Beautyscopes: November 2006


November officially starts the holiday time of thanks and giving, and no one is taking this more to heart than Beauty News NYC. This month we’re celebrating and embracing the beautiful people. More star gazing, you groan? Hell no! I am talking about you, our loyal and luscious readers.

We’re giving a shout out this month to our supporters by giving you something special in return, a roundup of remarkable rewards that you can indulge in for 30 full days. We predict our offerings are some of the best booty you’ll be seeing this season (aside from a big Christmas bonus).

The greatest part about this grand gathering of gifts? Whether you’re a Capricorn or Aries, you can take advantage of any or all of these special deals and services associated with each astrological sign without having to shake any boxes. Just remember that if you are making an online purchase, you need to enter in the promo code. And if you are making an onsite visit to one of the places listed here, be sure to mention the promotion when you book an appointment and bring in a printed copy of the offer. So just sit back, relax and see what goodies lie among the stars…

As the song goes, Aries: Make new friends but keep the old. This November will be a time for meaningful reunions, whether in person, on the phone or by post. You'll finally reconnect with your favorite long-lost companions. Want to initiate that connection through a heartfelt endeavor? Perfect timing! Dempsey & Carroll is offering our readers 15% off of all online purchases from now until THE END OF DECEMBER. That\'s right, order those holiday cards-pronto! With exquisite collections (think Crane's - but for your generation) ranging from floral, animals, sports, whimsical, hand bordered, note sheets, seasonal/holiday selections and invitations & announcements; the sky's the limit on stylish correspondence with your bosom buddies at home and abroad. Just make sure to use the promotional code BNTO6. When placing your order! Speaking of far-away places, for more information on sending things somewhere special (like yourself!), be sure to log on every month to BN's Travel section.

A female family member will need your assistance this month, Taurus, and fortune will favor both of you in whatever adventure you undertake. Want a good way to celebrate this new collaboration? Head out for a night on the town to see the off-Broadway musical revue "Her Song." This celebration of the work from such master song greats as Billie Holliday, Carole King, Peggy Lee, and more, is a dazzling evening of music that you, dear readers, can enjoy 2 for 1 with this special promotion. Just bring a printed copy of this offer to the event venue Birdland (the best place for jazz in NYC, located at 315 West 44th Street) on the night of the performance. To order tickets call the reservation line as quick as you can at 212-581-3080 (make sure you mention the promotion!). For additional info, log on to And for more insight every month on what women we love want (in this case I'm talking about our moms!), head over to BN's Metro Mama section.

Watch what you eat this November, Gemini. Now is the optimal time to look and feel your best, so try not to spoil your sexy silhouette. One great way to work what you've already got is to take good care of the "twins" (especially since you're born under a sign that sees double). It's a synch with this special offer of a free $75 bra fitting from Bra*Tenders. With over 30 years in the business, Bra*Tenders offers women and men's undergarments as well as hosiery and specialty items for people of all shapes and sizes from AA to L. So don't be one of the 80% of women out there who are wearing ill-fitting bras. Instead, you can keep yourself perky and protected in comfort with an item that's tailored to fabulously fit your form. Just book an appointment (a must!) and mention this BEAUTYNEWS promotion at the time of the booking. And for more info on how to stay fit and feeling good each month, log on to BN's Health and Fitness section

These are the good times this month, Cancer. Fun at both work and play will be so wonderful right now that you'll want to pump up the volume on social appearances. Though we don't have a promotion that can increase the elements of sound, we can offer you something pretty close in terms of a luxurious look for your lips (metaphorically speaking, anyway). Because with Freeze 24"¢7‘s Plump-Pak, if you want to have your pout pillowy in time for mistletoe kissing there's no longer a need for needles. Instead you can create four ways to enhance your lips while enjoying the first hydrating plumper that features a wash of color. This fab foursome features mini sizes of best-selling shades FrostBitten and ArcticGlaze, Ice (the original clear PlumpLips), and, exclusively for holiday, the shimmery crimson CherryIce. Be one of the first 50 people to log on to the Freeze 24 website, and you\'ll receive this lip-perfecting present for free when you enter in the code BN06. For other options on how to stay in tune and in touch with your generation (or the next), log on to BN's City Pulse every Tuesday and Thursday to get the rundown about everything in town.

You've got a busy social schedule this November, Leo, so get psyched and get ready! Because you'll want to look your most lovely for every engagement you'll have going. A bad hair day isn't an option. A guaranteed way to make sure your strands are shining in the spotlight? Take a trip over to Hiro Haraguchi's swanky new salon nestled in the G Spa, located in the Hotel Gansevoort (212-660-6733). This is the master stylist's second location in the city. His unique approach to hair unites Far East training and philosophy with Western styles, which makes his tress creations internationally chic and ones to savor. (Side note: Vera Wang has been one of Hiro's longtime clients, and we all know that woman knows a little something about style!) With this special offer of 15% off all services, a visit to Hiro's hot hair haven will make your wallet feel wonderful too. Be sure to mention the BEAUTY NEWS promotion when booking your appointment. For more information on this stellar strand spot and stylist, as well as other items that make the grade in mane maintenance every month, check out the BN's Hair section.

Get ready to be spontaneous this month, Virgo. Though it's in your nature to be practical and proud of it, some situations beyond your control will put a wrench in your plans. But no worries, in the end what occurs will be for your benefit. To help you stay grounded and calm, however, Juara Skincare is offering our readers a 10% discount on their products this month. Their items fuse ancient Indonesian skincare treatments with modern science to help maintain skin's wellness while soothing it so significantly that it feels elegant, luxurious and sensual to the touch. The line includes skin specialties for face and body, such as a tamarind tea hydrating toner and candlenut body crème (among others). An added bonus? These items smell divine. To purchase, simply use the product code 98229 when ordering online. Only exclusion: Does not apply to travel sizes. And if you're searching for sensational scents that are sexy, soothing and inspiring each month, be sure to log on to BN's Fragrance section.

Expect a lot of bonding with your buddies this November, Libra. Quality time is on their minds. It could be because it's the holiday season or maybe they just miss you, but who cares? As long as you hold any meaningful conversations somewhere relaxed, there's no way you'll feel any stress or strain by what anyone has to say. A good way to make sure of this (in a way that will put you at ease) would be to head down to the east village (18 Avenue B) and raise your glasses up at High Chai. This tasty tea spot that features savory selections is offering our readers a complimentary infused vodka tasting (three shots to sample) that's sure to put you in a grand mood and make you feel like a man for all seasons. And for more ideas on the best bets for boys every month, head over to BN's Male Perspective.

Like a caterpillar emerging as a butterfly from its cocoon, this November birthday sign Scorpio makes strides in all aspects of life with some enlightenment that comes from a unique experience. Be on the lookout and be prepared. This means you'll need to have your psychic house in order. Lucky for you, one of our illuminating promotions this month is 20% off all orders from the ravishing line of jewelry known as ROCKRAS. These "rocks for your charkas" are highly desirable, healing property gemstones designed to align the seven transformative energy centers of your body (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown) as well as your soul. An added aspect of good karma is the fact that these creations are also in sync with your impeccable sense of style. Whoever thought reaching nirvana through accessories could be so easy? So get online and get the goods. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. And for other information on earthy elements that can enhance your life while doing good each month, log on to BN's Natural Living section.

Put your best face forward this November, Sagittarius, because romance is headed your way. It's time to do some preening to prepare for all those intimate encounters. To get ready for some fabulous face time, we suggest a bit of brow shaping or some professional makeup application services. In order to help you in this endeavor, RAMYSPA is offering BN subscribers a free makeover with any brow grooming purchase (priced at $65 with the brow master himself or $60 with one of his staff). Located at 39 East 31Street, RAMYSPA is one place you'll find peace within the mayhem of midtown that also creates lavish looks you'll love. Be sure to make an appointment at the spa (212-684-9500) and when you do, mention that you're booking the BeautyNews beautyscopes special. For the 411 on Ramy and other spa selections to savor every month, be sure to head over to BN's Spa section.

Relationships will evolve this month, Capricorn, professionally and personally. The outcome will be amazing, but in the interim you may feel a little stressed. To make sure your skin doesn't suffer, we suggest booking a session with skin specialists Therapy Systems. Not just because they have so many super selections to ensure your epidermis stays regal and radiant, but also because they're launching a new makeup line and offering you a 20% discount on all orders when you use the promotion code BEAUTYNEWS. Therapy Systems Color features two terrific cosmetic collections, Contemporary and Runway. Contemporary is a permanent group of good-skin goodies that includes mineral foundation, mascara, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, lip plumper and cream gel liner. Runway hits the catwalk with sophisticated shadows, all-over face color, bronzers, eye glazes, wet/dry liners and lipsticks. The big finale? Most products contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. To check out past articles on Therapy Systems and get other insider insight to great skin every month, sync up to BN's Skin Care section.

Keep your eyes on the prize this November, Aquarius. A goal you've been yearning to achieve for some time is finally coming to fruition. To help you maintain focus as you head to the finish line, Dashing Diva Salon is offering you luxurious long lashes to help you go the distance. Their newly launched professional eyelash extensions are part of a promotion that provides $50 off $350 for 50 lashes per eye. This service, only available at Dashing Diva Downtown (41 East 8th Street), is performed by certified Xtremelashes trainer Cheri exclusively for the salon. Since you've only 30 days to enhance your gaze, we advise calling the store for an appointment asap (212-673-9000). Make sure to mention the BEAUTYNEWS promotion when you book your appointment. To be privy to more eye-catching makeup tips, tricks, products and services every month, point, click and link to BN's Beauty section.

Seeking some peace and civilized conversation this month, Pisces? With all of the holiday hustle and bustle, with family and friends rattling about, it's no wonder you need some solace. Here's a suggestion (wrapped in a delicious deal to boot): Take a quick trip down to the east village (18 Avenue B) and elevate your afternoon or evening with some quality time at High Chai. This tasty tea spot that features savory selections of Russian tea and dynamic desserts is offering our readers a complimentary tea tasting (which works well as a heavenly elixir with their dynamic desserts) just print out a copy of this offer and bring it with you. It's an elegant way to indulge in good spirits and conversation this season that will elicit a lot of joy for all involved. And we all know it's high time indeed for some holiday enjoyment. For more ideas on enhancing your life experiences every month, head over to BN's How To section.
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