A Good Lashing (at J Sisters)


When it comes to the J Sisters, you probably think more about getting rid of hair than having it added. After all, they are the cheeky grand-dames of the Brazilian wax. And with good reason: At J Sisters, they don’t even [i]offer[/i] a regular bikini wax. For the girl who wont bat an eyelash when it comes to going bare down under, how about a little eyelash enhancement while you cool your, uh…jets?

Fatima Wadhy of J Sisters explains that unlike false lashes, these [b]lash extensions[/b] actually adhere to the root of your own lashes. Using a special, long lasting glue, they typically last between a week and three weeks. Just steer clear of sappy movies and the dramatic crying jags over the guy who didn’t call you last week and you’ll be looking through these fanned out falsies as long as possible. Showering and normal face washing – no problem.

One of the greatest things about having the lash extensions: no more mascara. You’ll wake up each morning with thicker, fuller, longer lashes….’naturally’. In fact, putting mascara on will not only leave you looking like Tammy Faye Baker, but you’ll also run the risk of the extensions coming out early. Not only do these individual lash extentions look natural, but according to Fatima, when applied properly they won’t damage your own eyelashes. Some mascaras can be drying, which can lead to breakage.

A word of caution: Having lash extensions can give your eyes the appearance of a mini-lift. Just be prepared. I don’t know whether its the drying glue or the longer than usual lashes, but for the first week or so I definitely felt my eyelids were tighter. Meoooowwwww…..

Fatima also told me that many of her clients are simply addicted. They never worry about whether or not their eyelashes are dramatic enough. You can even choose your style…from natural to major glam. Definitely the way to go for special events…when you flutter these babies, everyone will take notice.

To get this no-fuss, doe-eyed look, ring Fatima at J Sisters and make an appointment at their salon!

J Sisters
35 West 57th Street
New York, NY

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