Floris – The Art of Fragrance

My boyfriend is on what I like to call “the 1992 Diet” – all carbs, no fat. I have to fight the urge to pry the bagel from his mouth and shove a veggie omelet in it instead. But this gummy candy, ten-bowls-of-cereal, sorority girl-esque diet seems to work for him. I, on the other hand, would blow up three sizes if I were to try eating like this. The same thing goes for fragrances. There are vast genetic differences among us that affect how we wear perfume and sense the smells that emanate when fragrance is first applied, then after ten minutes, and after an hour or more. Our skin texture, body temperature, pH balance and skin type affect the life of a fragrance on our bodies and so, by layering it throughout the bathing and moisturizing process, we can extend the longevity and increase the intensity of a fragrance. Products by Floris are specially formulated and designed to serve this purpose.

Throughout its 275 year history, Floris has developed some of the finest fragrances available for men and women. Since 1730, when Juan Famenias Floris traveled from Menorca to set up shop on Jermyn Street of London’s famed St. James quarter, Floris has always catered to the most distinguished clientele. Florence Nightingale, Mary Shelly and Al Pacino’s character in “Scent of a Woman” know the Floris name all too well. The Floris Classics line includes No.89, which takes its name from the address of the Floris shop on Jermyn Street and represents the classic St. James Gentlemen. Eva Peron and Noel Coward have worn Classic’s Special 127, named for the page number the fragrance occupied in the Specials Formula Book. The Floris Fine Fragrances line boasts China Rose, a warm, romantic, exotic and sophisticated scent perfect for any seductress. Fleur is also part of this line and is known for the young, vibrant, contemporary feel it evokes. Lily of the valley is one of the key ingredients. Finally, I must mention Stephanotis (since my name is Stephanie). The flower of this name is often part of wedding bouquets and is considered romantic. The woman who wears this has a supportive personality, and she is loving, reliable and very honest – all the qualities of a good bride! (Hopefully, my boyfriend is reading this ;-)

With February being the month of Valentine’s Day, perhaps you should consider giving one of the many fragrances made exclusively for men. Elite, with its Sandalwood base, is perfect for the mature, confident male. Black peppercorn and tree moss accentuate the Santal man’s assertive, effortless style. But better yet, why not get both of you a present and indulge in the Floris unisex line? Cefiro combines lime, bergamot and musk to reveal sophistication and energy for both men and women at work and at play.

In addition to fragrances for the individual, Floris has created a line of scented products specially made for the home. You can infuse a room with Grapefruit and Rosemary to give the air a dewy aura of spring. Or for those cozy winter nights, warm up with Floris’ Seasonal Spice. To find the perfect housewarming gift, take a trip to the beautiful Floris store on Madison Avenue.

At Floris you can find luxury soap sets, boxes of scented flowers, room sprays, and drawer liners. Pamper yourself with body lotions, moisturizes, powders and bath essence. With its vast array of fragrant niceties to choose from, it is no wonder Floris is considered “The Art of Fragrance”.

Floris Store
703 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021

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