Learn to Communicate Better with Your Horse with Mia Lykke

A special horse clinic took place in the Catskill Equestrian Center this month with renowned horse trainer Mia Lykke Nielsen, who demonstrated her natural method to communicate with horses without force. Log it on your 2022 calendar!

Travel Best Bet: Qet Botanicals

On-the-go skincare for travelers s rendered pure and simple, thanks to Qet Botanicals and their organic products.

Qet Botanical Beauty’s Getting Started Facial Suite Kit is exactly what you need for flying, freshening up at work, and at the gym. It’s pure and organic, and EWG Verified for your sensitive skin.

The SCOTTeVEST For Easy Travel

Tired of losing your essentials when you travel? Discover the SCOTTeVEST, a multi-pocket vest to carry all your electronics and small items while leaving you hands-free.

Travel Tips and Bon Voyage News

Baloo Weighted Blankets, Tailwinds Airlines, Weatherman Umbrellas, Portugal reopens plus learn about what’s happing in NYC as the city reboots for visitors in the time of Covid.


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