Beautyscopes-May 2004


Romance is back in style for Aries this April. The mood will be set for some passionate playtime, so get ready to let your bedroom eyes give some lustful looks and gutsy glances. To help accentuate your fiery features, take a tip from MAC ChromeZone Eyeshadow Quads ( This fabulous palette of four shades provides fresh colors that highlight and contrast in such a complimentary manner that the impact is devastatingly dramatic and highly desirable all at once.

Taurus will get a mountain of money issues out of the way this month, and that will leave you feeling very rich indeed. With your income in excess, this would be the perfect time to indulge in a little extra enjoyment---like perhaps purchasing the limited-edition Chanel Joues Contraste Duo ( This highlighter and blush are a two-for-one combination that provides your complexion with a beautiful boost. The lighter shade contours and illuminates, while the copper-pink provides a touch of spicy, sensual color.

It's a good thing that Gemini is the sign of twins, because this April you have so much socializing to do that you'll need a doppelganger to get it all done. Making contacts will be a breeze, and this is the best time for you to be in the spotlight for success. Double the fun can be had for eyes as well - with Nars Duo Eye Shadow ( Personally coordinated by Francois Nars, this product offers two beautiful Nars shades that can help you create a stunning look for all your upcoming adventures!

This month is a super time to call in any favors owed to you, Cancer. Redeem your good karma coupons for whatever ails you because people will be lining up to assist you in any endeavor you undertake. And speaking of getting things in line, you may want to try the same thing for your lashes - with a little help from Estee Lauder's Magnascopic Mascara ( It provides maximum volume, precision, color, and moisture to ensure luxuriously long and lovely lashes that won't flake, clump, or smudge.

This month is the time to start focusing on your future, Leo. Map out your goals and develop some new strategies to achieve them. The outlook is a prosperous one. And keeping your eyes peeled on the road ahead can be done in style with Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow ( It's a sheer powder lightly pearlized so that lids will appear in full illumination. Shades include Snow for Bobbi's bridal look and Petal, the hue in bloom for spring.

Virgos are in for a constructive career boost at long last this April. They will finally be headed in a direction that will bring them where they have worked so hard to be. Reaping the benefits is bound to be brilliant. To make a clean break from past disappointments will be a breeze, and it can also be achieved for the eyes and lips with Paula Dorf's Sweep Away Clean Up Stick ( The instant color corrector magically removes any unwanted color from these areas with ease.

Confidence is at an all-time high for Libras this month; so many eyes may be moving in your direction. When you feel good, you just radiate something special - inside and out! And if you want your appearance to be even more appetizing, try the goodness of BeneFit's Georgia Peach Powder ( It offers a delicious scent to savor, and can be lightly dusted on the skin to deliver a warm and vibrant complexion that will make you the sweeter than the sweetest Southern belle for sure!

Scorpios need to get their finances in order this April. The sweet smell of monetary success may be missed if they don't. To keep the olfactory instincts in top form, try a touch of Sisley's Eau du Soir de Parfum Sprays ( The refined,s elegant, and timeless scent was created by Hubert and Isabelle d'Ornano. It balances notes of citrus and sensuous floral chypre with deeper notes of amber and musk. The stopper is a work of art itself---designed by Bronislaw Krzysztof and plated with 18-karat yellow gold.

It's time for show and tell this month Sagittarius. Let the ones you love know how much you care for them. It will mean a lot for them to know of your affections, and this feeling will be returned in spades later on when you need it most. And speaking of wrapping your love around the world, don't forget to engage in some self love as well. The Olive Leaf offers the perfect way to pamper you with the Caribbean Body Wrap ( This treatment includes a full body exfoliation, a mud application, aromatic steam towels, and a scalp & foot massage. Now that's what I'd consider some serious TLC.

This April it's time to strike a more delicate balance between domestic and professional partnerships, Capricorn. Don't let one aspect of your life take up more time than the other. Speak softly but firmly to make sure you don't feel suffocated by either side you spend time with. All this conversing may make your lips slightly lackluster, so keep them in line as well with a little help from Barielle's new Lip Butter ( It's enriched with vitamin E and rosemary, which keep your pout perfectly sleek and smooth.

Aquarius should get ready for an age of enlightenment as this month is the perfect time to pursue the power of intellectual pursuits. There is much to be gained from this indulgence to get involved in everything your mind can manage. To keep the other aspect of your head in check---your hair---check out Oscar Blandi's Jasmine Oil Hair Serum ( It instantly banishes frizz and provides long-lasting shine to even the surliest of strands with the help of ingredients like jasmine essence and vitamin E.

Take some time to reenergize yourself, Pisces, for this April you may be launching some new projects---and you'll need all strength you can muster. Being in tip-top shape from head to toe is key. Moisturization is major factor to take into account here, and Creme de la Mer ( can certainly do the trick. Its ingredients include sea kelp, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, as well as oils of citrus, eucalyptus, and sunflower, that combined make skin softer, firmer, and virtually creaseless.
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