[/center] What’s so fabulous about April? Is it giving up bread for Pesach? Foregoing meat for Lent? Birds twittering in the dewy treetops? Absolutely not! It’s Spa Week! April 17th-23rd is your week to pamper, detoxify and relax with no apologies and no strain on the pocketbook. For $50 bucks a pop you can get treatments that normally cost up to $200, a mere song and a dance.

I kid you not when I tell you that I cruised the entire Spa Week NY site (www.spaweek.org) and clicked into each and every treatment offered (would I lie to you?). And there is some yummy-amazing stuff up for grabs.

I’ll give just a sampling because there ees so much:
– Coconut Milk Pedicure with Warm Cream Hand Treatment (to soothe those scaly winter hands)
– 60 Min. Korean Body Scrub (I don’t know what this is, but I want it!)
– Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Line (hello?! summer’s a’comin!)
– 60 Min. Bamboo Massage (beat me baby!)
– 45 Min. Lemon Chiffon Body Scrub (pucker up!)
– Fusion Manicure & Fusion Pedicure (exotic mix of French & Persian?)
– St. Tropez Ultimate Air Full Body Spray Tan (for the Ban De Soleil tan… ooh la la!)
– 60 Min. Coffee & Cream Body Scrub (good enough to drink!)
– 30 Min. Sugar Plum Souffle Hydrating Facial (is it possible to lick your own face?)
– Brazilian Wax (d o I even need to go there?)
– 45 Min. Hot Stone Massage (ooooh… stones… hot… heaven!)
– 45 Min. Mango/Ginger Brown Sugar Scrub with Vichy Shower (perhaps with a sprinkle of vodka and a hint of mint?)

And the luminous list goes on. But book early and often, you savvy chicititas, or you’ll miss out on the marvelous madness. ‘Cause you know full well there are no real secrets in NYC! Happy-happy-joy-joy spa’ing to you, to you!


[b]SEE YOU IN HONG KONG![/b] By Amber Roniger

Asian culture is more than just cheap eats in Chinatown, magic finger shiatsu massagers, fancy dancing dragons and Ken Wantanabe (back off girls, he’s mine!), although these are certainly some highlights.

The Asia Society is an international organization providing a forum for building awareness of the more than thirty countries generally defined as the Asia-Pacific region. The New York branch of the Asia Society, founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller, III, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Come on out to view their cinema events (don’t you wish you could fly like Ziyi Zhang!), cultural exploration forums (“If You Knew Sushi Like We Know Sushi”), one order of inari please! and the singular Rockefeller Collection exhibition, displaying 150 amazing works of Asian art collected by three generations of Rockefellers.
[/center] [center] Beginning in March 2003, AsiaStore at Asia Society and Museum will be the exclusive New York venue offering a magnificent and unique selection of jewelry and accessories from the boutiques of Lotus Arts de Vivre, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.
[/center] All you greenies can join in the discussion, “Is Good Environment Good Business?” in the Society’s Critical Issues Series. All you throat singing enthusiasts can take a gander at “Tumen Ekh: Music and Dance of Mongolia” featuring haunting melodics on the morin tur (horse-head fiddle, who would’a thunk it?). And all you jetsetters can clue into great Asia Society happenings around the globe.

And for you true blue-blooded pond-hoppers, the anniversary season will conclude in December with the “hard-hat” opening of the Asia Society Hong Kong Center’s new building and museum!

The Asia Society 725 Park Avenue at 70th Street 212-288-6400 www.asiasociety.org.

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