Baze Mpinja: A Girl in the Beauty Department


Baze showing off her “pampered pout” on an “I Tried It” Tuesday

We got the chance to speak with Baze Mpinja, Glamour magazine Beauty Writer-Editor and The Girls in the Beauty Department blog contributor, about beauty and the city.

It’s summer in the city. What are your summer beauty essentials?

– An elastic ponytail holder – I don’t bother with my hair when it’s crazy-humid outside.
Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Guava. I like my makeup to look really natural in the summertime – just a little shimmery blush, a touch of mascara and a soft pinky gloss. I love the Clinique one because it’s so moisturizing.
Aestelance protein conditioner. I just got a relaxer for the first time in 10 years so I’m doing protein treatments at home every other week to keep my hair healthy.

Aveeno Positively Ageless Moisturizer SPF 30 – sunscreen is a must all year round!
– The new neon nail polish colors from Essie. The super-bright colors look so great with summer sandals. I like Bermuda Shorts the best – it’s a pink-purple hybrid.

Are there any beauty products that women should just flat out GIVE UP on?

No matter how much cream, serum or lotion you slather on, I really don’t think there’s a permanent cure for cellulite.

Do you have a favorite beauty destination in New York’s five boroughs? What is it? Why?

Ted Gibson Salon. It’s fancy, but minus the attitude. I go to Sydney or Eugene. I also love Jin Soon’s nail spas. She has every color you could ever want and they make you feel like a spoiled rich girl while you’re there.

What NYC neighborhood do you live in? What makes it most beautiful in your eyes?

Harlem. It’s not a cookie-cutter neighborhood. There are so many different types of people mixing together. Go to the Starbucks on 125th Street for proof. There you can find a business man in a suit, a German tourist and a street vendor all waiting for their lattes.

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Mischo Beauty

Great interview! Love that she’s a Ted Gibson Salon fan too!

Adio Akil

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Adio Akil


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