9 Questions for Nicole Ansari: Acclaimed Actress-to-Calm Hempress

After trying Prime My Body‘s hemp oil and finding it incredibly relaxing, we sat down with lauded actress Nicole Ansari to ask her 9 questions about it, her career, and how the two intersect.

Photograph by Gilles Descamps

1) How did you start out as an actress, what are some of the favorite roles you’ve played, and how does Prime My Body hemp oil help you in your daily routine?

I was born and raised in Germany to a German mother and an Iranian father. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to act and my parents were really supportive of my choice, signing me up for drama classes and letting me go to drama school instead of University. I was lucky in that I was able to start my career as both a stage and a screen/TV actress. After I played the female lead in a German movie and did some TV work, I went straight to a reputable repertory company in Zurich for two years, where I played anything from the ingénue to a soldier, receiving a really strong foundation in the craft.

It’s funny – the last role I played is always my favorite! When I was living in Vienna, I was able to play some of the great leading roles in the theatre, including Roxanne in Cyrano de Bergerac, Irma in the musical “Irma la Douce” (there is also a film version with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon!) and Alma Mahler, Gustav Mahler’s wife, which we also created as a three part mini-series. At the iconic Royal Court Theatre, London’s West End, and then on Broadway, I played Lenka, a Czech student of philology, a joint-rolling Hippie philosophizing about Sappho in “Rock N’ Roll” by Tom Stoppard and felt I had gone straight to theatre heaven! And I thought I couldn’t top my experience as a company member with Ariane Mnouchkine at the famed Theatre du Soleil in Paris.

I recently played two of the most challenging roles of my life: in “Sinners” I play a Middle Eastern university professor who is being stoned to death for adultery with her young student by Israeli playwright Joshua Sobol, then a modern version of Antigone by the NY-based writer Saudamini Siegrist and an Armenian survivor of the Genocide in Joyce Van Dyke‘s “Daybreak,” which we just closed Off Broadway — and which is based on her grandmother’s life. You can see why I need hemp in my life! In film and TV there were some great roles too, but not as memorable as the theatre. I loved playing Josiane, a recurring character in the HBO series Deadwood and playing leading roles in Always and Forever and more recently, German films such as “Die Liebe Deines Lebens” (www.dieliebedeineslebens.com). I am about to play opposite Bruce Dern in the American comedy “Remember Me” (I was praying for a comedy after all these tragedies!) and I am really excited about this movie, which is being filmed in sunny Spain.

I started taking the PMB Hemp Oil a year ago and soon noticed that I felt a sense of calm and centeredness in my body. In fact, I realized that I had been living my life with a latent form of anxiety that I thought was normal. Besides using the Hemp Oil every day as a supplement, I also use it before I audition, before I go on stage, or before I have to speak to a group of people. It was invaluable on set recently when I directed the trailer for the forthcoming web series “Messy,” a NYC comedy written by and starring Kate Warren, keeping me calm and focused. (https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/messythewebseries-1#story)

The active cannabinoids in the oil support the endocannabinoid (ECS) system in the body to switch from fight-or-flight to the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the rest-and-repair branch of our nervous system. I feel I no longer make decisions from desperation, but from inspiration instead. I also think it is no coincidence that I have been booking jobs as an actor non-stop since I started taking it, which made starting the business side of Prime My Body challenging because I didn’t have much time to dedicate to building the business.

2) What sets Prime My Body apart from other brands?

Prime My Body’s Hemp Oil and Detox are compounded by the iconic Dr. Shade, a pioneer in the world of detoxification from heavy Metals, especially mercury. He managed to safely create our a Nano-enhanced Emulsified Oil with liposomal delivery. This means that the oil crosses the blood brain barrier right away after ingesting it under the tongue through the mucus membranes of the saliva and therefore bypasses the gut, having a 90% bioavailability (what your body can absorb) versus 10-20% of other, even great Hemp Oils. With so many people having digestive disorders, this is a significant difference that sets us apart. The other thing is that the company is structured as a multi-marketing level platform, meaning each affiliate has her or his own business within the company. It’s a similar business model to the essential oil company Dotera. What I love about that (although it made me cringe at first) is that I am my own master. It’s very empowering to have your own business and to receive so much support from PMB in terms of training and business tools. What was surprising to me, too, was that PMB is an incredibly caring community, where the goal is not only to support others with the products to live a healthier and happier life, but also to support each other in growing as individuals and as a group, overcoming blocks that keep us from thriving in our health and wealth.

3) Does anyone need to worry about THC levels and drug testing with PMB?

No! Our THC level in the Hemp Oil is less than what the FDA approves, and it is not detectable in blood tests. Our Oil is also legal in all 50 states.

4) How can readers find PMB products to try and test them?

You can order them directly on my website: www.chandi.primemybody.com . Readers can also email me and come pick up the Oil or Detox directly. I also have team members in New Jersey who can sell the Hemp Oil, too. Reach out to me at chandi.pmb@gmail.com.

5) Can readers sell them, too?

Yes! They can sign up at www.chandi.primemybody.com or if they know another affiliate, they can sign up with them. Simply click on Enroll, pay the $39 sign-up fee (this is a yearly fee and it will immediately provide you with your own website, which will look identical to mine), then you can ideally buy a package of products to suit your own budget (there are several options including small bottles), so you can start to sell them directly! If you do it before September 1st, 2018, you will automatically be designated as an International Founder when purchasing one of the founder’s packs. You wouldn’t start your own restaurant without food, would you? Once you’re signed up, you can get the Hemp Oil at a wholesale price and give people your website address – so they can start buying it from you, or sell it directly. Most important, though, is to use the Hemp Oil. Only someone who has felt the effects in their own body and mind (and on their moods!) can sell the product well. For someone who only wants to try the Hemp Oil but not sell it, there is the option of becoming a preferred customer, which gets you the Hemp Oil at wholesale price after the first bottle. Email me with questions: chandi.pmb@gmail.com

6) How long has PMB been around?

The Prime My Body company officially launched only 1 and a half years ago. I was lucky to be in early enough to be in the U.S. Founder’s Circle. For anyone who knows multi-level marketing, that’s the GROUND floor of the company. Positioning is key in multi-level marketing, and this is the time to get in!

7) How does the brand plan to expand, and where is it based?

The company is based in Texas, but the plants are grown and harvested in Colorado. The expansion of the company is a exciting part of it all, and one that motivates me to build and grow my team internationally. We’re going Crypto any moment to help the launch in Japan, coming up in October. Next is Mexico, then Canada, and then Germany. I have already started signing people up in Germany so as to have a good position once we launch there. Anybody signing up before September 1st will also receive the title of International Founder when buying one of the International Founder’s Packs, which is helpful in the business world as we are about to go global.

8) What are your own future plans?

To grow my business and become a multi-millionaire, whilst helping people to heal and thrive, so I can support my family and the causes I believe in!

9) What’s your favorite PMB product?

The Hemp Oil is definitely my favorite product, but the Detox is amazing too, and really easy to use. I have done so many cleanses and Detoxes in my life, since I’m also a trained Yoga Therapist and Life Coach; this one is to the point: push the bitter herbs in, catch the toxins in the gut with the Toxic Binder and eliminate heavy metals and other pollutants out of the body permanently. We also have a hemp-infused moisturizer and Hemp Protein Powder, which is delicious.

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