Self Defense Roundup

Being a woman in this world should be celebrated. So many women of the past who advocated for equal rights, and women of the future who have yet to make the world beautiful. But for the women of today, we do our best in a world that doesn’t do enough to protect us. We stand and protect ourselves and all women. Herself Defense Kit is a woman-owned Texas-based brand that is determined to set free women to feel confident in their safety. I’ve had the pleasure to chat with the owner Shele for over an hour about womanhood, safety, joys, and hope for the progression of humanity. Her products offer personal defense for anyone who loves a glam, glitzy, and girly vibe. So me!

I received an array of products that I can keep in my car, carry while going out, and keep on my person to have peace of mind.

4 Piece Self Defense Keychain Set with Boho Chic Bangle Wristlet

Every woman should carry the keychain set. A super cute customizable wristlet (I got Boho Chic) with mix-and-matching pieces. I received the alarm, cat spike, key knife, and pepper spray, all in pink! It’s a visual reminder to stay safe as I walk to the parking lot when I leave the mall at night or get a cab when my car is in the shop.

I keep these two items in my car. I know if anything is to happen I can protect myself. The Rainbow Stiletto Style Quick Assist Knife with Pink Pearl Handle 8.5 is a sparkling piece. It’s easy to use and flip up at a moment’s notice. It reminds me defense is a beautiful action to be taken if necessary.

Elite Force Flashlight Stun Gun

This pretty pink stun gun is in the shape of a flashlight. No batteries for this baby, you only need to charge it and it works incredibly. A loud sharp stun sound to scare off any predator and prongs that collect any DNA for police testing.

Self defense is on the rise and with the Herself Defense Kit you, too, can protect yourself in 2023 and beyond.