Beautyscopes – October 2003

Love and affection take on a sensual side in October for Aries. Intimate relationships are at the center of what you crave, which makes for more time with less on. This calls for special treatment to your silhouette and DDF Strawberry Almond Body Polish can work wonders. The strawberry scrub purports fine polyethylene beads and natural almond meal to remove excess dead cells and provide the skin with a silky smooth texture tasty to the touch.

Partnerships of all sorts are the sanctuaries Taurus is seeking this month. Whether extending hands or locking lips, doing things in double is where you're divine. And if the latter choice is where it's at, LORAC can provide the perfect plump to your pout for puckering up with their lavish Lip Polish. The high-shine solution moisturizes and conditions while offering long-lasting wear and a bounty of beautiful colors to choose from.

Make ample time to see your friends in October, Gemini, because that's where adventurous journeys will be initiated. Who knows what will be in store when you and your buddies break the mold and try something new. Will it make you blush---or scare you silly? If it's a fear factory you face, don't let a poltergeist make you pale. Fake a calming color for your cheeks and look chic at the same time. With Bobbi Brown's Cream Blush Stick, a fresh and dewy look are feasible for any skin tone, which can make any woman feel fearless for sure.

Striking out on your own and declaring your independence is currently in the cards for Cancer, and a role model of strength is what you should be seeking. Nothing screams more modern-day masculinity---in a lady-like way---than the femme fatale. And the one way to make sure you stay as strong as a man but still a sensual woman? It's all in the undergarments, baby. If you've got the lingerie to stay lovely, make sure to keep'em that way. Femme Fatale's Sweet Knickers (Note: this product is currently unavailable) are gorgeous scented draw satchels that can keep your intimates quite enticing.

Watch your finances this month, Leo. Don't display a lion's pride with your purchases unless they are based in practical realities. Chipping away at your nest egg will only make it rotten for the future. One thing that doesn't have to divide or be conquered any longer is your nails. Jessica Cosmetics' Endurance Shatterproof Basecoat with Diamonds makes them mega strong and prevents breakage. The perfection is priceless and makes managing nail maintenance with shine so simple.

Virgos needs to get out of your orderly rut and try something new. Ironically, in the long run, this will help you gain more stability. Getting out and circulating more socially and professionally will do you good. Speaking of keeping things moving, why not work it out with your skin as well? Natura Bisse Oxygen Complex reactivates the circulatory function of your epidermis through oxygenation. This, in turn, clear impurities, restores clarity, and replenishes hydration, which is kind of like starting from a cleaning slate. And who couldn't use that?

Happy Birthday Libra! This next year will bring personal relationships into a clearer focus, so try to keep your eyes wide open to see what unfolds all around you. Be sure to treat your "windows to world" especially well, and perhaps give them a treat now and then---like the luxurious new fall eye Color Fresco from Laura Mercier. It's formulated with French Cashmere Talc, which supplies a super silky feel. It offers color that glides on evenly and smoothly with a great layering ability, and is offered in powder or creme formulas.

October could bring new career opportunities for those Scorpios in the job market. Putting your best face forward is the ideal way to make sure you stand out from the rest of the competition. With your skills in high demand, interviews may run back to back and you may not have much time to freshen up in between sessions. So grab a little gift for yourself from Tarte. Their cheek gel Flush is sure to do the trick. It's a water-based, push-up gel stick that can give you a great glow on-the-go.

Complicated issues may arise this month on the domestic front that will make you want to tug at your tresses and tear things apart, Sagittarius. But instead of using this energy to do yourself harm, harness the power for good. Grab a set of Tweezerman Eyebrow Tweezers and pluck your way to great brows---and a sense of relief! Because if the focus of your brow is to get furrowed in October, at least let it look perfect for the process?

Cooperation is key for Capricorns this month. Working with others will get you much farther along than going it alone. Collaborators will be watching your every move so it's good to keep eye contact clear and concise, but that doesn't mean your lids should be lackluster. Give them long-lasting color and life with Paula Dorf's Eye Color Glimmer. With a neutral palette of hues that can be as intense or indiscreet as you intend, moving out of the shadows into the spotlight should be a breeze.

Time to prioritize, Aquarius, and set some goals for your future in motion. Mind your manners, what you say, and to whom you say it this month---as that make may all the difference in any outcomes to come. The best way to keep your mouth closed? Pucker up to a lipgloss that seems so good you won't want open it! MAC can keep all commentary undercover and your lips looking luscious with their sexy new selection Tinted Lipglass in Secretive. It can be worn on its own, over lip pencil, or lipstick, either way it provides great shine from an easy application that lasts.

Business opportunities abound this month for Pisces. Creative projects couldn't come at a better time. Don't get too tangled up at all of the opportunities that await you. To help you "head" in the right the direction, be sure to coif your current 'do to meet the demands of any encounter you may come across. A little assist in keeping your senses in sync can come from J.F. Lazartigue and their Orchid Shampoo. It maintains a smashing scented hair bouquet even in environments of strong cigarettes and city smells.
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