Et voilà! B/Attitude is here.

Google ‘Ayurvedic in Paris’ and you’ll discover a number of spas, yogi centers, cafés and medicine centers that all practice this ancient Indian medicine (which means ‘life knowledge’). What you won’t find is an Anyurvedic skincare line…until now. I’m happy to say that after searching for almost 5 years, there’s a new skincare line called B/Attitude that deserves to be called a truly Ayurvedic.

Buddha-Bar’s sister

OK so you’ve heard of the Buddha-Bar (love those cds!), but what you probably haven’t heard of is the Buddha-Bar spa (in Switz) and the beautiful new Buddha-Bar hotel in Paris, Rue D’Anjou, near Madeleine! So B/Attitude, which stands for Buddhattitude, a new spa that is just being launched in Paris and is inspired by Asian beauty practices and Tibetan teaching. If the spa is anything like the range of products, then it should exceed all expectations of Ayurvedic fans.

Nurture for nature

What I like about the B/Attitude skincare range is it’s authenticity and simplicity. The ingredients of all the products are so natural, so refined and pure that just putting them on your skin feels good.
From the minute I laid eyes on the line I liked it. The subtle yet modern Zen designed packaging with products that come in elegant cloth pouches and 100% recyclable containers confirm that B/Attitude nurtures a passion for nature. And on the inside, precious, rare ingredients are divinely scented because there’s no fragrance or perfume added. Just the real smell of natural goodness that’s 99% water-based without chemical preservatives or parabens. After a shower, slather the B/Attitude Body Moisturizer and see how the finely made lotion sinks into your skin. Made with the east-west concept of awakening the senses, evoking passion and unearthing the real self, it’s no wonder you feel good about starting your day!

Scrub with love

Just like the Ayurvedic teaching, there’s a signature gentleness (that comes from the authenticity of the ingredients) about these products that really suits the delicate nature of our skin. Take the facial scrub. A lot of us think rigorous exfoliation is necessary to get rid of dead skin cells. Not so. Try B/Attitiude’s Facial Scrub (visage exfoliant). Made with walnut shell, vitamin E, aloe vera and extracts of rose and chamomil, it leaves your skin soft, soothed and comfortable. There’s even rosemary to help purify the epidermis. I love the feel of this effective yet delicious concoction as it feeds pores while cleaning them. It’s so gentle you could use it every second day.

Tone Up

Next up the toner. This is one of my favourite toners ever. Just look at the color of it on the cottonwool. The light pinkish color of rosewater, the smell if hibiscus water, hamamelis, aloe vera gel, Myrica berries, bee pollen, passion flower, rhubarb. Wow! It tones and hydrates as the lemon balm protects from the first signs of aging. It’s so good your pores look rejuvenated.

Purely simple, simply pure

B/Attitude’s philosophy is simple. It focuses on the purest plant and mineral extracts to reveal the benefits of its plants and addition, it uses as many naturally-derived raw ingredients as possible, all coming from sustainable sources such as Indonesia and the Himalayas.

So where can you get your hands on these beautiful B/Attitude Ayurvedic products? All are available in George V Eatertainment’s establishments including Buddha-Bar Spa Evian-les-Bains, Buddhattitude Spa Dakar, B/Attitude Spas Dubai & Doha and in the brand new Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris. I’ll keep you posted on this stunning new hotel/spa. For more info, go to and be sure to click on the music. It’ll get you in the Zen mood!

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