2 NYC Pop-Up Shops You Don’t Want to Miss: Kiehl’s & Lashify

In NYC, Pop-Up Shops have become the darling of retail. In a city full of people affected by FOMO (fear of missing out), the Pop-Up Shop has become almost a cult form of shopping. And lucky us, the brands always put their best foot forward in terms of the coolest merchandise, great GWP’s or added value, fun shopping experiences and other extras. Have a look at these two, Kiehl’s and Lashify, and get shopping! Hurry, these shops will be gone in the new year!

Kiehl’s Gifting Workshop

Ever notice that when you give someone a gift from Kiehl’s they can’t stop smiling and thanking you? There’s something about this brand that everyone loves. Maybe it’s their history – they started in NYC in 1851 – or most likely it’s just that their products are so good. Whatever the reason, this year’s pop-up shop is a treasure-trove of some of their best offerings. The colorful and festive shop has fun immersions and photo-worthy spots. Pamper yourself, friends and family with their “Build Your Kiehl’s On the Go travel Set”, or put together a customized gift set for your giftee, and don’t miss the complimentary custom gift-wrapping station at the back of the shop. This year, Kiehl’s has teamed up with artist Andrew Bannecker, whose fun and colorful work adorns many of the limited edition holiday selections. Definitely keepsake worthy, even when the product is used up. Bannecker also designed this year’s Advent Calendar ($70) which is filled with 24 of their most popular products – cleansers, serums, face masks, hand cream, moisturizers and lots more. Such a great gift, and you’ll want one for yourself too!

The shop is open until December 24th and is located at 513 Broadway in Soho, NYC.       Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am- 9pm and Sundays 11am – 8pm



What do you get when you make a hybrid of eyelash extensions with DIY at home eyelashes that look natural, yet dramatic? You get Lashify created by Sahara Lotti. Lotti was looking for a lash extension system that could be applied at home and discovered that none existed. So she created one – and they’re fabulous. Lashify lashes are the only false lashes designed to fit underneath your lashes so they blend seamlessly. Unlike regular lashes which are long strips applied on top of the lashes and show a heavy line, Lashify’s are small pieces of silk lashes – called Gossamers – that you apply on the underside of your lashes. You never get that heavy fake-lash look like with regular strip lashes. You can head to their website, buy the kit and watch videos on how to apply, which is really quite simple. However, the best news is you can buy the kit at the Lashify Soho Pop-up Shop, and get a lesson on how to apply them. The Control Kit ($145) includes clear and black glue, a specially designed tweezer, a sealer, and the Gossamers – you select the length and how bold you want to go. There’s the ‘A’ set for Amplify, ‘B’ set for Bold and ‘C’ set for Curl. Then you select the length of your Gossamers which run from 10mm – 18mm. Once applied, the lashes can last up to a week if you’re careful about makeup removal, or you can remove every night and reapply in the morning. You can buy more Gossamers, glue and sealer as needed. Make this holiday season glamorous with almost no effort and get yourself Lashify lashes.

The shop is open throughout December and is located at 72 Thompson Street, Soho. NYC   Hours are 11:00AM to 8PM daily.


So now, you’ve got two great reasons to head to Soho.
Happy Holidays!