Beautyscopes – September 2003


Work is the focus for Aries this autumn, which leaves little time to live life to the fullest. But that means you better treat yourself really well, and getting a prescription filled of Benefit’s Dr. Feel Good will supply a sleek softness to your skin so that any obstacles at the office won’t weather your face or make your frown. It’s also enriched with assorted vitamins so the advantages are endless - ageless.

Taurus is in for spontaneous surprises right now in every aspect of life. It’s ok to dive headfirst into whatever awaits you, but if you don’t want to be astonished by any makeup applications you choose, check out Guerlain’s Meteorites Powder Perles for Face. It offers a rock-solid, flawless finish to any skin type, which will make you feel confident enough to take on anything unexpected.

Time to get organized Gemini! This month would be the perfect time to alter your environment to ensure domestic bliss. And while you’re at it, why not make yourself over as well? You can start with your eyes, by getting some help from Paula Dorf. The Transformer ( can bring instant metamorphosis of eye shadow to liquid liner and give you lids worth looking at no matter what space you reside in.

Cancer is on the move in September; some traveling opportunities are on the horizon. Perhaps a trip to exotic India or a romantic rendezvous in Paris? In case you can’t make it to the City of Lights , let your lips lock in a French-inspiration instead. Bourjois Pour La Vie Lipstick offers a simple nude shade for the day and riveting red to rock the night. It’s all part of the new Pop Chic Collection - que manifique!

Change is in the air for Leos---I mean that literally and figuratively. Money matters may be pressing hard on your head, so be sure to keep your strands in tip-top shape to avoid any confusion in that area. KMS’s Turnstyle Beach Head Sea Salt Spray ( should do the trick. The serenity of this ocean element delivers a day-at-the beach ’do full of texture that can be tamed for sexy styling.

It’s your birthday month, Virgo, so that means the spotlight’s on you---and it’s time to shine! Give yourself a great gift and lift by trying a dab of Joey NY’s Way to Glow ( for maximum impact. It will give you skin that has a sensuous and luminous look, which will come in handy, since love is hoping to spend some more quality time basking in the light of your shimmering self.

You’re feeling anything but balanced now, Libra, since Mercury’s in retrograde. But remember, most things are mind over matter and if you look good - you feel good. To help even things out (at least on the outside!), try applying a little Cover FX Coverup since it can hide any and all imperfections until the star scales get a little bit more stable.

September ushers in a new time for Scorpios to establish solid relationships---personal as well as professional. Partnerships will be on good footing if you have a solid base from which to build upon. This is true in life, and especially in makeup! For the latter, put your best face forward with Shiseido’s Cle de Peu foundation. It provides moisture and luminous finish, which makes for a beautiful combination.

Communications may be a bit hazy this month for Sagittarius, so be sure that body language is interpreted correctly in case spoken words run amok. Eye contact is a crucial element of expression, and Tony & Tina’s Lash Dew (Note: This product has been discontinued) can assist in translating your true feelings. It provides lashes a dazzling look crowned with assorted colors of dew, which will make any mystifying gaze desirable to comprehend.

A productive phase is taking place for Capricorn right now and the invigoration will do you good! The stars are igniting your soul, so how about something for your body? Take a tip from H2O Plus and indulge in the Spa Green Tea Shower Gel. It’s a hydrating body cleanser that rids your skin of impurities and leaves you silky smooth, which is already the basic ingredient of finding some sultry success.

Patience is a virtue and you need to keep that in mind this month, Aquarius. All good things come to those who wait. So while you keep yourself occupied, do it style---by putting your best feet forward in this season’s hottest nail hue (that’s blue). Check out Lippman Nail Color, for their take on the color craze with Am I Blue. It’s a great line and the polish lasts a long time, which will come in very handy during your hang time.

Fall is the time for Pisces to lay low, so you can then reap the rewards of recharging yourself. One way to make sure you radiate all of your beautiful brightness would be to glide on a super new gloss. Lips will love Stellars by Helena Rubenstein because its shining effects twinkle with courageous color to produce a powerful and potent pout that’s perfect for the new person you’re becoming.
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