Before you go counting to double check that party is seven digits, or try to figure out how to dial an exclamation point, read on. Ladies, we are way too classy to continue to serve up Everclear-laced jungle juice in plastic garbage cans this holiday season. It’s time to take your party drinks beyond a smattering of mismatched alcohol, a bottle of no-name soda, flat tonic water and a five pound bag of ice that’s re-melted into a solid block, not an ice sculpture.


Autumn Pear-a-dise

Not sure how to make it happen like a true party cap’n? Well, ahoy, look yonder to 1-877-4COCKTAILS or 4COCKTAILS.com. They’re there for you 24/7. That’s more than you can say for that guy who won’t text you back after begging you for another chance! 4COCKTAILS won’t leave you hanging. They’ll probably leave you begging for more, and isn’t that what you always wanted?


Ginger Honey Rummy

The site is filled with practical tips, mingling tricks, gift ideas for even the most scrupulous host, and drink recipes to make even the most hermetic person want to open an Evite account and get cracking. There’s more to themed parties than togas, folks. There’s even a drink calculator, based on cocktail, number of guests, and number of drinks per guest, which tells you what and how much to put on your liquor store shopping list. No more ending up with tequila and cranberry juice with a splash of bitters at the end of the night. Now you can sip martinis with garnishes or tropical mixed drinks with umbrellas long into the night, and still be able to tell the cab driver where you live and get home safe and sound.


Pumpkin 75

Looking for a more personalized touch? Real live bartenders are standing by. It’s not a 900 number, so forget all those phone sex ads, and get the perfect Sex on the Beach recipe instead! Plus, the call is toll-free. Oh, and did I mention the founder is Cathy Riva, host of Discovery Home Network’s Party Girl, who is, no doubt, a party professional? Kinda puts your gray cubicle and paperwork to shame, doesn’t it? In fact, the whole shebang was developed by Beam Global Spirits & Wine and The Absolut Spirits Company, Inc. More people who know their drinks. Don’t just grab another case of light beer and hope for the best. This holiday season, join the fun and plan a party to remember. Turn off QVC, pick up the party line, and start dialing 1-877-COCKTAILS.


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