A Feat Worth Talking About


I always wanted one of those fictional boyfriends (meaning I don’t believe they exist) who loved to give me a foot rub at the end of a long, hard day. In my wild imagination, this was the same Mr.Perfect who would routinely send me flowers on my birthday, for Valentines Day and some days, just for no reason at all. He would recommend spur-of-the-moment romantic weekend getaways to B&B’s in Vermont, shoot me daily emails alerting me of his undying devotion and profess his love vocally, publicly and regularly. I have always loved to daydream…

BUT, the foot rub fantasy part [i]can[/i] come true (no flawless paramour needed) thanks to a traveling Reflexologist named Mary Wu, who massages and kneads those feet into a state of delightful oblivion. I had heard of Reflexology, but thought it was the reaction caused by a doctor hitting your knee with the little mallet during a general check-up. How wrong I was!

Reflexology is actually an ancient Eastern art dating back hundreds of years known to restore the body’s equilibrium. And I thought it was just that 4th glass of Chardonnay causing me to be unsteady on my feet! The benefits are immense, whether you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, plagued by stomach disorders, arthritis or any number of physical ailments. Even if you just have a foot-fetish and no one to satisfy your urges, just call on Mo (her nickname). She makes house calls, so no need to stuff your toes into yet another uncomfortable pair of shoes and make the trip to a spa, she’ll arrive promptly at your door quicker than the pizza delivery guy. By the time she departs, you’ll throw out that Valium PX and have already booked your next appointment.

What to expect:

Appetizer: A relaxing Aromatherapy foot soak while Mo sets up shop including your special chair that gives a sensation of weightlessness.

First course: Foot scrub with pumice to soften the skin, followed by an antibacterial wipe down.

Main course: An hour of tension-relieving massage, from heel-to-toe, ankle-to-calf. Reflexology uses pressure points on the feet that correspond with different body parts/organs to ease tension and increase blood flow and circulation. There will be a greater emphasis on areas that need attention, which through months of training, Mo is able to figure out like a psychic with a crystal ball. Sometimes, certain parts of the foot are more tender than others, so expect a tiny bit of pleasurable pain while she expertly works out the kinks.

Dessert: A five-minute hand-massage, cooling foot spray application and a blast of endorphins that lasts all night long.

Delicious! And ever-more rewarding than your imaginary boyfriend.

For more information on reflexology, go to

Email for appointment: [email protected]

Rates: $80 for 60 minutes (locations anywhere in Manhattan)
Mention this article for a $10 discount

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