Beautyscopes: November, 2021

Happy Scorpio Season Beauties! The holiday season is upon us and with it comes an array of new and exciting products to kick off all your glam holiday looks!

This month is all about smooth sailing and good health. As we head into the final stretch of the year, this is a great time for you to tie up any loose ends and map out how you plan to end the year on a high note!

Much like your health your hair can work together one day and be under the weather the next. Matrix’s Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray benefits hair in over 20 different ways from preventing breakage to adding shine and boosting moisture. Simply apply to towel-dried hair and style as usual. Stay on top of your health and you’ll have a healthy, knot-free November!

Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray | $28 | Ulta


Your career is sure to flourish this month, Taurus. Look for ways to learn something new this month, look for opportunities at work to broaden your education. Not only will this strengthen your mind, but your confidence in your abilities as well!

Broaden your nailcare knowledge and give Dazzle Dry a shot. Give yourself a long-lasting, chip free manicure at home in 4 simple steps. Using their patented system and products you’ll achieve gel/shellac quality shine and longevity with less harmful ingredients and no need for a light to cure! We’ve put Dazzle Dry to the test and can honestly say it lasts just as long as a gel. We love that it is easily removable like regular polish and comes in a wide array of beautiful shades!

Dazzle Dry System + Lacquer | $35-$77 | Dazzle Dry


This month is all about caring for your physical and mental health. The end of the year can be a stressful time for some, find ways to keep ahead of your responsibilities so that things don’t start to pile up.

Put your feet up this month and rejuvenate your skin with a sheet mask from LAPCOS. The Version 2 Variety pack has a mask for every skin concern and will provide you with a brighter and clearer complexion in just 7 days! Give your skin the boost it so desperately needs as we head into the gloomy days of winter.

LAPCOS Variety Pack 2 | $26 | Revolve


Speak up this month, Cancer. Now is your time to make sure you’re heard. Whether it’s in your relationship or your career, your voice matters. Think of what you want and map out a discussion that is impossible to turn down. All your hard work and perseverance over the past couple of months is finally going to pay off!

Let your lips be heard AND seen with Too Faced’s new Lady Bold Cream Lipstick collection. Available in 12 empowering shades, the ultra-creamy formula glides on with a pigmented punch. The long-wearing shades provide impact and instill confidence in you as you OWN this month, Cancer.

Too Faced Lady Bold Cream Lipstick | $24 | Ulta


With Thanksgiving on the horizon, you will be spending a lot of extra time with family. As a natural-born leader, be prepared to be the mediator as old family dramas resurface. Use your compassionate personality to listen to the complaints and then offer an unbiased solution that will appease both sides of the arguments.

Keep your makeup looking flawless and smooth with Miss Swiss’s Marshmallow Sponges. Tap and blend sponges to keep cosmetics free from separation or splotchiness. The perfectly cute bulbous sponges double in size when wet and their ultra-soft finish provides an airbrushed finish that lasts all day long.

Miss Swiss Marshmallow Sponge | $24 | Miss Swiss


This month is a positive one for you in terms of relationships. With all the extra time you’ll be spending with loved ones, you’ll soon find that their hobbies become your hobbies and vice versa.

Every year around this time Jo Malone London releases limited edition scents that embrace the spirit of the season. The new White Moss and Snowdrop Cologne is a dimensional one that embraces delicate winter florals with earthy moss for a scent that capture nature on a snowy winter day. Layer with other Jo Malone London scents to create even more dimension or wear alone and let this unique scent shine.

Jo Malone London White Moss and Snowdrop Cologne | $150 | Sephora


This month put yourself and your happiness first. Attending to your needs will not only benefit you but it will also bring up the people around you. How you feel about yourself fuels your social circles, if you’re happy then others will be encouraged to find happiness as well.

Add a little bit of shimmer to your looks this month with CHANEL’s new Fluide Enlumineur. This delicate face highlighter illuminates skin to create a natural yet radiant glow. Mix with foundation to add a muted glow or apply as a highlighter for full gleam. It’s versatile formulation can be applied to cheeks, the brow bone and shoulders, allowing you to fully customize your luminosity.

CHANEL Fluide Enlumineur | $48 | CHANEL


The ball is in your court this month, Scorpio. You have the power to manifest the life you want. When it comes to making decisions this month, go with what will bring you the most happiness in the long run. It’s easy to put friends and family first, but now that it’s Scorpio season, you should be front and center.

Set it and forget it this month with the Set For Perfection Translucent Loose Setting Powder & Puff Set from Laura Mercier. You won’t have time to worry about your makeup lasting throughout the day because you’re going to be so busy living your best life. This cult favorite setting powder and puff will flawlessly mattify and set your makeup to last until you’re ready to take it off!

Laura Mercier Set For Perfection Translucent Loose Setting Powder & Puff Set | $39 | Sephora


Have fun this month, but not too much fun. Overindulging can lead to some less than satisfactory results. Learn to control your impulses and stick to your limits. Find ways to celebrate the holidays in a way that’s memorable and fun but doesn’t wipe you out completely.

Listen, overindulging happens so stay ahead of the consequences with the 8Greens Skin Gummies. These hyaluronic acid, biotin and collagen infused gummies provide the proper amount of daily nutrients that your body needs. They also provide a healthy boost to your complexion and help to strengthen your hair and nails as well!

8Greens Skin Gummies | $24 | Sephora


Stay true to yourself this month, Capricorn. It’s easy to get distracted or swayed by outside sources but remember that no one knows you better than yourself. It’s okay to be open to hearing other opinions and recommendations but never feel obligated to do something just because someone says to.
At this point in your life multi-tasking has become second nature. Your ability to juggle all that life throws at you is one of the qualities that makes you so great, Capricorn. Finding products that live up to your standards can sometimes be hard, however the LOLAVIE Perfecting Leave-In Conditioner is one we think you’ll love. Created by Jennifer Anniston, this vegan and cruelty free formula repairs strands, fights frizz and smooths hair without adding build-up or weighing it down.

LOLAVIE Perfecting Leave-In | $29 | LOLAVIE


Spend your holidays someplace new and exciting, Aquarius. After almost two years of hardly traveling, the bug will hit you hard. Your finances are looking good and will allow for some foreign indulgences. Go somewhere on your bucket list and soak up every minute of your time!

Time and time again, Pat McGrath knows how to make a statement with her shadow palettes. MTHRSHP MEGA: CELESTIAL ODYSSEY Eyeshadow Palette transports us to a colorful world filled with 18 super pigmented shades in FIVE different finishes; sateen shimmer, 24K duo-chrome sparkle, foiled metallic, velvet matte and iridescent sparkle. There isn’t a holiday glam look that this palette can’t handle and honestly there isn’t a look PERIOD that this palette wasn’t made to create.

MTHRSHP MEGA: CELESTIAL ODYSSEY Eyeshadow Palette | $78 | Sephora


What started out fun and casual will become much more serious this month, Pisces. Whether it’s a relationship or hobby, that thing you’ve been dabbling with will become less occasional and more constant. This change is good and will bring with it all sorts of new memories and opportunities!

Keep lips looking kissable this month with Huda Beauty’s Silk Balm Rose Quartz Illuminating Lip Balm. This light as a feather formula glides onto lips, deeply nourishes and dazzles with an iridescent finish. Perfect to wear alone or as a topper, this balm will surely be the one you grab for often.

Huda Beauty Silk Balm Rose Quartz Illuminating Lip Balm | $21 | Sephora