Beautyscopes-May 2006


Since this month’s special issue is all about being bridal, we thought the Beautyscopes should play a special part in the ceremony. So we’re spinning our favorite wedding songs with predictions and products that will help attendees to our big event (that’s you, dear readers) shine in the spotlight. We’ve got you covered head to toe, so there’s no wedding planner needed (beauty-wise anyway). All that’s required is an open heart and some excellent hearing. So get set to groove celestial, Beautyscopes-style!

"Let's Stay Together" is a classic love song by the incomparable Reverend Al Green. I's also a great motto to help keep your closest relationships intact this month, Aries. And a product that proves staying close can be pretty cool, and very beneficial beauty-wise, is Dior's Beauty Confidential ( Inspired by its Mail Jewel Collection, this mirrored compact is a silver-toned, envelope-inspired combination of a golden peach sun powder (with brush) and a pink shimmer extreme shine lipgloss that provides a radiant appearance bound to make any bride look blushing."

"At Last" by the ever-elegant Etta James is one of the all-time favorite love songs for those headed down the aisle. I's also a great way to describe what will happen for you in May, Taurus. A resolution on something you have been seeking is finally at hand. And speaking of finding what you're looking for, if you've been on the hunt for a fabulous fragrance for your special day, get ready to get wowed by VOW 2006 Eau de Parfum ( This romantic and sensual scent was developed to evoke an olfactory remembrance of all the magic and wonder of your wedding. I's made up of sparkling citrus notes including orange blossom, grapefruit and Sicilian lemon; a vivacious bouquet of freesias, night-blooming jasmine and Champagne rose petals; as well as East Indian sandalwood and amber."

No wedding day would be complete without a little something from Old Blue Eyes. Our favorite Frank Sinatra song? "The Way You Look Tonight." And it's not just because it makes us swoon every time we hear him sing it, but i's also because it aptly describes wha's in store for Gemini this month. You're going look good and feel great, and tha's simply fabulous. So the product we think you'll prefer is Becca's Luminous Skin Colour ( I's a super sheer, water-based moisturizing foundation that enhances the beauty of your natural appearance by visibly improving your complexion. It also shields skin against 96% of UVA and UVB rays and has a SPF of 20+."

Van Morrison's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" is the dream theme for romantics of all ages. I's also very apropos for Cancer this May since amore is in the air and headed your way. While you're on the lookout for love, here's one product suggestion we definitely think you'll be falling for: Erno Laszlo's Highlights & Two Lips Sets ( This three-piece cosmetic compilation is designed to give you the lips everyone lusts for and includes the TranspHuse Lip pHixative, MultipHase Highlighter, and the Makeup Brush, which combine to give you everything you need for a fuller, plumper, more passionate-looking pout."

Peter Gabriel's classic 80's love anthem "In Your Eyes" is a song we hold near and dear to our hearts. I's also a good metaphor for you this month, Leo. Keep your eyes open when it comes to new relationships (personal and professional), so you don't miss any of the good'€and you can try to avoid wha's bad. And to make sure those precious peepers are prepared, try Estée Lauder's Perfectionist Powder Correcting Patch for Deeper Eye Lines/Wrinkles ( This product is sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus and offers eyes an age release as fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and replaced by a smoother, years-younger look that works on demand and continuously all day, every day, with each use."

"Wonderful Tonight" is a beautiful power ballad from of all people'€guitar great Eric Clapton. His delicate description of his lady is what every woman wants to hear. Speaking of which, people will be singing your praises this May, Virgo, though perhaps with a little less passion. You'll be held in high regard, appreciated, and maybe even recognized and rewarded for all you do. So treat yourself to something extra special. Perhaps Chanel Sheer Brilliance ( This weightless liquid immediately brightens skin and evens out its tone to give you a luminous and healthy look. Its ingredients include botanical extracts that soften, smooth, hydrate, and moisturize."

"It Had To Be You" by Harry Connick, Jr. always makes us think of the movie 'When Harry Met Sally,' and the fact that sometimes maybe love can conquer all. Which brings us to you, dear Libra. This month you may be moving mountains of your own, at work and at play. The product tha's perfect for you? Crest Whitening Plus Scope Extreme Toothpaste ( It takes the term 'double duty' to a refreshing new level. It comes in two terrific flavors, Mint Explosion and Cinnamon Ice, and both products do an amazing job of making your teeth pearly white while providing you with super fresh breath that makes smiling hard to resist. Speaking of being irresistible, be sure to check out the Chrest site soon. It has an Irresistibility I.Q. Quiz tha's so much fun to do."

"One" by U2 was recently voted the number-one lyric in the UK. It also happens to be a heck of a romantic ditty for all of humanity. This song is great for inspiring togetherness on your 'special day,' and right now for Scorpio that sentiment of unite and conquer will run strong all May long. A good product that signifies a combination of fabulous forces? Nars Multiple Orgasm Set ( This limited-edition product pairs Nars Orgasm Blush (a flattering peachy-pink hue with subtle shimmer) and its succulent successor Orgasm Lip Gloss within a lavish, custom-designed box tha's embossed with the signature Nars logo.

"You Are The Sunshine of My Life" by Stevie Wonder definitely needs no description when it comes to love songs. And this month, i's the perfect way to describe wha's happening for Sagittarius. At last you will start to find the meaning of your life's purpose, and once you head down the road to achieving it, you will shine brightly like never before. With that thought in mind, here's a great product suggestion to help get you on your way: Bobbi Brown's Beach Shimmer Body Glow ( This moisturizing body lotion, which includes a nourishing blend of ingredients such as shea butter and essentials oils, makes skin soft and shimmery while also giving off the light scent of Bobbi Brown's Beach fragrance.

"I Love You Just the Way You Are" is classic love song from piano man Billy Joel. I's also part of our advice to you this May, Capricorn. Learn to love and accept yourself (and all your shortcomings), and then you find it easier to focus on getting the things you really want out of life. Be proud of who you are. One product that can help in this area (for those who are a bit too rosy in the cheek, so to speak) is Lorac's Redness Reducer ( This is a color-correcting camouflage crème that can be applied all over the face (like a foundation) or dotted on (like a concealer) to immediately diminish patches of redness, dark under-eye circles, and pigmentation spots."

No list of love songs would be complete without a little Barry White. Here we've chosen "My First, My Last, My Everything'" because it fits nicely into your forecast this month, Aquarius. One person, whether it is a friend or family member, will be the center of your universe for a bit. But don't worry, time spent with this person will turn out to be a very good thing. In product to peruse, there's some really good news as well: Givenchy is offering an exclusive makeup palette available only at Saks Fifth Avenue ( I's a portable, mirrored compact that contains lavish color for eyes, face, and lips. It includes three Lip! Lip! Lip! Lipstick Shades, six Shadow Show Eyeshadow Shades, Parad'Eyes Mascara in Dream in Black, Blush in Star Diamond 02, a pressed powder and a powder brush and eyeshadow applicator."

The best way to finish off a big event? How about with Michael Bubl's wildly popular "Save the Last Dance for Me?" I's a great song to swing to and it definitely describes what Pisces is in for this May. An opportunity that you thought was lost is coming back around, so if you really want it now is the time to grab hold. By the way, something else you'll want to get your hands on is Laura Mercier's Spring Look: Sheer Madness ( This collection of makeup favorites includes Basic Colour in Basic Pink, Eye Colour in Cashmere and Guava, Eye Pencil in Brown Copper, Mascara in Black, Créme Cheek Colour in Blaze, and Pink Mosaic Shimmer Bloc, as well as some new items such as Lip Sheer Pencil in Spice and Stick Gloss in Patchouli."
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