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Groucho Marx. Marlene Dietrich. Albert Einstein. Bette Davis. Frieda Kahlo. Madonna. What do all these celebrities have in common? Distinctive eyebrows. Stop thinking that eyebrows just catch sweat; they also frame your eyes, and define your entire look. That’s why it’s so important to have well-defined, nicely shaped eyebrows.
Threading is an ancient Indian art. A cotton thread is swiftly applied to unwanted skin, and the hair is twisted and sheared off by the thread. Your eyes may tear a little, but the redness disappears in as little as 15 minutes. The results will last anywhere from three weeks to a month. Best of all, it’s a very fast procedure.

The Perfect Shape is a top notch threading salon in Gramercy Park owned by Reshma Monteiro. She grew up steeped in Indian Beauty traditions and learned so much about skin care from her Grandmother and other female relatives.

A year ago, she opened up Perfect Shape in Gramercy Park and it’s been an instant success. There’s a steady stream of customers every day of the week. Women of all ages want to sit in one of her soft white leather chairs, look at the lavender walls and become chic and soignée.

Reshma says that you can easily learn threading, “but the real technique is learning how to shape the brow. That takes a while. It’s like an art. You can study for years and never get it.”

Keep in mind that anything can be threaded; it just depends on your pain threshold. One of the pluses about threading is that it doesn’t promote wrinkles. According to Reshma, “with threading, all we touch is the hair. We don’t pull the skin like with waxing. Whenever you pull skin, there’s always a chance that you’re breaking it down and wrinkles can start.”

Perfect Shape also offers facials. You can choose from aromatherapy, fresh fruit (papaya, lemon, oranges) or precious metal facials. The precious metal facials help rejuvenate the skin. You have a choice of gold, pearl or platinum. They use extracts of each metal or jewel in the massage cream. Gold is for oily to dry skin. For very dehydrated skin a platinum facial is the prescription. The Perfect Shape also offers traditional waxing as well as Henna Tattoos.
Reshma also owns Shapes Threading Salon on 39th Street by 6th Avenue. It offers the same services and is open the same hours as the Gramercy Park salon. Their number is 917-592-5306. A third salon is planned in the near future.

The Perfect Shape Threading Salon
295 Park Avenue South (between 22nd and 23rd Street)
Mon – Fri 9:30AM – 7:30PM
Saturday 10AM – 7 PM
Sunday 11AM – 6 PM

Threading:Eyebrow $6.00
Upper Lip $5.00
Chin $5.00
Forehead $5.00
Sides $5.00
Full Face $25.00 (includes eyebrows)

Full Arms $25.00
Half Arms $15.00
Under Arms $10.00
Full Legs $35.00
Half Legs $18.00
Bikini Line $15.00
Brazilian $40.00
Full Legs $45.00
& Bikini

Henna $15 & up
Black $20 & up

Regular $45.00
Gold Facial $60.00
Aromatherapy Facial $50.00

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