Meet Blune, the moody Parisian designers

Blune is a group of three beautiful, young French women with full lives as well as husbands, kids and one of Paris’ coolest clothing companies. Recently, I sat down with them to find out a bit more about this moody brand and why New Yorkers should look them up.

BN: The word ‘Blune’ what does it mean exactly? And when did it all start?
Blune: ‘Blune’ is a fusion of ‘blonde’ and ‘brunette’. It not only expresses our combo of hair color, but also connects to our brain, our ideas, our emotions… And together we’re totally explosive!
This crazy story started over a year and a half ago.

BN: French women are often seen to be moody, emotional. Do you think this is true and does the brand enhance this idea?
Blune: Of course! We all have our good and bad days, our black and white side. Our brand tries to express these moods and emotions through a graphic and poetic expression.

BN: What do you want to achieve with this brand Blune?
Blune: We want to change women’s habits by wearing what they feel like wearing and so giving a real and more meaning to their shopping.

BN: Where do you get your ideas from? What inspires you?
Blune: We don’t need to look very far to find ideas. For example one morning you open facebook and at least 15 new moods/status appears on our screens. A call to your best friend, watching your co-workers, a dinner with your partner, going on vacation: wow! There’s an explosion of new positive moods right there! It never stops…

BN: Do you consider yourselves ‘fashionable’? What does ‘fashion’ mean to you?
Blune: Yes we love fashion. We have a few codes, we must go to work in high heels and we’re against pyjamas, flesh-coloured tights and the black basic well-cut jacket. There you have it!

BN: Tell us about some of the challenges of starting your own business in Paris.
Blune: Starting a business is not so tough but competition is fierce. You really need a strong concept and an interesting story to tell in order to develop a solid distribution network. And this crisis doesn’t help!

BN: How big do you want Blune to grow? Are you planning to expand?
Blune: Blune Worldwide. Our first target is to export our moods all around the world.
We sure hope to arrive in USA, NY soon! We’re opening an e-shop in a few months and
hopefully a Blune store in a while. But step by step…

BN: What makes Blune different than what’s on the market now, in your opinion ?
Obviously the fact that people can express how they feel graphically.

BN: Blune feels very earthy. Are you eco-friendly/bio/organic? Is that important to you?
Blune: It’s very important to us. We try as much to be as eco-responsible in every area of our lives (how we eat, shop, think etc.) And with the brand we are getting there but it takes a while to find the right suppliers and fabrics. We never use synthetic fabrics and our suppliers are based in Europe which limits carbon emissions. We hope to launch Blune organic line in the coming years.

BN: You’re all married and two with kids. How do you juggle work with family life?
Blune: We have a very simple recipe: vitamin C, a super-power t-shirt and a super anti-wrinkle cream.

BN: Do you sell in NYC? If so where?
Blune: Not yet, but soon thanks to this article!

BN: What’s the most satisfying part of your job?
Blune: When I see girls, I don’t know, in the street wearing Blune…I just feel like giving them a big hug, but that would be a bit weird I guess.

BN: Who right now impresses you in music, film, fashion, design?
Blune: We’re nuts about graphism, for example Vahram Muratyan and his work on Paris vs NewYork, White Paper Studio, les Graphiquants. Designers like Jaime Hayon, scholten & baijings. Music? Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros of course! Many many many more, as we are three it would be difficult to give you all our inspirations.

BN: Ever think of doing a line for men?
Blune: Our husbands ask us that everyday. I think it’s going to be difficult to avoid!

BN: What’s your vision for Blune for the future?
Blune: Blune as a new way of life: a male collection, a hotel, a travel agency, a restaurant – everything to make your every day life more positive and more meaningful!

To learn more about Blune and all their moodiful clothes, go to It’s in English and they list all the places you can find Blune in Paris.

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