Powder your nose with Houppette et Compagnie


I’m always on the prowl looking for small boutiqey-like places that offer something a little different. Paris is full of them. And so about a month ago, I found one just around the corner from my apartment in the 11th. In fact I had passed it many a time but something told me to take a deeper look in the window. When I did, I was delighted to find all-natural skincare and make-up lines that are not available everywhere.

Ignorantly I assumed the young girl I was talking to was called Houppette. But Elodie, the owner and founder, informed that me that ‘un houppette’ comes from ‘petite houppette’ the little powder puff you use when powdering your nose or face! Who knew!

What’s unique about Houppette is not that it’s just a cute little all-natural beauty store but also a cute little all-natural beautician/spa too. I decided to get my eye lashes tinted, something that not all salons in Paris (or New York) offer and always makes a big difference in my mind! While Elodie warned me the eye-lash dye is not completely natural, she lead me into a one-room salon where I lay on the bed and enjoyed 30 mins of total relaxation. With her assistant looking after the store, she was able to completely focus on me and my eye lashes. And you could feel the care she takes to ensure you’re comfortable with her sensitive touch and products that feel ever so gentle. I was and even more delighted when I saw the results. (It’s been a month and they still look good or at least i think so!)

Before I left I asked her about my dry skin and what could nourish it. She recommended Phyt’s, a French all-natural skincare line that’s been around for 40 years. It’s certified organic, 100% natural ingredients with no parabens, no coloring, no preservatives, no GMO, no nothing ! And it’s simply wonderful. In addition, Houppette carries Alva Coluer, Benecos, Biolo, Centfolio, Evolve, Happy Cosmetics, Lakshmi, Litic, Logona, Nvey Eco. Bet you’ve never heard of any of them! Neither had I, but I can tell you French all-natural products are always a little more expensive but usually very good quality since the ‘bio’ laws are so strict here.

So if you’re looking for a little break from walking around Paris, drop into Houppette. It’s never crowded and you’ll walk out feeling really glad you found yet another little hidden gem in the heart of Paris.

Hauppêtte et Compagnie, 120 Rue Amelot, (Metro: Filles du Calvaire, Line 8 or Oberkampf, Line 9). For more info, go here, http://houppetteetcompagnie.com/

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