Bonjour ‘Monsieur.’ The cool Paris resto with New York hours.

I love the fact that in Paris almost everything is closed on Sundays. If you stroll the streets before 10:00AM in just about any arrondissement it’s a complete ghost town. Perhaps you’ll see a few stragglers getting a baguette as they head back to bed. Everything is just a bit slower and no one minds a day of rest, right? During the rest of the week, what I don’t love about Paris is that the time slot for lunch is strict here. After 2:00PM most restaurants are closed. As my Parisian friend loves to remind me, “It’s not New York.” But I’ve found a solution and it’s named Monsieur Café & Restaurant. It’s the best little resto in my neighborhood for non-morning people like me. They serve great food, is open late for lunch and they’re open on Sundays! Hard to believe right?!

I stumbled across it when I wasn’t in the mood for Attitude Café (not the best name for a Parisian bistro) but saw a red and white canopy further on Blvd. Richard Lenoir and had a feeling it had character. The name Monsieur is cleverly broken up into two words ‘Mon Sieur’ which tells you they’re not just into graphic design but have a nice twist on the typical brunch-bistro in Paris. They also have good taste…check out that ultra cool orange Renault from the 70’s that’s always parked outside.

We immediately got seated outdoors in the sun and after that everything just fell into place. Otis Redding playing in the background set the scene for the delicious melting mozzarella burrata, top quality Graves wine, fresh fillet of cod with mashed potatoes and best of all the renowned Monsieur Burger with perfectly fried fries. There are lots of veggie options as well. Even the coffee was served with homemade macarons…nice touch! Just writing about it makes me hungry…it was that good.

That’s not all. Attitude is hard to find here. Instead, the staff is friendly, easy going yet very attentive. You get the impression ‘Monsieur’ is a neighborhood-y hangout where you can drop in anytime. It’s not in the Marais so you don’t have the overly chic crowd. They even serve breakfast and you can order a café at the bar for a euro. Pas mal. En plus, it’s open from 9:00AM to 1.30AM every day.

If you ever went to Les Enfants Terribles on Canal Street in NYC (sadly now closed) you’ll get the same warm feeling. I think Monsieur Café Restaurant is my new favorite haunt and I’m so glad it’s in my hood. Give it a try. Be sure to make reservations if you go for dinner otherwise you may have to make do at the Attitude Café.

80 Blvd Richard Lenoir, Paris 75011 (11th Arr)
Ph: 01 48 06 74 85

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