2011 Emmys – Who Sizzled and Who Fizzled?


It’s awards season! That lovely, lively time of year when our favorite, and not so favorite, celebrities borrow couture dresses from big name designers and trot out before the world in some truly splendid, exquisite, and even daring frocks. Last night’s Emmy Awards were certainly no exception. Our most and least favorite TV stars dressed to the nines, and while some managed to flawlessly float down the red carpet, others…well, not so much.

Host for the evening Jane Lynch arrived in this underwhelming David Meister gown. The dark color seemed to just weigh her down, and the massive space between her neck and bust line was less than flattering. Serious fizzle, Jane. Good thing you changed out of it pretty quick!

With a dramatic silhouette and perfect train, Evan Rachel Wood is stunning in this Elie Saab number. From hair to makeup to dress, this look is flawless. She, literally and figuratively, sparkles!

Is Melissa McCarthy going on a job interview? That’s the only thing that I can think of to explain this boxy Daniella Pearl creation, which McCarthy apparently designed. Stick to the acting, Molly.

Julia Stiles impresses in this incredible, elegant gown by Georges Hobeika Couture. The light grey, with a hint of lavender, compliments her skin tone perfectly, and I love the shear elements. It’s light, airy, even angelic. Perfection, Ms. Stiles!

I find myself torn on this one. I enjoy the Marchesa gown Lea Michele rocked the red carpet in, and red is certainly her color. However, I feel like the cut ages her a bit, and would have loved to see her in something younger.

However, Gwyneth Paltrow may have benefited for a more mature look. Her Pucci ensemble seems to attempt at marrying a lacy 1920’s look with the 1990’s bare midriff. I dig the 20’s, but the 90’s are best left exactly where they are. Flat stomachs are fabulous, but they clash with the red carpet.

Minka Kelly’s stunning Christian Dior gown is lace done right! The high neck, matched with sheer sleeves is classy, and the tiered dress is wonderful. It hugs the right places, and flows out gently and elegantly. A+ for this Charlie’s Angel!

Oh, Julianna Margulies, why? This Armani Privé unflattering piece reminds me of the rolls and rolls of paper we used back in Printmaking class. And those random baubles are best left for decorating Christmas trees. Retire this one and maybe recycle it by printing this year’s holiday cards?

Patterns can be tough to pull off, but Claire Danes is magical in this Oscar de la Renta gown. The hard geometric pattern dazzles against her smooth curves and the minimal jewelry really lets the dress shine. All in all, she shines!

Remember how I said patterns can be tough to pull off? Case in point: Phoebe Price. This paparazzi queen matches a flower printed dress with a heavy, feathered fascinator to make a less than fascinating look. Add to that her super heavy eyeliner, this look doesn’t look terribly thought out, or as Heidi would say, it’s a hot mess.

The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev looks good enough to eat in this dramatic red Donna Karan gown. The top hugs her in all the right places, then flares out into a gorgeous fishtail. Red is absolutely her color, and her hair cascading to the side adds to the drama of this ensemble. Just a hint of her bust line is sexy yet not too much. No wonder all the vampires want her!

Kristen Wiig, on the other hand, looks like she wants to join the troops of the undead in Zac Posen. The color is dark and matches her hair a bit too closely. Add the red lipstick and she looks like she’s auditioning for Vampire Queen in True Blood. Lighten up, Kristen!

My personal favorite of the night, Kelly Osbourne rocks it in J Mendel. This gorgeous gown clings where dresses should cling, and I love the mermaid silhouette. The asymmetrical straps give it an exciting flair, and the dark color works beautifully against her skin. Paired with her blonde hair, she’s a vision! Looking back on her fashion choices in the past decade make this all the more a victory. Fabulous, Kelly, absolute perfection!

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