Beautyscopes-September 2005


Don't pay people lip service this month, Aries, telling the truth will gain you more allies than enemies for sure. And in order to make your best pout present, it might be a good idea to apply Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment ( Winner of Self and Bazaar Magazines' best of beauty awards, Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 combines reparative oils, waxes, real sugar, antioxidant grape seed polyphenols, and vitamins A, C, and E to provide lips with a bit of plump, tons of moisture, and extra protection.

Keep your eye on mixing business with pleasure this September, Taurus. Combining the two is simply not a good solution to whatever ails you. Try to work on one aspect of your life at a time. And to in order to put drama in its rightful place, try Scott Barnes' Eye Ice Powder ( This fine, glistening powder for eyes and face fabulously highlights your features. For the eyes, you can apply it with your fingertip or sweep it on with a brush; for the face, apply lightly with a large powder brush.

Focus in on fitness or joining an athletic this month, Gemini, it will be a double blessing of making good friends and feeling great! And while you're at it, why not give your eyes a "workout" as well with Valerie Beverly Hills Fat Furry Mascara ( This mascara features a giant brush in a sleek silver tube that helps create your own natural-looking, fabulously furry lashes. It's guaranteed not to flake, and comes in one heart-stopping shade of sexy Black Widow.

Keep your lips sealed when it comes to the person closest to you this September, Cancer. He or she is in a sensitive state and may take it out on you if you're not dealing with them in a delicate manner. Aside from saying sweet nothings, another way to keep them interested is to become oh-so kissable. Take a tip from Clinique's Colour Surge Lip Lacquer in Demi-Matte Metallics ( It immediately produces a rich, creamy, and saturated colour to your pout and comes in lustrous high-metal shades that will stun will staying super smooth.

Try to start off this month thinking it's a clean slate, Leo. Because although things may be holding you back at work and play, thinking positively is the only way you'll get past them. And speaking of clean slates, a good way to put your best face forward is to buy yourself a little Borba like their new Fiber-Knit Facial Cleanser in Clarifying Pomegranate ( This combination cleanser/toner and micro-dermabrasion/anti-irritant mask incorporates an innovative cosmeceutical-grade cotton fiber and nourishing mineral complex that helps skin regenerate while improving clarity and removing toxins.

Smells like September is a good time for travel, Virgo. Amazing adventures await as soon as you leave your daily life. And to help sweeten the deal for yourself and those around you, we suggest Miss Dior Cherie Eau de Parfum ( It brings together top notes of green tangerine and strawberry leaves; heart notes of violette, pink jasmine, caramelized popcorn, and strawberry sorbet; and base notes of fresh patchouli and crystalline musk. The sensational scent comes housed in a chic glass bottle that reinterprets the classic Miss Dior spirit with a modern metal bow made on front.

This month is a great time to clean house, Libra. Reorganizing your finances will help you see where you can better maximize your resources. You might want to consider doing something similar for your skin with Bliss Steep Clean Skin Scouring Set ( It's a power trio that takes blackhead busting to a new level! The set includes the Bliss Steep Clean Toner Pads, the Bliss Steep Clean Cleansing Milk, and the secret pore-purifying factor in the Bliss skin-saving arsenal - Antoine de Paris Blackhead Extractor.

Don't make any major decisions this September, Scorpio, not without doing some major research and building a solid plan of attack. Any decision off the cuff could produce bad results later on. Think of it like makeup: When you use a product like Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer (, it's packed with botanical elements and light-reflecting pigments that create a smooth invisible layer on your skin. That means your skin is prepared and protected so your foundation stays fresh and looks fabulous all day long - and wouldn't those attributes be a great thing to wear in all aspects of a life?

You'll attract tons of attention this month, Sagittarius, if you get out and socialize! Even if you don't feel up to it, it's time to take center stage because personally and professionally you need to move on. And you won't have to feel insecure about how you look if you enlist the help of Chanel's Poudre Coromandel ( You can create a radiant and exotic look with this innovative and limited-edition makeup palette. Cheeks will glow in brick and gold; eyes will be dramatic in intense black; and the satin-smooth powder finish can be applied wet or dry for subtle or lavish spotlight-ready looks

Try to keep relationships together this September, Capricorn, even if there seems to be a lot of tension in the air right now. Remembering all of the good qualities those close to you have may help. Pick a good product to emulate as well - like philosophy's Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas SPF 15 ( This lightweight mineral pigment powder provides your skin with a natural airbrushed appearance while acting as a foundation, concealer, powder, and SPF all in one! It's easy to apply and the buffing system enables skin to discover the beautiful, flawless finish we all desire.

Don't run from your problems this month, Aquarius, because unfortunately they will always find you. Face them head on and you will prevail. If you're looking for a product to inspire you (and make you look amazing at the same time!), try Kevin Aucoin's White Liquid Shimmer ( It develops the fresh dew of youth with its luminous liquid highlights that you can dab on the inside corner of your eyes; apply above your cheekbones; and in between the mouth's cupid's bow to add a fresh sheen.

s:6:"pisces";s:632:"It's payday this September, Pisces. You are finally in good graces with finances so go out and spend it on something fabulous. One item you might want to consider would be Ojon's Conditioning Volumizing Foam ( because it will make your hair look as rich as you feel. It was developed for medium-textured or permed hair, and helps to enhance body and control without any buildup. It gets a grip on frizz and protects strands from environmental damage with the help of hydrating ingredients like 100 percent pure Ojon palm nut oil and vitamins A and E.
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