A Gift You’ll Want To Give – And Receive


You’ve been at work all day and you have a holiday party to go to. Flowers are so predictable, Champagne has to be chilled. You ordered some holiday cookies but have eaten half of them. Your hostess is discerning and always has the inside scoop on what is new and fashionable; from Jimmy Choo bags to the hottest new cocktails. You consider calling to say you can’t make it due to the onset of a head cold and you start practicing your stuffed up nose routine. All of this trauma because you were raised right and wouldn’t dare to show up to a party without a little something.

Darlings, forget the sickly act, keep your “after work” clothes close at hand and get your hostess a gift she will adore. 267 Infusions has launched a line of infused spirits that are as good to drink as they are to look at. Whether you’re a Vodka chick who delights in a twist of lemon or some savory pearl onions and olives, a Tequila-loving senorita with a passion for spicy chili-peppers (can we say “perfect Bloody Mary”?), or a sweet Rum-sipping darling who adores the flavor of pineapple in her libations, 267 has an infusion for you.


267 Rum Infusions, Vodka Infusions and Tequila Infusions

Each bottle contains the company’s signature premium spirits and fresh fruits (and in some cases veggies). One of the most interesting aspects of the infusion process is that they select fruits that are regional to the origins of the spirit. Kind of like some microbiotic diet, where the elements share a common origin and thus blend seamlessly.

Check out the range of infusions and where to purchase as www.267.com.

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