A Swanky Seafood Soiree

My stomach was not thanking me the morning after the opening party for Millesime due to all of the fried goodies. Surely it was because I ate far too many of them. And surely that’s because they were far too good.

As far as passed hors d’Å“uvres go, this new seafood spot in the Carlton Hotel did it right, with an oyster bar (I sense a new trend) and the classiest of crowds. I spotted a few celebrities in attendance, one being the charming Ric Pipino whose colleagues once gave me a fabulous new cut and color at his namesake downtown salon.

Something about the scene was on; the right people, the right mood, the right live band (and acapella group, to boot) the right design. We can only hope that Millesime, the new seafood brasserie that replaced the long abandoned Country, will always have such a swanky vibe. What will help ensure that? The resurgence of its neighborhood is certainly a start. Recently the Hurricane Club joined the area, which brought an undeniable buzz; then there’s the now infamous Ace Hotel and Breslin, also not far away; and closer to the Flatiron came Rye House, a now-consistently buzzing happy hour haunt. The areas around Gramercy, Flatiron and Murray Hill have been in need of a jolt and it seems they’re finally getting it.

Millesime is in good company.

I should note in closing that the three vodka, strawberry, soda drink concoctions I had at the opening perhaps played a note in the morning-after-stomach-fuss, but I’m chalking most of it up to the fried calamari and French fries – both of which are hopefully a menu staple.

The Carlton Hotel
92 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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