Beautyscopes: May 2018

May flowers are finally blooming and the warmer days are finally here! This month is sure to be an exciting one filled with new adventures and new beauty must haves!

Aries, May is going to bring you a lot of stress relief. For the past couple of months, you have been going, going, going. This month a lot of your hard work will reach a turning point. You will finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With summer just around the corner you are going to see your social life begin to pick up. Make sure you make time for friends and family no matter how busy your schedule gets.

Long days and warmer weather can take a toll on your makeup. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place makeup is the ultimate warm weather foundation. This full-coverage formula stays put even through your longest and hottest days. The formula blends seamlessly into skin and leaves you with a perfectly natural complexion. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation works hard to keep you looking perfect, giving you one less thing to worry about as your busy days roll into social nights!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup | $42 | Sephora, Macy’s, Estee Lauder

Your creativity will flourish this month leaving you filled with passion and inspiration. May will kick off a social season for you, Taurus. All the new creativity flowing through you will give you a sense of spontaneity. There is no better time to pick up that hobby you’ve been meaning to try.

With the world blooming into late spring, creativity and wonder can be found in a plethora of places. Sometimes a walk in the park is all it takes to center your mind and bring you peace. If getting outdoors just won’t fit in your schedule then bring the outdoors inside with one of Jo Malone London’s new scents, Sakura Cherry Blossom. Notes of bergamot, cherry blossom and rosewood create an all-around sparkling floral scent that lingers for hours after its initial spray.

Jo Malone London Sakura Cherry Blossom | $140 | Jo Malone London, Sephora

Gemini, this month will be supercharged and full of new adventures. You will find a lot of rewards in your hard work and determination. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Those who have ever doubted you will be sitting back in awe as you conquer and dominate all that you’ve set out to achieve. Getting up and out the door every morning can seem like such a task. Clinique’s Pep Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser is meant to give you a zap of refreshing energy and makes waking up that much easier. The papaya extract and ultra-fine bamboo scrub removes dead skin and evens out texture while washing away impurities and prepping skin for makeup. With a month as exciting as this one you are going to want to ensure that you are putting your best face forward!

Clinique Pep Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser | $19.50 | Sephora

This month, Cancer, you are going to feel the desire to make some changes in your life. Your career has been keeping you super busy and you may feel like you’ve neglected your family and friends. Take the time to redefine what you truly want and how you plan to get there.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit self-reflection to define your goals and find that fresh new start. While you work to find that fresh start in life, Honest Beauty’s Invisible Blurring Powder gives your skin the perfect fresh start to create any look that you want. May will bring you a lot of insight into what it is that you want and heading into the month with an open mind and fresh face will allow you to take on those changes with ease.

Honest Beauty Invisible Blurring Powder | $19.99-$28 | Honest Beauty, Target

Leo, May is going to be a time to reflect and find that fresh start. Keep an open mind and a smile on your face during these next few weeks. You may have been feeling a bit overwhelmed at work and left wondering if you’ll be able to accomplish all that you’ve set out to do. Don’t let those moments of doubt hinder your capabilities and determination.

With summer just around the corner, now is a good time to sit down and really reflect on the goals you are looking to accomplish and how you will do so. Taking a night off and just relaxing sounds so simple but in reality, it’s something we rarely do as humans. This month let LAFCO’s Duchess Peony scent send you into that state of relaxation. The large candle not only looks lovely sitting on your coffee table but it's springtime scent is so strong and enveloping, but in the most relaxing way possible. Take the scent with you with the matching hand cream, allowing you to find relaxation even when you’re on the go. Clearing your mind will allow you to really focus on all that is headed your way and prepare you to take on just about anything.

LAFCO Duchess Peony Candle | $65 | LAFCO, Saks Fifth Avenue
LAFCO Duchess Peony Hand Cream | $20-$32 | LAFCO

Virgo, May will bring you all kinds of new learning experiences. From your career to your personal life you will experience things that you haven’t experienced before. Keeping an open mind will allow you to absorb all this new information while giving you the power to use it towards achieving your personal goals.

When it comes to our skin we cater products around what works for us individually.

In a market where, anti-aging is all the rage and celebrities are sponsoring brand after brand, it can often be confusing choosing what’s best for you and the thought of changing things up can be terrifying. There is always going to be something new on the market and educating yourself on such things can actually help you out in the long run. Listen, we understand that aging is natural and that everyone gets older, but we also know there are ways to help fight the signs of aging that doesn’t include needles and a dermatologist. NEWA is an advanced anti-aging skincare device that is FDA cleared and dermatologist recommended for fighting wrinkles and other signs of aging. Simply apply the NEWA Gel to the device and allow the radio frequency, 3DEEP technology to send painless energy into the top three layers of skin, promoting collagen growth while reducing wrinkles. This month take the time to learn and incorporate new things into your daily routine. From your career to your skincare it’s never too late to learn something new!

NEWA Anti-Aging Device | $450 | NEWA, Amazon

Libra, getting back to the basics will be a good strategy for you during the month of May. As summer quickly approaches you are going to want to take the time, now, to reevaluate your goals and dreams. Asking for advice from family and friends will allow you to see your goals from a different and sometimes better perspective. Heading into the coming months with these new plans will be so beneficial to crushing your goals.

Getting back to basics is always a good idea, especially when it comes to your skincare. If you’ve ever taken a look at the ingredients in your makeup you’d know that most items are packed with chemicals and dyes that you’ve never heard of, while its okay to put these on your face, it’s sometimes nice knowing that there are all-natural brands out there too offering the same kinds of looks. bareMinerals, a brand known for their natural, good-for-skin loose-powdered products, has come out with a collection of highly pigmented pressed blushes. The Gen Nude Blushes come in an array of shades that complement every type of skin tone. The color is buildable while remaining natural - mimicking the natural flush of the cheeks. Heading back to the basics this month will give you a fresh start for the coming months and may even lead you on a new path that you haven’t even considered before!

bareMinerals Gen Nude Blush | $24 | Sephora, Ulta, Bare Minerals

Love is in the air for you this month, Scorpio. Whether it’s falling in love with a new hobby or meeting that special someone we can assure you that you’ll be feeling all the feels throughout May. Letting your guard down will introduce you to so many new opportunities, people and adventures. Stepping just a bit outside of your comfort zone will open so many doors. So, get out there and get to know something or someone fun, fascinating and new!

With a month as promising as yours, you are going to want to look your very best every day. With such a glowing few weeks ahead why not add a bit of that glow to your luscious locks. Dry Bar’s Sparkling Soda Shine Mist adds the most radiant, non-greasy, shine to your hair while also leaving behind a fresh and sparkling scent. Just spritz onto dry styled hair for a glow that screams “fresh out of the salon healthy”. This is going to be one big month for you, Scorpio, so it’s only appropriate that you embrace being extra and go all out, all month long!

Dry Bar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist | $13-$28 | Sephora, Ulta

This month may have you feeling a bit overwhelmed, Sagittarius. You’ll feel yourself being pulled in multiple directions and feeling confused about what decisions you should make. Seeking advice from friends and family will help you find answers in all the confusion. Keeping an open mind will also help you in the decision-making process.

Simplicity is key to finding to relief in an overwhelming life. Why we choose to complicate things will always be one of life’s biggest mysteries. Luckily, when it comes to applying your makeup, beautyblender makes it a breeze. Beauty Blenders have been around for quite some time now and have dominated the beauty applicator industry. Originally only available in hot pink the brand has expanded to a whole range of fun colors - our favorite is the tropical teal appropriately named, beautyblender Chill. Simply wet, squeeze and bounce your way to a flawless complexion. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves for no reason at all. May will be all about getting back to a simpler schedule and plan of action, we can promise that you’ll be so much happier in the end.

beautyblender Chill | $20 | beautyblender, Sephora, Ulta

Success is in the air, this month, for you, Capricorn. You will see so much of your hard work finally pay off. The people you have been working so hard to impress will finally notice and give you the recognition that you deserve. Make sure that while you bask in the glory of success that you don’t lose your sense of drive and determination.

As you finally reach the finish line to some of your goals you may notice the toll all the hard work has taken on your body. The long days that turned into long nights may have left you exhausted. The last thing you want to have happen is looking worn down and exhausted as you receive praise and recognition. Laura Mercier’s new Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer will become your new best friend. A few dabs of the formula on your dark circles will leave you looking refreshed and well rested. This month you’re going to want to look your absolute best as you finally achieve some of the goals that you have been working so hard to accomplish!

Laura Mercier Flawless Ultra Longwear Concealer | $28 | Sephora, Macy’s

May will be an eventful month for you, Aquarius. Your career will present new and exciting opportunities. Taking advantage of these opportunities is strongly encouraged. The warmer weather will bring friends out of hibernation and you’ll soon see a burst of energy in your social calendar that wasn’t there before. Embrace all this new action and enjoy the good times that are headed your way.

With a month as big and eventful as yours, you're going to want a makeup look to match. Lilly Lashes is a brand that has perfected the dramatic lash. They carry everything from individual faux-mink lashes to luxurious and voluminous full mink lashes. Every single pair delivers drama and glam while remaining comfortable and longwearing. Sometimes the most dramatic transformation can be achieved with the smallest change, simply applying these lashes will make your eyes pop and draw people in. Since your month is already rockin’, why wouldn’t you want to dress to theme?!

Lilly Lashes | $19.99-$49.99 | Lilly Lashes

Pisces, this month is all about taking control and doing what you love. Throughout the month you are going to be given the opportunity to take the lead, from projects at work or making plans with friends. You’ve been preparing for this moment to kick it up a notch and there has never been a more perfect time to show the world what you’re made of.

As you take control of your life make sure you focus on your personal health too. One of the biggest confidence boosters is a clear and glowing complexion. Peter Thomas Roth, a skincare powerhouse, recently launched a line packed with minerals from the natural Hungarian thermal waters. The Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer is what dreams are made of. The slightly gelous texture melts into skin and leaves you with plump and radiant skin. The natural minerals act as the fountain of youth and helps with dullness, uneven skin-tone and wrinkles. As you take control of your life let Peter Thomas Roth take control of keeping you clean, clear and confident!

Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral Rich Moisturizer | $58 | Sephora, Ulta
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