely. Go get yourself something that's worth its weight in gold. For example, how about Awake's Brush Cleaner? Instead of having to purchase a whole new set of brushes, this is the perfect way to make that investment (because we know you already bought some really good brushes!) stay clean and ready to reuse again and again. It helps soften brush hair and maintain their shape with special conditioning agents. It also comes in a spray bottle that allows for quick drying time without any soaking or water needed.

Love is in the air this month, Aquarius, and it could be headed your way. All signs point to a possible romance so you better make sure your skin is ready to be smooched. One way to accomplish this task (at least for your face) is with Awake's Hydro-Touch Foundation. It's a water-based solution that goes on like a powder but offers the sheer coverage of a liquid. It contains a wealth of botanical ingredient blends that help hydrate and cool the skin without leaving you feeling oily at all.

Watch who you trust this February, Pisces. People you think are your friends may soon turn out to be enemies. Go into all situations with your eyes wide open. I know, you're working long hours and a girl has to have a social life, so your eyes might not seem as open as they could. Here's a little tip for you: use Awake's Skin Renovation Eye. It offers so many perks for perky looking peeps: brightness around the eye area, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, diminished dark circles, enhanced skin elasticity and firmness, hydration, and more! Use a dime-sized amount mornings and evenings around your eyes, and you'll be amazed.
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