A Humdinger of a Honey


We’ve tasted a spicy raw honey not for the faint of heart yet perfect in a city gal’s bagel schmear and muffin to exotic culinary dishes and marinades. What’s so cool about Henry’s Humdinger’s? Well, it was developed by spirited young entrepreneur, twelve year old Henry Miller, who buzzed into life thanks to an interest in saving honey bees.

After receiving a bee hive for his birthday (yes, he got a bee hive), Henry cultivated the honey and began donating proceeds of his sales to The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees. In time, he had so much of the stuff, he didn’t know what to do with it. So he started adding spices and experimenting with different flavors in the kitchen with mom. Before entering 8th grade, Henry’s Humdinger’s raw honey and spices were a hit everywhere.

Eccentric Pow-Wow flavors include:
Grumpy Grandpa – a Cayenne/Garlic honey mix
Naughty Nana – a Ginger/pepper concoction
Phoebe’s Fireball – a spicy and sweet Chipotle/Cinnamon honey (Editor’s Pick!)

The spicy-sweet spreads are great on brie, apples, and lots of recipes that involve pasta, chicken, vegetables, bacon and even Chex Mix. Check out Henry’s website for inspiration.

Henry’s Humdinger’s products are sold at Health & Harmony, Health Nuts, and other NYC retailers in Manhattan and Queens, and online at http://www.henryshumdingers.com.

Developed by a caring smart kid for bees and best for grown-ups. Maybe this year I won’t ask for the latest luxury bag…

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