Beautyscopes: Summer 2016

= Beauty star-gazers, your summer Scopes are in!

Wash away the summery grime at the end of humid days with the Instrumental Beauty Sonic Touch Cleansing System, Aries. Small enough to fit in your purse for summer globe-hopping, this tiny rechargeable facial massager cleans pores, massages skin, and exfoliates so you can put your best face forward this summer and glow like the sun. Find it at

Ravishing Rams: Reese Witherspoon, March 22; Alyson Hannigan, March 24; Katharine McPhee, March 25; Kristen Stewart, April 9; Victoria Beckham, April 17; Jennifer Garner, April 17; Kate Hudson, April 1

Gather your fresh farmer’s market goodies, beach essentials, and boutique finds this summer in a unique Seltzer Goods tote, Taurus. With incredible graphics and prints and a sturdy leather handle, this will easily be your favorite summer bag! Grab a few at and hit the pools and beaches.

Taurus Birthdays: Amber Heard, April 22; Megan Fox, May 16; Ellie Kemper, May 2; Lena Dunham, May 13; Malin Akerman, May 12; Christina Hendricks, May 3; Adele, May 5

A perfect glass of light, strawberry-hued Rose is a delightful way to toast summer and revel in its pleasures, and you’re all about celebrating this summer, Gemini! Maison Marcel Rose is an exquisite choice for your summer soirees, rooftop gatherings, date nights, and picnics. Read more at, and be sure to give it a taste test or two. Available on, too, and voted #1 wine at Wine Riot 2016.

Gemini Birthdays: Amy Schumer, June 1; Tina Fey, May 18; Angelina Jolie, June 3; Pam Grier, May 26; Heidi Klum, June 1: Marilyn Monroe, June 1; Venus Williams, June 17; Zoe Saldana, June 19

Cancerean beauties, Mirakle Cream is your answer to maintaining fresh, dewy skin after the sun’s attempt to dry and wrinkle it, and it truly lives up to its name. Found at Urban Outfitter stores and at, Mirakle Cream is a light, effective, affordable, and luxurious-feeling balm that leaves your skin as soft as plush velvet. Paraben-free, fragrance-free, and surfactant-free.

Captivating Crabs: Ariana Grande, June 26; Meryl Streep, June 22; Princess Diana, July 1; Wendy Williams, July 18; Kristen Bell, July 18; Selena Gomez, July 22; Frida Kahlo, July 6, Gisele Bundchen, July 20.

The Upbra practically has your name on it, Lioness, as you can control and adjust your cleavage to maximum dramatic effect. It’s perfect for when you need to go strapless this summer but still require support, and also versatile enough to be worn with straps at work – plus you can tweak the cleavage (and support) level to suit your fashion needs. Read more at

Lovely Lionesses: Halle Berry, August 14; Anna Paquin, July 24; Helen Mirren, July 26; J.K. Rowling, July 31; Martha Stewart, August 3; Viola Davis, August 11; Mila Kunis, August 14; Jennifer Lawrence, August 15;

Since you demand perfection, Virgo (and why shouldn’t you?), you’ll appreciate that the Australian shoe brand Preston Zly crafts exquisite, high-end, luxurious and hand-made shoes that double as distinctive works of art. Melbourne artisan duo Johanna Preston and Petr Zly will blow your mind with their summer and Fall collections at, where shoes truly become art.

Valiant Virgos: Amy Poehler, September 16; Queen Elisabeth I, September 7, Blake Lively, August 25; Salma Hayek, September 2; Beyonce Knowles-Carter, September 4; Pink, September 8; Amy Poehler, September 16; Cameron Diaz, August 30; Emmy Rossum, September 12; Evan Rachel Wood, September 7; Jada Pinkett-Smith, September 18

ZuZu’s Petals Creations are comprised of artisan-made jewelry and accessories that will keep your look perfectly on balance, Libra. Based in North Carolina, this diverse collection utilizes gemstones, Swarovski crystals, and Czech glass to ramp up your summer wow factor. A member of The Artisan Group (, you can peruse the complete collection at

Luscious Librans: Serena Williams, September 26; Kate Winslet, October 5; Rachel McAdams, October 7; Frieda Pinto, October 18, Ashlee Simpson, October 3; Gwyneth Paltrow, September 27; Kim Kardashian, October 21; Marion Cotillard, September 30.

The sky’s the limit this summer, Scorpio, so don a hand-made Starletta gemstone necklace to sparkle your way through its sultry nights and sunny days. Find the design that matches your summer mood at (part of etsy and The Artisan, too). You’re keen to support new and emerging jewelry designers because you know we all start somewhere.

Smoldering Hot Scorpios: Anna Wintour, November 3; Katy Perry, October 25; Emma Stone, November 6; Gabrielle Union, October 29; Grace Kelly, November 12; Jodie Foster, November 19; Ming-Na Wen, November 20; Marie Curie, November 7; Marie Antoinette, November 2.

Sonoma County’s Soap Cauldron, a source for artisanal luxe soaps, is ideal for you and your hostess gift needs, Sag, since you’re always on the move. As you travel near and far this summer, you’ll want to feel pampered as you wash away the remains of the day, and nothing quite compares to Soap Cauldron’s Three Sisters Apothecary soaps for unique concoctions. Visit

Sultry Sagittarians: Nicki Minaj, December 8; Scarlett Johansson, November 22; Miley Cyrus, November 23; Tyra Banks, December 4; Judi Dench, December 9; Taylor Swift, December 13; Anna Faris, November 29; Britney Spears, December 2, Jane Austen, December 16.

Deanna Clayton Gailey’s luxe Boho Nadean Designs will help you add some flourish and flair to your summer wardrobe, Cap. Crafted with rubies, gold, opals and other glittery delights, this jewelry line is so distinctive and versatile that the designs work for both day and night. Choose your favorites at; also a member of The Artisan

Glamorous Goats: Michelle Obama, January 17; Carolina Herrera, January 8; Hikaru-Utada, January 19; Kate Moss, January 16; Nigella Lawson, January 6, Zooey Deschanel, January 17; Sienna Miller, December 28.

You’re an original, Aquarius, so the quirky Japanese aesthetic often resonates with you. Lipzu, the brainchild of kid entrepreneur Daisy Creel, harnesses the cute-quirky-and-original and melds it with healthy and useful to present a lip balm and pouch that you’ll have fun whipping out at parties. Pouches come in 13 animal designs and are made with 100% chemical-free silicone (ideal for pools and beaches). The Lipzu lip balms are 95% organic, 100% natural, paraben and petroleum-free, rife with shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Find these at (bonus: a portion of every sale goes to the Humane Society).

Winsome Water Bearers: Ellen DeGeneres, January 26; Oprah Winfrey, January 29; Kerry Washington, January 31; Shakira, February 2; Elizabeth Banks, February 10; Jennifer Aniston, February 11; Christina Ricci, February 12; Kelly Rowland, February 11.

Indie Lee’s Calendula Eye Balm is precisely what you need for the season, bright-eyed Pisces, since it banishes dark circles, de-puffs, and serves multiple purposes (lip balm, cuticle softener). Chock full of smooth calendula, beeswax, squalene, and vitamin E. Find it at, along with scores of other health-bolstering, skin-saving products for summer. It could soon be your main go-to for looking your best.

Perfectly Piscean: Rihanna, February 20; Ellen Page, February 21; Drew Barrymore, February 22; Chelsea Handler, February 25; Rashida Jones, February 25; Carrie Underwood, March 10; Eva Longoria, March 15; Jessica Biel, March 3, Olivia Wilde, March 10.
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