Beautyscopes-March 2004


This March beauty is enlightened at the Olive Leaf Wholeness Center ( This leading independent and holistic health facility offers exceptional services designed to provide customers with one-stop, easy access to a variety of alternative and integrative healing therapies and experiences that are both well-established and leading-edge methods. For spiritual and physical rejuvenation, Olive Leaf Wholeness Center is where it’s at.

Listen up Aries! Hear what partners, professionally and personally, have to say this month because paying attention now will pay off later on. Sound not silence also proves to be a positive method for healing at the Olive Leaf. Their Sound Healing treatment harmonizes the water in our bodies and helps clients reach a greater state of balance. It creates a sense of deep relaxation, reduces stress, and strengthens the immune system. Sounds pretty heavenly, right?

Take flight this March Taurus! Travel will do you good---as long as you're flexible with plans because there could be unexpected delays. And speaking of gaining flexibility, yoga at the Olive Leaf can help you do just that. It's a form of physical exercise that challenges and refines your flexibility, strength, and balance. It also helps you learn to control your breathing in a relaxed and modulated manner for different postures, which results in several spiritual and mental benefits for your body. Now that's a destination worth the trip!

Open up your eyes Gemini! This month the stars say it's a great time to get physical. Doing so will make you feel rejuvenated in body and soul. To help focus your vision on this horizon, indulge in the Olive Leaf's Vitamin Tea Eye Wrap. This terrific three-way treatment revitalizes and firms your delicate eye area with an acupressure massage, a vitamin C eye masque, and cooling tea packs. Your future's never looked brighter, baby!

Get out the office this March Cancer! You need to take work a little less seriously for you're own good. Relax! Don't do it! To help motivate your mind for less workplace movement, head over to the Olive Leaf for a sumptuous Swedish Massage. This treatment increases circulation, stretches ligaments and tendons to keep them supple and pliable, and stimulates and soothes your skin and nervous system. It's also a great stress reducer, which will help your \"all work and no play\" policy become a thing of the past.

Don't succumb to strained relationships this March, Leo. Partnerships with loved ones could prove strenuous right now, so try not to hit pressure points that you think might cause problems. Instead, you should consider heading over to the Olive Leaf to pinpoint and release some positive body pressure with Acupuncture. This 5000-year-old Chinese treatment consists of inserting very fine needles onto the skin's surface at key places on your silhouette to heal it and bring about balance. Talk about a stress-reducing service!

Expect the unexpected this month Virgo. Your carefully coordinated routine may go awry for a number of reasons, so try not to get rundown trying to rework it. The Olive Leaf will be of great assistance now. One of the services they supply is Health Coaching, which is sure to make you feel fit enough for anything. The treatment teaches clients a set of skills to help define and achieve goals for goodness that stay in close check with the individual's values. So no matter what comes your way, you'll be able to maintain control with confidence!

There's no place like home this month Libra, so be good to yours by giving it some gifts that will make it appear more aesthetically pleasing. It's easy. Just added a few flowers, candles, or some heavenly paint hues, and it will feel like brand new. And just so you'll be in sync with your surroundings, the Olive Leaf has a treatment that translates Chinese Medicine to help you feel terrific. This complete medical system combines herbs, massage, diet, and acupuncture to correct energy imbalances in the body. It's provides full restoration that will leave you feeling completely revitalized!

Love is in the air this March for Scorpio, so surround yourself with positive thoughts to make amour oh-so-easily accessible. Another way to gear good vibes your way is to master the art of Feng Shui. Lessons in this Eastern art of living in harmony with your home to benefit your health and well-being are available at the Olive Leaf. The ancient tradition teaches us how to create an optimum living space, which will result in increased physical wellness and mental focus, a reduction of stress, and an increase in energy and opportunity. Talk about making a home where you heart is!

It's time for show and tell this month Sagittarius. Let the ones you love know how much you care for them. It will mean a lot for them to know of your affections, and this feeling will be returned in spades later on when you need it most. And speaking of wrapping your love around the world, don't forget to engage in some self love as well. The Olive Leaf offers the perfect way to pamper you with the Caribbean Body Wrap. This treatment includes a full body exfoliation, a mud application, aromatic steam towels, and a scalp & foot massage. Now that's what I'd consider some serious TLC!

Put your best face forward this March Capricorn because advancement in the workplace is going to put you in the spotlight. People will be turning to you for solutions, and even if you are unsure of how to proceed, never let them see you sweat. And Olive Leaf's Olive Leaf Facial can help you out here because it works wonders on your face keeping it focused and full of clarity. It's a beautifully customized treatment that incorporates a skin analysis, exfoliation, massage, and a therapeutic masque, which combined make every face-to-face meeting just fabulous!

A social butterfly is about to spread her wings and fly this month as Aquarius will be the star at every event she attends. This could lead to a red-hot romance, but only if you keep your cool and remain calm and collected. Here's where an Olive Leaf's Aromatherapy session can serve you well. The hands-on treatment aims to induce relaxation, diminish the negative effects of stress, enhance energy, and restore mental, physical, and spiritual balance, which is bound to boost your confidence and create a buzz about you!

Overtime will help you excel in the office this month Pisces - that will be the secret to your success! When you're not climbing that corporate ladder, be sure to make any break you take worthwhile. Olive Leaf can help you achieve this goal with their Tourmaline Charged Facial. This treatment increases skin motivation so that it performs at its best. It employs botanical resurfacing and renewal masques to smooth skin's texture and increase collagen production. The result is a natural approach to advanced microdermabrasion.
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