Detox Delight: How Parisians Stay Thin and Healthy


When you’re Irish and you say you’re going on a ‘detox’ people usually assume you’re either an alcoholic or a reformed one. Nonetheless, Max Frank, the half Irish, half German (Fassbender roots!) founder/director of Detox Delight (one of Paris’ first detox delivery services), jumped at the idea of me writing a ‘7 day Detox Delight diary’. Since December is the month we usually over indulge, I recommend doing a ‘Detox Delight’ for 3 or 5 days. You’ll feel lighter and leaner. And a pre-holiday detox will help you fit into your little sparkly dress and better yet, boost your immune system and make you more conscious of what you eat in the future. This is the perfect plan if you live in Paris, or will be visiting and would like to do Le Detox, Parisian style during your stay.

But before I get into the juicy details, if you’ve never detoxed before, prepare yourself a few days before you start, sort of a 3 day mini detox before your Detox Delight 3-day detox. The rewards are wonderful. Your skin will be glowing (wait ‘til you see), your stomach flatter, you’ll feel lighter, more energetic and hopefully more conscious of what you eat in the future. Here are some pointers to psych you up and get you ready.

• Cut out caffeine and alcohol at least 3 days before you start. Try hot water with lemon first thing in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day.
• It’s December so plan a detox earlier in the month…at least a week before that Christmas party.
• Do some form of exercise every day. Just 20 minutes of stretching, yoga, or even walking is enough.
• Get to bed early. Your body repairs itself overnight. Wind down in the evening with a good book instead of watching the news. You need to remain positive at this time.
• Keep a journal to track everything you consume and how you’re feeling each day. It will be positive reinforcement and help you to stick to it.
• Drink lots of water (flat only) before and during your detox. Actually, make that always.
• Be prepared for different reactions from headaches to dizziness, red eyes and even nightmares. Remember, you’re ridding your body of toxins both physically and psychologically.

By 10 :00AM I’m at my desk grumpy (could be that’s it Monday) with a juice and a straw to start my miserable week. Six juices, one every 2 hours, and it’s okay to drink tea in between. If hungry, I can have an apple, nuts or anything from the list of healthy snacks. How do I feel end of day? Surprisingly good! No headaches, not starving, not exhausted, feel lighter and best of all not dreading tomorrow. The juices are simply delicious and made with 100% organic ingredients and filtered water. Varieties include fruit juices, some green juices, some vegetable concoctions and soy milk. All full of nutrients.

DAY 2:
No headaches, no red eyes, feel alive but a little hungry. Just having a juice 6 times a day means there’s not much to look forward to at lunch or dinner. C’est la vie. Onward, upward. It will all be worth it right?!! Completed yoga class no problem, definitely feel lighter and ready for bed.
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DAY 3:
Today I get to eat, thank goodness. Geniale!! Quinoa salad (lentils, mint, parsley, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, salt, olive oil) has never sounded so good. I’m excited at lunch. Salad was yummy. Oh and what else is on my lovely pink menu…cauliflower curried soup for dinner. I added nuts and corn to make it a little more filling. Delightfully delicious. Detox Delight menus are what determine my happiness.

DAY 4:
More than half way there!!! Had my apple/lemon juice but broke out by ordering a lentil soup and a tabouli salad in a Lebanese resto. Needed to chew again! For dinner, I ate the lentil /apricot soup (surprisingly good and not too sweet) followed by chamomile tea. Nose is running, eyes are watering and my head is feeling blocked. Is this a cold coming on? Olabas oil, nasal spray and straight to bed!

DAY 5:
Yep. A cold. Hot water with lemon and my juices. By the time it’s lunch, the cold has completely disappeared! I feel fine and sticking to my Detox Delight plan. I’ve come this far and I’m not going to give up now. I’ve never seen my skin look so clear and fresh. My stomach is also feeling light. Maybe I’ll do the gym today. I didn’t oh well…tomorrow for sure….promise.

DAY 6:
It’s Saturday so I can take it easy. Juices again. I know the routine by now. Light fruit juices to start, then more vegetable savory ones in the afternoon. I really love all the juices especially any with beetroot, carrots and ginger. Love that ginger zing. And then in the evening there’s the heavier one that tastes like chocolate – it’s silk soy milk. Yum!

DAY 7:
Today I’m reaping all the rewards of my hard work. I’m ready to work out, to get rid of all this extra energy I have inside. I did 2 hrs of aerobic classes in the gym and honestly could’ve done more. Really happy that I completed the detox. Really relieved it’s over.

Detox Delight is a very smart concept. Max and his wife know their target inside out. Health-conscious female professionals (aged 35+) who usually take care of their bodies, eat organic, exercise, but often due to crazy schedules feel they need a little help. They also know that convenience is key. So you really don’t have to do anything. Your detox is delivered to your door every morning and you simply follow the numbers on the bottles (1-6) and select items from the menu. The plastic bottles are recycled and have been already rinsed and used once before. Plus, you can use the glass jars that hold their snacks and soups in your kitchen afterwards. Detox Delight also throws in ‘beauty shots’ that are boosters for your immune system and your skin. It all feels very personal, like they know it’s not easy and so every day they want to pamper you with the best of food and uplifting messages to keep you going. Their tagline, ‘well-being delivered’ says it all. Nice. And even after your detox ends, they have a post detox guide to help you continue your healthy eating habits. So you feel they’re literally with you every step.

After my 7-day detox, I felt a lot lighter (lost 3 kilos) my skin was glowing and my eating habits changed. No more cravings for carbs or gluten. And the oddest thing of all, my yearning for a glass of red wine completely disappeared. For an Irish woman living in Paris this is very odd and I’m sure won’t last long. Hey, I’m only human.

So before the holidays start, why not start your detox? Check out to see which detox you’d like to try. They have a wonderful selection. And please tell Max I sent you. Bon courage! You’ll be delighted you did it.

Joyeux Noël!

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