Beautyscopes: February 2018

February is filled with love and this month we are loving a whole bunch of new products! As you power through these last, hopefully, cold few weeks of winter we hope you find joy and happiness in your life and in these items as well!

Aries, how’s 2018 treating you so far? February is sure to bring you some exciting days! This month is all about you honing in on your passions. January was a month of hibernating and brainstorming while February is all about putting your plans into action. Once you get going there is no stopping you and once you get that first taste of success you become a force to be reckoned with. We have nothing but high hopes and confidence in you this month. This month investing in a solid skincare routine will give you clear skin with an added confidence boost! The Armani Prima collection by Giorgio Armani is powered with radiance boosting ingredients that will give you the most ethereal glow. Our two favorites from the collection are the Oil-In-Gel Foaming Cleanser and the Soft Peeling Lotion. Both are amazing on their own but when used in conjunction with one another they become next level.

This month, you should allow both your successes and skin to shine!

Armani Prima Skincare Oil-In-Gel Foaming Cleanser | $50 | Giorgio Armani Nordstrom Soft Peeling Lotion | $70 | Giorgio Armani Nordstrom

Taurus, this month is all about attending to new ideas and growing them into something grand. January was a month of reflecting and starting over and now, with your new perspective, there is no better a time to get a move on. While change can be hard for you it’s good to remember that without it you wouldn’t be where you are today. Try to embrace this pivotal month and absorb all that is positive. With that being said we know that recognition of a scent you enjoy can invoke a positive environment. Diptyque, a Parisian brand known for their insanely beautiful and entrancing scents, has a perfume and candle duo that pair with one another in the best way possible. Their Tuberose scented candle will surround your home in it’s delicious floral scent while their Do Son Eau De Parfum will envelop your body in its intoxicating mixture of tuberose, orange leaves and pink peppercorns. It is easier to embrace change and jump outside of your comfort zone when you are able to bring something familiar with you. There is nothing more comforting than a familiar scent and this duo has never made it easier to take the comforting scent of home with you and vice versa.

Diptyque set | $100 | Diptyque

Gemini, this month is one filled with finding it in your heart to be open and understanding. You will be tested this month but in a good way. Being that February is the month for love it’ll be good for you to put yourself out there. Allowing people into your life isn’t a bad thing and when people get to know you, behind the guard that you put up, they are immediately entranced by you. Take the time this month to let love in and to work on trusting people to get close to you. With a personality as strong and vibrant as yours it doesn’t take much to draw attention, but if you’re looking for that extra boost a solid smokey eye is one way to go. Clarins’ collection of eyeshadow quads is perfect for getting just the right look to captivate a crowd. Our personal favorite is their newest spring color launch in Lovely Rose. The warm rose and gem tone shades give you the perfect sweet but sultry smoked out look. We know you have what it takes to conquer this month and come out on top, now it’s just about you believing it too!

Clarins 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette | $44 | Clarins Nordstrom

February is a month of reflection and confidence building for you, Cancer. When you feel that mid-winter rut start to creep up it’s important for you to take a step back and remind yourself of all the amazing things you have accomplished and will accomplish this year. While January usually kicks off in a whirlwind, February is often a time when the seasonal blues start to take a toll on people. Being cooped up inside during the harsh weather has never helped either. Avoid negative thoughts and feelings by surrounding yourself with happy people in a positive environment. One of the easiest ways to boost your mood is with scent. Nest Fragrances has dominated the candle world for years but what most people don’t realize is the variety of products they offer per scent; think candles and diffusers but lotions and hand soaps too! Our current mid-winter and mood-boosting favorite is the Japanese Black Currant. This scent, to us, is warm (sandalwood) but with a touch of springtime sweetness (Mirabelle Plum and Kadota Fig). Adding this fragrance to all the aspects of your home will not only cause it to smell fantastic but it will also become a scent you familiarize peace, comfort and calmness with. Creating this place of positivity now will help you to grow into the person you strive to become this year!

Nest Japanese Black Currant Collection | $16-$64 | Nest Bloomingdales

Leo, you’ll be feeling the love this month. February will bring you many opportunities to form new friendships and who knows maybe something even a little bit more serious! With these new relationships will also come new adventures. These adventures will allow you to learn a new part of yourself and possibly even generate new goals for your future! Skincare is similar to relationships in the sense that you get out of them what you put in. Using products of high quality ingredients will leave you with high quality results. The Thermal Cleansing Balm from Hungarian luxury brand, Omorovicza, is rich in Hungarian Moor Mud. The mineral packed cleanser not only removes all traces of makeup but it also is insanely hydrating making it one of the best anti-aging brands on the market. Who said the only relationships you’ll be forming this month will be with just people? Making this cleanser your new best friend will leave you with everything except regret!

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm | $110 | Omorovicza Nordstrom

It’s time for a mellow moment, Virgo. Often times you find yourself fretting about perfecting every aspect of your life. However, this month you need to focus on controlling what you can and understanding that no one is perfect. When you sweat the small stuff you end up losing sight of the important things. Surround yourself with a strong support system that can guide you in embracing a perfectly imperfect mindset. A brand that we believe has the right idea is Sol De Janeiro. Their top selling Brazilian Bum Bum Cream was designed for the bikini wearer in mind but has become somewhat of a favorite amongst all people. This body cream is packed with the Brazilian Guarana nut, which contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine. Caffeine is known to tighten and firm cellulite, which almost every woman on earth has. This brand strives for you to find the confidence to wear a teeny bikini without the fear of your completely NORMAL body being judged. Not only does this product smell absolutely and we mean ABSOLUTELY amazing but it does, after a few weeks of continuous wear, give the look of toned and glowing legs. Coming to terms with the fact that no one, not even Oprah, is perfect will lift a weight from your shoulders that you may not have even realized you were bearing. You will find yourself leaving February and heading into March with a completely new outlook on life and we are excited for you to get there!

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream | $20-$45 | Sol De Janeiro Sephora

This month is all about friendship, Libra. While January got off to a strong start you didn’t have much time for socializing and spending time with friends. This month it is important that you reach out to your friends and loved ones. You may end up realizing that some relationships that you once thought were strong are actually hurting you in a way. Rather than allowing a toxic relationship to continue longer than it should it would be best to go your separate ways now. You may also find some friendships growing stronger than ever and these are the ones you need to be putting your time and energy into. Remember that you have the power to control the situations and people you associate yourself with. It’s okay to be picky about your friends because you know what’s best for you deep down. Similar to friends, but on a less serious note, makeup is another thing you have control over in your life. You would be lying if you said there wasn’t a brand you have a strong connection with. Karity, an affordable makeup company with amazing palettes (see here), gives you the option to pick, choose and create your own custom shadow palette kind of like how you can pick and choose your friends. We can assure you that these super blendable and highly pigmented shades won’t disappoint or ever let you down. There is nothing better than having a life surrounded by the people you love and the makeup you choose.

Karity single shadows | $4 each | Karity

Scorpio, February will be a month of intense work with great success. You will find yourself focusing heavily on your work in order to achieve certain goals. When the seasonal woes start to creep up and you begin to feel overwhelmed take a step back to refocus on the big picture. You’re a very passionate person with very strong goals and when you set your mind to it anything can be achieved. Being that you’re a Scorpio, you are usually driven by passion and perseverance. You’re a very layered type of human and who you are upfront is only just a glimpse to who you are on the inside. If there were ever a scent that depicted a Scorpio it would be Valentino Valentina Poudre. The soft powdery top note is inviting, mature and sophisticated but over the course of the wear the scent deepens into a sultry, deep and sensual aroma. Sometimes Scorpios can come across as intimidating but never let someone else's insecurity dull your sense of drive and determination. Every time you layer on this scent allow it to remind you of all your unique and strong qualities and remember than anything is possible!

Valentino Valentina Poudre | $122 | Nordstrom Exclusive

This month, Sagittarius, you will be able to escape the hustle and bustle of life. A solid break in the routine is in-store for you. Get together with your friends to plan this fun little escape. After a crazy start to a new year you deserve to enjoy a little bit of R&R. Take this time to reevaluate your 2018 master plan. Getting away even for just a weekend can do wonders for the body and soul. We understand that sometimes a long weekend in South Beach isn’t always a viable option. No need to worry though, Verb Hair Care makes getting those salty beach waves achievable even if you are just take a long at home staycation. The Waves & Texture Kit includes shampoo, conditioner, Sea Spray and Sea Texture Cream. Alone these products produce great results, but when used together they give you the ultimate “I just took a 2 mile walk on the beach at sunset” type look. While your friends are worried about getting this and that done this month, you take the time to focus on recuperating and reenergizing for the months to come!

Verb Waves & Texture Kit | $50 | Sephora

Capricorn, this month you are in a go-getter, goal crushing and determined mindset. Beware to anyone who tries to stop you or slow you down. In January you set yourself up for a strong year ahead and now you are ready to get a move on. You are striving for perfection and now that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. It can be pretty easy to get swept up in your successes and triumphs so it is important you strive to remain humble and grateful for all that you have. Maison Margiela’s Replica perfume in Promenade in the Garden is a perfect scent for reminding you to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. This chic and classic scent is an ode to the English Countryside and all the magical secret gardens within it. It’ll wrap you in its floral aroma reminding you that some of life’s simplest things hold the most beauty and importance. Go get’em this month, Capricorn, just be sure to stay loyal and true to yourself in the process!

Maison Margiela Replica ‘Promenade in the Gardens’ | $126 | Nordstrom Sephora

February is your month to shine, Aquarius! January allowed you to get your year off to a good start, but February is when it will really start get going. Go into this month ready to conquer anything and everything. Your unique, fun and loving personality will bring about all sorts of new opportunities, experiences and friendships. Your happiness and confidence is contagious so use it to lift up those around you. With such a glowing and vibrant month ahead you might as well incorporate that glow into every aspect of your life. Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation will light up your world the same way that you light up the lives of those around you. This medium to full coverage, lightweight foundation gives the most natural, skin-like glow. It lies perfectly underneath other products and never, ever feels cakey or thick on the skin. February can easily bring about the seasonal blues, but with your upbeat attitude and radiant personality you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk | $64 | Giorgio Armani Nordstrom Sephora

This February will be all about self-reflection and finding out what it is that you really want from this year, Pieces. Take the time to cozy up inside by the fire and prioritize your goals. 2018 has been off to a great start and it’s only going to get better. Taking the time to think and align your goals will pay off in the long run, so don’t feel like you're not accomplishing anything this month. Indulging in a spa day at home will help you to get into the right mindset and reflection mode. FarmHouse Fresh recently launched a new body mousse, Moon Dip. Not only does the product fit right into the world of horoscopes but also it will blend seamlessly into your life. Rich in peptides, this ultra-whipped, sweet-smelling, powdery mousse will work to tone and smooth aging skin. We can assure you that adding this product into your nightly spa ritual will aid you in refocusing and finding a whole new level of zen.

FarmHouse Fresh Moon Dip | $32 | FarmHouse Fresh Goods
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