A Canine Lover’s Guide for Valentine’s Day


When you and your sweetie are toasting eternal love over some Dom Perignon, what’s furry Fido doing? Surely (gasp) not sleeping at home?

If “Lady” in Lady & The Tramp had so much fun in a cartoon, we think your pet can get some lovin’ on this sweet day. Treat your furry companion to some of these edible offerings and let your pet celebrate in style:

Canine Styles (www.caninestyles.com) offers Birthday Cupcake biscuits with tiny sprinkles in a peanut-butter flavor. Fido will also love the neat little Fortune Cookies that come with special predictions inside.


Canine Styles is located in three New York areas: 830 Lexington Avenue, Ph: 212-838-2064 1195 Lexington, Ph: 212-472-9440 43 Greenwich Avenue, Ph: 212-352-8591

Latka’s Treats (www.latkastreats.com) even offers a Valentine’s Day Wheat-Free Gift Bag packed with peanut butter mini bones. 10% of proceeds will go to “Stray From the Heart,” a non-profit dog rescue organization. What’s not to love?


The Bone Appetit Treat Shop (www.tastypettreats.com) offers birthday biscuits, bone tins with treats, doggie cannolis, bagels and peanut butter bone sandwiches! What more could Fido possibly want (other than a belly rub)?


The Paw Shop (www.pawshop.com) offers yogurt and carob dipped bone cookies for dogs and even Yip Yap Dog Breath Mint Treats!


So gather up your pets and treat them to a little snack, romantic candlelit dinner (woofy-style) and satisfy your best friend’s perennial sweet tooth.

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