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Something is different in Paris. There’s a new ‘international-ness’ that’s never been here before. Almost every day I see union jacks (British flag) on bags, furniture, shoes even laptops. The Brits and the French have never been such good buddies. Look, they just bought Beckham for their football team for 5 months! Becks for Paris! I never thought I’d see the day. From Chinese photography to Italian tapas to buying Mr Beckham, dare I say, Paris is becoming even more international.

Galerie Paris-Beijing

Discover how camouflage in art can reveal so much with Liu Bolin’s fascinating photography. Placing himself in different scenes (supermarkets, railway tracks etc), the backdrop is painted all over the person, over their clothes so the human becomes part of the scene. Then when photographed from a few feet away, you can make out the human form. The effect of camouflage is used not just to conceal but to reveal the artist’s cynical political views.

Take the ‘Three Goddesses’ with three women dressed as military leading a Chinese army to a brighter future. It’s fascinating expo that perfectly balances the sublety of art with deep political feelings that will leave you wanting to see more. Don’t miss Liu Bolin’s ‘Hide in the City’ runs now til March 9th. 54 Rue du Vertbois, 75003 Paris. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am–7pm. Til March 9.


Recently I discovered a wonderful tapas/wine bar in the Marais that really offers something different. First of all it’s Italian not Spanish, but the tapas are equally delicious. As a fan of industrial furniture, I was drawn to the whole interior design. Wooden tables and high bar stools, several light bulbs dangling from the ceiling to highlight a counter of appetizing tapas and a clubby looking room in the back for private parties. Serving crostini style concoctions like smoked swordfish, homemade fish tartare, octupus salad, as well as charcuterie plates (hams from Tuscany) and many more, tapas (ranging from 5 – 7€) are surprisingly good and even better with a glass of chilled prosecco. Best of all, you can buy high quality Italian gourmand products including chocolate, coffee, vinegar and olive oil. I left with a 5 liter can of Italian virgin olive oil. You know the one that’s green in color and simply delicious with a pinch of sea salt and baguette! Tappo, 19 rue Commines Paris 75003, MÉTRO: Filles du Calvaire, Oberkampf & Saint-Sébastien-Froissart.

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