A Night at the Opera

Unless you’ve gone and married a millionaire I’m sure you’ve noticed the not so hot economic situation our country is in. Because of this, I know I need to cut back on my frivolous expenses but with the change of season I just want (no not want…need) to shop. I can’t be expected to wear everything from last Fall/Winter right?!

That’s when my inner recessionista* came out and found a great shopping event to help justify those once regrettable impulse purchases. City Opera Thrift Shop understands my need for the refreshment of something new and will be holding their Shop for a Song Home Event. At the event you can shop for unique furniture and home accessories from around the world, all 50-75% off of retail prices. You can also pick up designer clothes at amazing prices, what the shop is best known for. With a dress by Alice + Olivia, a jacket from Max Mara and a pair of beloved Manolos you’re not making fashion sacrifices.

So you may want to head over and liven up your home a bit and shop for that next dinner party dress, 9since I’m sure you will be doing much more cooking in that kitchen of yours (yes this means you can no longer use your oven as storage space)!

What: City Opera Thrift Shop for a Song Home Event
When: Wednesday November 19th, 5pm-8pm
Where: 222 East 23rd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues), 212.684.5344, www.nycopera.com

Recessionista/ ri-sesh-uh-nee-stuh/ n. / 1. A person who is able to stick to a tight budget while still managing to dress stylishly.

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Suzanna Harris

Sounds like fun time !! Love the Recessionista !! Send me more on other events !


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