Beautyscopes: March 2016


Happy Birthday month, Aries! You’ll listen to your gut feelings this month, and will take some time to reflect upon your next moves. You’ll be touchier than usual during the first week of the month, After the 9th, you have a thirst for the novel and a proclivity for nurturing something that has deep meaning for you. Kick back in the shower with something special from Philip Kingsley to treat yourself: Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner with MegaBounce (sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free) and Philip B’s Peppermint & Avocado Voluming & Clarifying Shampoo. Both are a fragrant treat for your tresses. Find them and more at

Ravishing Rams: Reese Witherspoon, March 22; Emma Watson, April 15; Alyson Hannigan, March 24; Katharine McPhee, March 25; Kristen Stewart, April 9; Victoria Beckham, April 17; Jennifer Garner, April 17; Kate Hudson, April 1; Abigail Breslin, April 14; Alek Wek, April 16; Amanda Bynes, April 3; Aretha Franklin, March 25; Carmen Electra, April 20; Billie Holiday, July 17; Celine Dion, March 30; Claire Danes, April12; Dame Vivienne Westwood, April 8; Cynthia Nixon, April 9.

Beautiful bulls, your friendships, social sectors and long-term plans are under the microscope this month. Sociability and networking will revamp your career and perhaps send you off in a new direction. Fun and spontaneity are on the agenda. Sensual Taureans will revel in the Fleur de Vanilla perfume from Acorelle, which is 100% natural, Bio-certified, and free of harsh chemicals. A rich vanilla mingles with patchouli and mimosa in this fragrance to create a most unusual and delightful effect. Order it and other all-natural perfumes at

Tantalizing Taureans: Tina Fey, May 18; Nina Garcia, May 3; Amber Heard, April 22; Megan Fox, May 16; Jessica Alba, April 28; Ellie Kemper, May 2; Lena Dunham, May 13; Malin Akerman, May 12; Christina Hendricks, May 3; Adele, May 5; Audrey Hepburn, May 4; Catherine The Great, May 2; Evita Peron, May 7; Grace Jones, May 19; Naomi Klein, May 8; Penelope Cruz, April 28; Uma Thurman, April 29; Cate Blanchett, May 14; Kirsten Dunst, April 30.

Prepare for some dramatic changes in your career this month, Gemini, especially after the 7th. Your profile will be raised considerably over the next 6 months, particularly if you seek out environments where you can really be yourself and flourish for optimal success. Family and work will vie for your attention. To keep your energy up at a cellular level, and help you sleep soundly at night as well, discover Elysium’s BASIS. Take two capsules a day for optimal benefit, and improve your health from the inside out. Read more about this remarkable offering from MIT and Stanford scientists at

Gorgeous Geminis: Amy Schumer, June 1; Angelina Jolie, June 3; Pam Grier, May 26; Heidi Klum, June 1: Marilyn Monroe, June 1; Natalie Portman, June 9; Venus Williams, June 17; Zoe Saldana, June 19; Ashley Olsen, June 13; Anne Frank, June 12; Aung San Suu Kyi, June 19; Bar Rafaeli, June 4; Lauryn Hill, May 26; Mary Cassatt, May 22; Nicole Kidman, June 20; Anna Kournikova, June 7, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, May 28, Faith Evans, June 10.

The solar eclipse will encourage you to break free of old restrictions and routines for the next 6 months, Cancer, and explore your more adventuresome side. Delving into the arts will be extremely transformational for you, and you’ll examine new ways of approaching old situations — across the board at work and love. Korres lipsticks are ideal for you, especially the Mandarin Lip Butter Stick in Rose for spring, since it simultaneously softens, hydrates, and tints. You’ll definitely want this when Cupid comes calling after the 12th. Check out all of the colors and lip sticks and pots at

Captivating Crabs: Ariana Grande, June 26; Meryl Streep, June 22; Frances McDormand, June 23; Deborah Harry, July 1; Princess Diana, July 1; Wendy Williams, July 18; Kristen Bell, July 18; Selena Gomez, July 22; Frida Kahlo, July 6, Gisele Bundchen, July 20; Ariana Huffington, July 15; Diane Kruger, July 15; Estee Lauder, July 1; Li’l Kim, July 11; Lindsay Lohan, July 2; Liv Tyler, July 1; Malala Yousafzai, July 12; Pamela Anderson, July 1; Jessica Simpson, July 10.

This month begins with the emphasis on love and relationships, Leo, especially after the 5th, and the spotlight will be on shared finances. Mars will fire you up and do wonders for your sex appeal! After the 9th, be careful about your expenditures and drill down to details until the 20th; and after the 12th, finances look up, as does your love life. BUTTERelixir is ideal for the Queen of the Jungle, since this is a pure, chemical-free line fit for royalty. BUTTERelixir for hair and body is a luxurious blend of oils (argan, sweet almond, french lavender, chamomile), BUTTERelixir for face (rose hip oil, apricot kernel oil, argan, and rose essential) is the crown jewel of the line, and BUTTERelixir Lip consists of beeswax, oil of jojoba, soybean, sunflower and avocado, and cocoa butter. Pursue the complete line at

Lovely Lionesses: Halle Berry, August 14; Anna Paquin, July 24; Amy Adams, August 20; Helen Mirren, July 26; J.K. Rowling, July 31; Martha Stewart, August 3; Viola Davis, August 11; Mila Kunis, August 14; Jennifer Lawrence, August 15; Amelia Earhart, July 24; Audrey Tatou, August 9; Coco Chanel, August 19; Charlize Theron, August 7; Demi Lovato, August 20; Hilary Swank, July 30; Iman Abdulmajid-Bowie, July 25; Jennifer Lopez, July 24; Julia Child, August 15, Kristen Wiig, August 22.

Your relationship sector is in the spotlight all this month, Virgo, underscored by the solar eclipse on the 9th, Mercury’s transition on the 5th, and Venus’s migration on the 12th. The way you interact with people will be very much on your mind, and you’ll examine your emotional responses and will fine-tune them as a result. Partnerships will require clarity and transparency all this month through the end of August. Lavanila Laboratories makes The Healthy Deodorant in vanilla coconut (and other luscious flavors) so you can rest assured that your deodorant is 100% healthy and chemical-free as you dash about, ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about! Find it at and Sephora.

Valiant Virgos: Amy Poehler, September 16; Blake Lively, August 25; Salma Hayek, September 2; Beyonce Knowles-Carter, September 4; Pink, September 8; Cameron Diaz, August 30; Emmy Rossum, September 12; Evan Rachel Wood, September 7; Jada Pinkett-Smith, September 18; Alexis Bledel, September 16; Amy Winehouse, July 23; LeeAnn Rimes, August 28; Mother Teresa, August 25; Rachael Ray, August 25

The first half of this month sees you focused on daily obligations, diet, exercise and work, Libra, but fun-loving Venus is saying that it doesn’t have to be all work and no play — so combine the two whenever possible to optimize this month. Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil is magnificent for you, since this 100% pure plant oil is comprised of patchouli, blue orchid extracts, and hazelnut oil to deeply replenish dehydrated skin, combat fine lines, seal in moisture, and soften skin. Plus, it smells heavenly. Find it at and at fine department stores.

Luscious Librans: Serena Williams, September 26; Kate Winslet, October 5; Rachel McAdams, October 7; Frieda Pinto, October 18, Ashlee Simpson, October 3; Gwyneth Paltrow, September 27; Kim Kardashian, October 21; Marion Cotillard, September 30; Anne Rice, October 4; Annie Liebovitz, October 2; Ashlee Simpson, October 3; Avril Lavigne, September 27; Candice Swanepoel, October 20, Catherine Zeta-Jones, September 25.

The month begins with an emphasis on your talents, Scorpio, and you might be tempted to spend up a storm. After the 6th, your determination to overcome restrictions will be at full force and you’ll be enterprising and entrepreneurial and experimental. Something new for you and your tresses: Topganic Shampoo & Conditioner (part of the Topganic Obliphica Oil Collection), is rife with natural oils, extracts and minerals to protect and nourish hair, including obliphica oil from Russia, Dead Sea minerals and vitamin E. Nab Topganic at Ricky’s stores and at

Smoldering Hot Scorpios: Anna Wintour, November 3; Katy Perry, October 25; Hillary Clinton, October 26; Emma Stone, November 6; Gabrielle Union, October 29; Grace Kelly, November 12; Jodie Foster, November 19; Ming-Na Wen, November 20; Kim Kardashian, October 21, Marie Curie, November 7; Kimberly McDonald, November 16; Anne Hathaway, November 12; Bjork, November 21; Demi Moore, November 11; Hedy Lamarr, November 9; Julia Roberts, October 28; Nikki Williams, November 9; Rachel McAdams, November 17; Whoopi Goldberg, November 13.

There are plenty of fresh starts for you this month Sagittarius, as energizing Mars enters your sign on the 6th and revitalizes you until the end of May, imparting more zeal, self-possession, and energy. Hurray! Make the most of it on every front: career, love, travel, education and friendships. And when you need to revitalize your hair, use Key West Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner. The Key West Aloe brand contains 20% aloe, is lab certified since 1971, and is pH balanced. Get this shampoo and conditioner, as well as other superb Key West Aloe products, at

Sultry Sagittarians: Nicki Minaj, December 8; Scarlett Johansson, November 22; Miley Cyrus, November 23; Kathryn Bigelow, November 27; Tyra Banks, December 4; Taylor Swift, December 13; Anna Faris, November 29; Britney Spears, December 2, Fatima Siad, December 17; Julianne Moore, December 3; Jennifer Connelly, December 12; Katie Holmes, December 18; Margaret Cho, December 5; Sarah Silverman, December 1st.

Venus’s transit this month has you wondering about the value of the things you devote your time to, and on the 9th of the month, dear Goat, the solar eclipse will mean that you’ll need to put more elbow grease into your career, and manage your time far more wisely. So reach for Clarins Multi Active Night Cream when you turn in at night, since it targets fine lines and revitalizes skin while you slumber. Dream of those next impressive career moves while Clarins Multi Active Night Cream smooths lines and tightens pores. Available at finer department stores and at

Glam Goats: Michelle Obama, January 17; Carolina Herrera, January 8; Katie Couric, January 7; Hikaru-Utada, January 19; Kate Moss, January 16; Nigella Lawson, January 6, Patti Smith, December 30; Zooey Deschanel, January 17; Sienna Miller, December 28; Aaliyah, January 16; Diane von Furstenberg, December 31; Julia Louis-Dreyfus, January 13; Simone de Beauvoire, January 9; Susan Sontag, January 16; Dian Fossey, January 16.

This month, Saturn and Uranus forge a positive angle all of March that will boost your psychological sector and ensure the you forge new alliances, Aquarius. Your ideals and future plans will also receive a cosmic boost. Give your hair new possibilities too, with the Beachwaver S1 Curling Iron, which imparts three different looks depending on the angle, including the rippling, beachy curls seen at Fashion Week last month . Easy to use, brilliantly designed, and equipped with a ceramic rod & barrel and clip for holding hair, the Beachwaver will your year-round favorite tool for forging strategic alliances. Find it at and Kohls.

Winsome Water Bearers: Geena Davis, January 21; Ellen DeGeneres, January 26; Oprah Winfrey, January 29; Kerry Washington, January 31; Shakira, February 2; Elizabeth Banks, February 10; Jennifer Aniston, February 11; Christina Ricci, February 12; Kelly Rowland, February 11; Amal Alamuddin, February 3; Alicia Keys, January 25; Amy Tan, February 19; Diane Lane, January 22; Edith Wharton, January 24; Elizabeth Olsen, February 16; Etta James, January 25; Paris Hilton, February 17; Park Geun-hye, February 2; Toni Morrison, February 18; Virginia Woolf, January 25

Happy Birthday month, Pisces! This will be a crucial month for your creativity if you’re willing to compromise and work hard, dear Pisces, and this will be the case for the next 6 months. It will be easier for you to find your voice or bolster your unique style, especially after the 5th. Mars moves into your midheaven on the 6th to make your career sparkle. Let your skin glow, too: EmerginC’s Deglazing Cleanser is ideal for washing away impurities each morning and evening — to leave your skin smooth but not oily, sand oft but not shiny, thanks to its pure and gentle ingredients;

Perfectly Piscean: Rihanna, February 20; Ellen Page, February 21; Drew Barrymore, February 22; Chelsea Handler, February 25; Rashida Jones, February 25; Carrie Underwood, March 10; Eva Longoria, March 15; Jessica Biel, March 3, Olivia Wilde, March 10; Charlotte Church, February 21; Dakota Fanning, February 23; Anais Nin, February 21; Bryce Dallas Howard, March 2; Diane Arbus, March 14; Elizabeth Taylor, February 27; Eva Mendes, March 5; Kat Von D, March 8; Laura Prepon, March 7; Queen Latifah, March 18; Emily Blunt, February 23.
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