A Fashion Week Soiree at the House of Bumble

Bumble and bumble kicked off Fashion Week this past Tuesday celebrating Bb.’s new hairspray, Spray de Mode. In The House of Bumble loft overlooking the new Apple store in Meatpacking, there was a semi ANTM reunion as former contestant Bre, Miss J and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker were in attendance, as well as Richie Rich–half of the dynamic duo Heatherette.


Richie Rich gets a smooch from Miss J.

The décor of the fete: multi-colored lights, “newspaper headlines” of the hairsprays’ praises and real live models. Yes, posted up on pedestals, live models, done up by MAC, were scattered about the loft, talking to, shaking hands with and entertaining party goers as if we were interlopers happening upon their own party world. And we kind of were. Would a regular ol’ model do that? I don’t think so. These models weren’t picked out at a casting call. These models were chosen as winners from a Myspace contest. “They wanted ‘real’ people,” explained Howard McLaren, Creative Vice President of Bumble and bumble.


Everyone now and then, the music would dim and the voice of one of the models would come through the speakers, a spotlight would fall on that model and on the far back wall, projected video streamed footage of their respective photoshoots. Each person had a story that explained their “character.”

A petite character, “the boho banker,” worked a baggy blazer and crimped ‘do for the crowd. The sweetest older woman ever, “the surreal socialite” (in an ordinary case, I would use “old,” but you are only as old as you feel and she didn’t look like she was feeling old) sported a wild child hairstyle as she lounged on a chaise taking admirers. Some of the models, most notably “the wilde hatter,” sported ultra playful hats designed by haute couture milliner Stephen Jones, which added even more character to the, well, characters.

As for the guest of honor, the hairspray, available March 10th, has amazing hold capabilities and it actually brushes out of the hair just in case you made your bouffant a little too big for your liking. Before its launch, it was real world tested (as are all of their products) backstage at couture fashion shows, which are known for off-the-wall and out-of-this-world coifs. Although it got its start in couture shows, its for every day wear by guys and dolls of all ages and scenes, from the mods to the rockers and even hippies. “Its about flexibility,” says McLaren.

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Hi Howard
Great idea using ‘ordinary people’, however can you give some of your knowledge on alopecia? Unfortunately, and rather ironically, my 13yr son Simon has been suffering from this for 5 years. I would be most grateful for your comments. Take care and hope all is well with you. Margaret-Ann ps. I am really proud of you.


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