I work for an unnamed cosmetics company. Said company produces products, much like most cosmetics companies, chock full of chemicals. Unnatural, manufactured chemicals. As a newly converted organic food advocate, the expression “you are what you eat” has begun to have new meaning for me. If you wouldn’t feed your body chemicals, why would you feed your skin chemicals???

As a person with sensitive acne prone skin, I’ve tried it all. Retin-A, anitbiotics, Cetaphil, Purpose, La Mer, Origins, Aveda, Clinique, Lancome, and the list goes on. I was doing a show in Boston a year ago playing a “lady of the evening.” The makeup was thick, the lights were hot, my skin looked like garbage. So I ran to get a facial. The esthetician used some products from an organic line of skincare made by a company called Jurlique. Now, I’ll never be one to promise you miracle skin if you use such and such a product. But I can tell you this. Jurlique, created in South Australia from a humble herb farm by German émigrés Dr. Jurgen Klein and Ulrike Klein is truly “The Purest Skin Care on Earth,” as their company motto proclaims.

What makes Jurlique so unique? Natural and herbal antioxidants, vitamins, hypo-allergenic/pH balanced products, NO chemicals, biodegradable product in recyclable packing, and a skin care line based on the arts of aromatherapy, herbalism, homeopathy, and alchemy.

The Jurlique vision promotes balance through purity and integrity of product and care for the individual and the environment. All of the products have anti-aging properties; you only need to find the products that work best for your skin type.

The Jurlique regime is not for everyone as it takes time, but the soothing smell of the products and healing properties, give me a mini-facial everyday.

I start with a an essential oil called the Aromatic Hydrating Concentrate. A few drops in a bowl of hot water, I soak a compress into the concentrate and press it into my skin. It opens the pores, hydrates and preps the skin for cleansing. In addition, the Pine Needles or the Lavender scents are a lovely does of aromatherapy in the morning. Next comes the Foaming Facial Cleanser and every other day, the fantastic Face Wash Cream-a gentle deep cleanser and exfoliant. In winter and after the beach I use the soothing and non-oily Calendula Cream. In the summer, it’s the Herbal Recovery Gel, a light and effective moisturizer known as “the facelift in a bottle.”

Other Jurlique treats are the Lip Care Balm with exfoliators and softeners, the miracle Eye Gel, and the Lavender Silk Dust. RUN, don’t walk to buy this product for summer. I dust this over my face before leaving for work in the morning or before applying makeup. It leaves my skin smooth and matte.

For travel and everyday toning, I use the Chamomile Floral Water to calm, tone, and freshen my skin. It’s the perfect plane companion to help you fight in-flight dehydration and to combat jet-lagged skin. And don’t forget to take the Body Care Lotion with you. It leaves your skin healthy, smooth and smelling faintly like a grove of lemon trees.It actually improved the appearance and texture of my skin. Jurlique also carries a sensitive skin line as well as products for the men and the babies in your life. No pun intended.

Facial Services: All facials include a face, neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage, as well as an appropriate facemask.

I’m partial to the Soho Store on West Broadway. The location is great and the staff, including Jessica, the gracious store manager, is skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable. They spend time with you, explaining each product and suggesting the right combination of products for your skin type. You’ll be a Jurlique fanatic before you know it!

Jurlique’s Signature Facial: The Great Skin Facial: $95
Antioxidant/Anti-Aging Facial: $100
Deep Cleansing Facial: $105
Marine Herbal Facial (vitamins for the skin) $115
Ultimate Experience: $135 ( a 90 minute facial with foot massage that includes 2 additional masks for your specific skin needs)

Jurlique has recently established the Charitable Klein Foundation, which supports the research of natural medicines/herbs for the treatment of serious disease. The company also contributes to Australian based charities and is a huge supporter of the Arts in Australia. There are future plans to extend their charitable work to the US. In the meantime, you can help the environment and purify your skin one Jurlique product at a time.

Jurlique Store/Spa
477 Madison Ave
(212) 752-1980

Jurlique Store/Spa
436 West Broadway
(212) 219-3616
Mon-Sat 10-8pm
Sun 11-7pm

www.jurlique.com for retailers in Manhattan, products and information.

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