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If you’ve ever dared to wear white in New York (or rather winter white for my post-Labor Day fashionistas), you probably found out just how grimy this city can be. Unless you had the privilege to be shuttled around town from one pristine incubator to the next, a fair amount of gunk probably wound up on your clothes, your shoes, on your skin and in your hair. Proof positive of all the ‘gunk’ you can pick up just existing here in Gotham. In addition to all the microscopic yuckiness, add a heaping dose of the daily grind, stress at home, endless responsibilities and the inevitable drama of life. We might not see it right away, but the effects of living in one of the most populated cities in the world can take quite a toll on one’s “delicate constitution”. My dears, a soak in a bath-full of squeaky toys does not a “detox” make.

Enter Spa Week 2006.

Launched only two years ago, Spa Week has exploded into one of the most anticipated city-wide events of the year. As fond as I may be of the hyperbole, I swear on a stack of fluffy white robes that this phenomenon may be the best thing to happen to New York since Fresh Direct. Yes. I said Fresh Direct.

The goal of Spa Week is to bring the spa experience to the masses by offering full services usually running between $100 and $200 for the much more populous-friendly price of $50 (not including gratuity). Co-founders Christina Castro and Cheryl Reid of C&R Media believe that when spa treatments are available as part of a healthy lifestyle as opposed to a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of luxury, visiting the spa can become as common place as going to the gym. So they created a week dedicated to generate new client-spa relationships by making it affordable to try new treatments and locations.

This year, Spa Week graces our fair city October 16th – 22nd. Participating spas typically offer two or three particular treatments during this time at a discounted rate, so be sure to check online at before booking an appointment. The site also offers helpful “How To Spa” tips and even gives you the opportunity to rate your experience at a particular spa.

How many more stinky cab rides do you need before you decide to defunk, destress, and above all, completely delight in this year’s spa offerings? Yeah, we didn’t think so. For more information on Spa Week in New York or any other participating states, visit:


A World of Style on the UES
By Lauren Baccus


Now I’m not one to gossip (says the Jerry Springer of the Lower East Side), but what may begin as an innocent google search on New York socialite Nina Griscom, pulls up more steamy bites than a basket full of dim sum. Here I am, hard at work gathering information on Griscom’s self-titled Lexington Avenue store, only to find instead all the private going’s on of a woman dubbed the closest thing to a femme fatale this city may currently boast. Well. What an introduction. It’s hard to follow up a listing on David Patrick Columbia’s New York Social Diary, but the stuffed white peacock gracing the the window of Nina Griscom’s Upper East Side store-front is an admirable start.

Stepping into the intimate space is a bit like playing a very fabulous game of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”. Unique pieces from every part of the globe seem to mingle in odd harmony: a goatskin-covered side table next to a delicately mirrored vanity; coral candle holders flanking a nautilus shell and silver gravy boat. Somehow it works…or maybe I’m just a sucker for high society. Whatever the case, Griscom’s collection of home furnishings is truly an eclectic mix of irreverence, elegance and pure chic. Dare you ask for prices? “Fatale”, indeed.

For a closer look at Nina Griscom’s fine furnishings, visit:
Nina Griscom
958 Lexington Ave. (at 70th St.)


Set Your Own Scene: Hot Sources for Home Décor
By Gillian Weeks
[/center] [center] William Wayne, 40 University Place (between 9th and 10th Streets)
or 850 Lexington (between 64th and 65th Streets)

[/center] Next time you have a case to crack, stop by William Wayne for some items that are sure to lend an air of mystery to any parlor. Try the heavy-duty magnifying glasses, ornate letter openers, or bamboo bowls. Every piece in this shop seems to have a story – or at least offer a clue.
[/center] [center] Jonathan Adler, 47 Greene St. (between Broome and Kenmare)
[/center] Jonathan Adler is playing a dangerous game. Like the boys of Jackass II, or the minds behind VH1’s Flavor of Love, Adler’s designs approach the bounds of good taste without fully crossing the line. His designs recall shag carpeting and linoleum with his wool throw pillows, and some of his kitschy centerpieces might belong in Grandma’s glass menagerie. Still, he applies restraint in all the right places. Though his fall color palate has the burnt oranges and split-pea greens of the beloved 1970s, they are used only in moderate swatches – just enough to give your chaise lounge a little bit of mojo.

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