Beauty News NYC’s Astrology themed must-haves for month.

Beautyscopes: October 2023

Fall is in the air and that means change. Mid month will bring us a new moon solar eclipse mixing the past and the present. All signs will have a month of many transformations. When one door closes, remember, another one will open. Embrace the change.

Beautyscopes: September 2023

The long, lazy days of summer are over. Though the weather is still warm, it’s back to school, and back to business. Part of September has Mercury in retrograde, so this month might have a rocky start, but have hope, we’ll all be happier in a couple of weeks when it disappears.

Beautyscopes: August 2023

August may be hot and humid, but this month your horoscope will help you find ways to cool down by focusing on self-care, boosting your mood, and keeping you looking and feeling fresh.

Beautyscopes: July 2023

July’s bunch of astrological goodies are sure to brighten and make this summer one of the best. Read along for your must have products to kick off the year in a beautiful way!

Beautyscopes: June 2023

June is jam-packed with great things to make your mind and spirit soar, both recommended and astrologically. The summer of 2023 will be sweet and forward-moving, as well as a time for serene inner reflection.

Beautyscopes: May 2023

This month we celebrate moms, as well as all the wonderful women that make our lives better. May the month of May be filled with beautiful flowers, friends and family gatherings, and appreciation for the good things in our lives.

Beautyscopes: April 2023

Happy April! There may be showers this month, but it will not put a damper on your lives, especially with these products especially selected for your sign. Lift your spirits and soothe your mind and body with these products to get you through the soggy month of April.

Beautyscopes: March 2023

Spring is right on the horizon! Read along for the products to help you stay beautiful and get you through these final winter weeks!

Beautyscopes: February 2023

Happy February! This coming month will be full of love, friends and lots of exciting new beauty products. Read along for your sign’s exclusive picks!

Beautyscopes: January 2023

Happy New Year! This year will be what you make it, so let’s make it a great one. Read along for exciting products picked just for you!