3 Reasons To See “That Bachelorette Show” @ 42West


With the wedding season in full throttle, whether you’re engaged or not, one of the best ways of gathering up your friends for a night out on the town in NYC is “That Bachelorette Show”. The beauty of the wedding season always begins with the random few who over imbibe, literally tear up the dance floor and let their hair down in a public venue. It’s a tribal ritual and passage of youth for everyone who is fortunate to drink the matrimonial Kool-Aid.

Let the party and game begin!

Performing every Saturday at 42West, the people that brought us “The Awesome 80s Prom”, have embarked on a new production that smashes together theater, dancing and a contest based on the reality TV shows where love is just a rose away.

Here are 3 reasons for attending:


#3: Theater: The interactive show encapsulates the days of high school and puppy love with the trials and tribulations of Adriana Orlando who just broke up with her high school sweetheart, Giovanni Giovanni, after eight years of dating and no ring on her finger. With hope in her heart, she turns to That Bachelorette Show to find her groom via an international collection of available prospects.


#2: The Bachelors: The cavalry of men include a Heart Surgeon, a Saudi Arabian Prince, a British Rock Star, a Surfer, a Wall Street Guy, an Air Force Pilot and one hefty dude. The audience picks the lucky gent for Adriana’s days of marital bliss. The guys will be working the room and dance floor for your votes. Hint: The ones that lose are still available.


#1: Dancing: Where else on this party planet can you witness a bunch of tipsy and festive young ladies competing on the dance floor than a bachelorette bash. The house is packed with the help of various international DJs who spin the room into a frenzy and a mix of every dance song from Gloria Gaynor to Madonna, Prince to Pitbull, Ariana Grande to Sia and every pop star in between.

It’s a white-hot ticket so book early and get ready to throw up a bouquet.

That Bachelorette Show
514 West 42nd Street
New York, NY
Call: 866-811-4111

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