Beautyscopes: September 2022

September’s batch of astrological goodies will delight you more than pumpkin spice matcha latte.

It’s all smooth sailing for you this month, Aries. Worries and stresses will brush right past you as you navigate your way towards crushing your goals. Your relationships will also thrive over the next few weeks as you’ll find communication will flow easily between friends.

Prep your skin now for cooling temps. Olay’s new Hyaluronic + Peptide 24 Hydrating Gel Cream Moisturizer is the perfect transitional product. The lightweight gel-cream formula melts into the skin without feeling heavy. Infused with hyaluronic acid means you’ll be adding hydration deep within your skin and not just to the top layer making it perfect for the hot early fall days but cool fall mornings!

Olay Hyaluronic + Peptide 24 Hydrating Gel Cream | $29.99 | Olay

You will feel very creative this month, Taurus. Tap into this heightened creativity to seek new ways to optimize your daily routine. Sometimes shaving a few minutes off one daily task can make a world of a difference.

A multi-use beauty product makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. Smashbox’s Halo Sheer to Stay Cream Cheek + Lip tint makes adding a monochromatic pop of color to your looks so easy. Infused with a primer, simply dab the product onto cheeks and lips than diffuse with a brush or sponge. The formula melts into skin for a natural flush and builds nicely to achieve the look you want.

Smashbox Halo Sheer to Stay Cream Cheek + Lip Tint | $28 | Sephora

This month, keep your mental health top of mind. There is no need to let the frivolities of everyday life hold you back from your happiness. When things start to pile up and you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a step back and take a deep breath.

Prioritizing sleep not only gives you more energy, but it also helps you mentally as well. Zeyl Beauty’s Snooze Serum is an overnight force to be reckoned with. A few drops of this massaged into your skin before bed will help to target fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tones and pores. Wake up refreshed and glowing, ready to take on the day.

Zeyl Beauty Snooze Serum | $65 | Zeyl Beauty

This month you will rely heavily on your support system. Asking for help is a humbling experience and is nothing to be ashamed of. Friends and family are at the ready to help you tackle whatever is headed your way!

Sometimes you just need a little extra help in all aspects of your life. When it comes to skin care let The Reset Luminous Hyaluronic Serum Spray from Iris&Romeo bring your complexion back to life. This 3in1 hybrid formula plumps and hydrates skin for an immediate bouncy youthful glow. No worries about applying incorrectly, the spray and go bottle makes applying throughout the day a breeze.

Iris&Romeo The Reset Luminous Hyaluronic Serum Spray | $45 | Iris&Romeo

Things are looking smooth and easy for you this month, Leo. Use this time to get ahead on your goals for the year. Getting ahead now will allow for a less hectic last few months of the year where spending time with friends and family will take priority.

Speaking of smooth, keep your hair looking silky and luminous with Living Proof’s new Triple Bond Complex Leave-in Hair Treatment. Suitable for all hair types, this leave in formula is sulfate and silicone free and protects, strengthens and smooths hair leaving you with nothing but beautifully healthy locks.

Living Proof’s new Triple Bond Complex Leave-in Hair Treatment | $45 | Sephora

Forget about spring cleaning, this month you’ll be all about reorganizing and sprucing up your home just in time for the switch to fall. Cleaning helps to clear your mind and allows you to destress by focusing on the task at hand. You will feel so much better and inspired in a decluttered space!

Scrub yourself smooth with Sol de Janeiro’s Bom Dia Body Scrub 10% AHA BHA Resurfacing Complex + Crushed Maracuja Seeds. This gentle yet effective formula brightens, tones and clarifies your skin for a radiant and silky feel. Massage into wet skin 2-3 times a week for best results and allow the tropical scent to whisk you off to a far off locale.

Sol de Janeiro Bom Dia Body Scrub 10% AHA BHA Resurfacing Complex + Crushed Maracuja Seeds | $42 | Sephora

You’ll be chock full of energy this month, Libra. The cooling temps and change of seasons will leave you with a newfound pep in your step. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back as you set your sights on crushing goals and setting yourself up for year-end success.

Add some zing to your makeup looks this month with Colourpop’s Matte About Hue Eyeshadow Palette. This 30–shadow palette is a makeup lovers dream. Create an endless amount of looks from ombre smokey eyes to a vibrant monochromatic look.

Colourpop Matte About Hue Palette | $34 | Colourpop

September is set to be month for self-reflection. Take a step back to look at all that hope to achieve and decide if some of those things need to change or be removed from your plans all together. Spend time with loved ones if things begin to overwhelm you in the slightest.

Take a more holistic approach this month when it comes to your skin care, Scorpio. Fresh’s Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum uses a breakthrough formula helps skin to resist stressors in everyday life that lead to early signs of ageing and fatigue. The lightly tea scented formula is lightweight and suitable for all skin types.

Fresh Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum | $80 | Sephora

Your leadership goals will really shine through over the next few weeks. Those around you will be looking to you for inspiration and guidance, in both your professional and personal life. These next few weeks will one of great experience and learning for you.

Look like a leader, smell like a leader with Prada’s new Paradoxe Eau de Parfum. Showcased in a tilted triangular bottle that alludes to the iconic Prada logo, this new scent is both fresh and sensual. It boasts notes of neroli, amber and musk to create an aroma that is anything but ordinary.

Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum | $87 - $142 | Macy’s

While you may have had a great summer, this month will be all about playing catchup and getting back on track. It’s easy to push things off until a later date, well now the date is here and it’s time to buckle down and scratch those tasks off your “to do” list.

After an eventful summer you skin may be in desperate need of some rejuvenation. Eighth Day’s Resurfacing Tonic provides the benefits of an in office chemical peel all in the comfort of your own home. Highly potent lactic and glycolic acids work together with a proprietary blend of ingredients that turnover dead skin and reveal a brighter more flawless complexion.

Eighth Day The Resurfacing Tonic | $125 | Eighth Day Skin

You will have a lot on your plate this month, Aquarius. Learning to prioritize tasks will help you to stay on track and accountable. Let friends and coworkers know that you have a lot to work on and that you are doing your best. It’s okay to have a month where you might not be at the top of your game, these are the times you learn the most!

Westman Atelier’s new Vital Skincare Dewy Foundation Drops is perfect for days when you want to look put together, but you don’t have a lot of time or effort to do so. A few drops of the lightweight formula blends into the skin for a more even and fresh complexion without feeling caked on or heavy. The nutrient rich formula also works to improve skin’s quality over time!

West Atelier Vital Skincare Dewy Foundation Drops | $68 | Sephora

Prep yourself for the coming cooler months. Fall is a wonderful time to reorganize and to switch things up in your life. With the temps not nearly as sweltering, find ways to let off steam outside. Spend time with friends before the need to hibernate sets in in just a few short months!

Cozy fall weather calls for a new fragrance that can transition with you from one season to the next. Ellis Brooklyn’s new Vanilla Milk Eau de Parfum is a both floral but warm and spicy yet fresh. A new fragrance is a simple way to upgrade your beauty routine as the temps start to drop and your style starts to change.

Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk Eau de Parfum | $32 - $105 | Ellis Brooklyn
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