Beautyscopes: March 2023

Spring is right on the horizon! Read along for the products to help you stay beautiful and get you through these final winter weeks!

Happiness is in store for you this month, Aries. As we head closer to spring you will find your mood and spirits lifting. Warmer weather and new adventures are on the horizon, take the time this month to let that excitement build!

Charlotte Tilbury is at it once again with another unforgettable product. Add a natural flush to your cheeks with the new Matte Beauty Blush Wands. These cream formula blushes provide a punch of color while drying down to a powdery matte finish. Not only are they easy to apply, but the formula also lasts all day, and one of the three shades is sure to complement every complexion!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Beauty Blush Wand | $42 | Sephora

When making big decisions this month, make sure to really think things through. While it’s easy to get caught in the excitement of new opportunities, sometimes making rash decisions doesn’t lead to the best outcomes. Lay out your options and discuss with friends, this doesn’t need to be a daunting task, make it fun!

Adding a new product into your skincare routine is no easy decision. For one, you never truly know how your skin may react to a new product and two, skincare is an investment in both time AND money. However, if you have been looking into the world of Retinol, we cannot recommend iNNBEAUTY PROJECT’S Retinol Remix enough. This 1% vegan retinol formula transformed our skin in one week without the harsh side effects often seen with retinol. In just one week our skin tone was more even, over time we expect to see the disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Another bonus to this product is the price. Retinol can get expensive and while $48 isn’t cheap it is on the lower end, especially for the amazing results it provides.

iNNBEAUTY PROJECT Retinol Remix 1% Retinol Treatment With Peptide & Tranexamic Acid | $48 | Sephora

This month is all about achieving your goals. Strive for success in your career by taking on tasks that you’re confident in completing. Don’t underestimate your abilities, there is so much you are capable of if you just believe in yourself.

Give your skin a bright and refreshed look with Ilia’s Bright Start Retinol Alternative Brightening Eye Cream. Brighten, smooth, hydrate and depuff the delicate undereye area with the plant based formula that acts like a retinol without the sensitivity and side effects.

Ilia Bright Start Retinol Alternative Brightening Eye Cream | $46 | Sephora

You’ll be feeling extra energized this month, especially within your personal life. Blame it on the longer days and slightly warmer temps. With spring just on the horizon, now is the time to get ahead of your spring cleaning. There’s nothing more refreshing and invigorating than kicking off a new season with a clean slate.

A great beauty day starts with clean and refreshed skin. Benefit Cosmetics new The POREfessional Good Cleanup Foaming Cleanser bubbles up into a nice lather that cleans deeply, and overtime shrinks pores. Good for all skin types, this cleanser is gentle enough for everyday use.

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Good Cleanup Foaming Cleanser | $29 | Sephora

Make some big changes in your life this month, Leo. Shake things up rather than settling into a routine. A tiny daily change can make all the difference in your mood, especially when we are almost through the final stretch of winter.

Life can be overwhelming at times and when you need a quick break turn to Chillhouse’s Steam Room Face and Body Mist. Take an instant mental vacation with just one spray. Green Tea, Vitamin E and other powerful ingredients provide a moisturizing and illuminating mist with energizing fragrance notes like coconut, cedarwood, citrus and chamomile.

Chillhouse Steam Room | $38 | Chillhouse

Believe in yourself wholeheartedly, Virgo. Trust that when you are making decisions that you are choosing what you know is best for yourself. Evaluate the people in your life as well, over time we change and so should your relationships.

Manifest your future with Freck Beauty’s Rich Bitch Protect + Prime Serum. The unique hybrid formula hugs skin and forms a breathable, protective moisture barrier. Create a blank canvas and prep skin for additional products or wear on its own for a boost of glowy hydration.

Freck Beauty Rich Bitch Protect + Prime Serum | $38 | Freck Beauty

Lend a listening ear to loved ones this month, Libra. Family and friends may rely on you for guidance. Sometimes the best thing you can offer is quiet support when others need it most. Your relationships will only grow stronger these next few weeks.

Hair often comes second to skincare and beauty, but your strands deserve just as much attention as your skin! Mielle’s Rosemary Mint Scalp + Hair Strengthening Oil has been the talk of TikTok and for good reason. This intensive formula penetrates deep into the hair follicles to smooth split ends while also nourishing the delicate skin of the scalp. Apply as needed for all your scalp and hair strengthening needs!

Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp + Hair Strengthening Oil | $9.99 | Mielle

Let your creativity flourish this month. Show those around you what you are capable of, your unique ideas are sure to inspire. When it comes to making decisions, go with your gut and know that you can handle anything that comes your way.

This will be a radiant month for you Scorpio, amplify it through your beauty looks with Caliray’s Hi! Light Radiant Glow Highlighter. Available in 2 universal and luminizing shades, this cream formula melts into skin for a natural sun-kissed glow. The formula’s clear base allows for a full color payoff with zero white cast, allowing you to build up the radiance from subtle to blinding.

Caliray Hi! Light Radiant Glow Highlighter | $30 | Sephora

This month, investigate the issues that are weighing on your family. Sometimes when a small issue is left unresolved it grows into something much more complicated. Don’t let little things get in the way of the love you have for one another.

Just like in life, ignoring some skincare issues can lead to larger problems. Current State’s Retinol + Marula Renewing Serum can help to combat some of those common skincare issues. Rewind time with this gentle formula that helps to reverse signs of aging while brightening and evening skin tone. Don’t let dull and tired skin hold you back, add some radiance back into your complexion!

Current State Retinol + Marula Renewing Serum | $22 | Current State

Lead others this month by using your strong communication skills. Not only do people look to you for advice but they also rely on your fun and carefree attitude to make everyday tasks enjoyable. There will be demanding projects that push you this month but go into March with the knowledge and confidence that you can handle anything.

When it comes to skincare, having full faith in the products you use is a must. If you’re looking for a glowier and more even skin tone then look no further than Hyper Skin’s Even Fade and Glow AHA Mask. Apply a dime-sized amount a few times a week after cleansing. The potent formula works to rejuvenate tired/dull skin while also combating breakouts for a clearer overall complexion.

Hyper Skin Even Fade and Glow AHA Mask | $48 | Hyper Skin

These past few weeks you have dug deep and learned so much about yourself. Take those learnings and knowledge to build a strong foundation for your goals. You have so much you want to achieve in the coming months and a newly discovered mindset to kick them off in a powerful way.

Kilian Paris’s Can’t Stop Loving You Eau de Parfum is a perfect aroma to add into your life this month. Warm florals paired with orange blossom and vanilla envelop you in a cloud of self love. Alluring and sensual, this scent will evoke a sense of decadence to those around you.

Kilian Can’t Stop Loving You Eau de Parfum | $275 | Sephora

You will be rewarded generously this month, Pisces. Others will take notice of all that you’ve been able to accomplish. Not only will you be given the recognition you deserve but you will become a role model and leader to those less experienced. Enjoy the fruits of your success and share with those who are ready to learn.

Cleansing skin should never strip you of natural oils and moisture. Tata Harper’s Superkind Refining Cleanser provides a gentle exfoliation that is safe for even those most sensitive and reactive skin. This pillow plush formula lathers nicely to cleanse away dirt and grime while leaving natural oils alone and provides a healthy post-facial glow.

Tata Harper Superkind Refining Cleanser | $88 | Tata Harper